Children’s Week – Two Contenders!

So, I have gone and looked at all of the submissions for Childrens Week. thank you to everyone that sent in your screenshots, they were, for the most part, very cute or very funny.

But in all things, it has to come down to a decision.

And this is one that I can’t quite make.

Not without your help.

You see, I got two that are just… I love ’em. But I can’t quite decide which one I love more.

So I’ve got a little poll on the left of the page, and I’m taking your feedback.

Take a look at these two screenshots, and then go ahead and vote for the one that you like the absolute bestest.

And I ain’t saying who did which, since, well, this is about which is the neatest and stuff, not a popularity contest.

But I’ll post the winner’s names and stuff once I got some good poll results.

But regardless of who eventually wins… thank you again to everyone that sent me your screenshot… you guys rock!

Old School Blackrock Depths

Old School Blackrock Depths action

Orphan vs Illidan - cage match!

Orphan vs Illidan – Cage Match!


9 thoughts on “Children’s Week – Two Contenders!

  1. Old School Blackrock Depths action. Been there and done that with some of the newer people to wow who missed MC attunment. Said almost the same thing word for word! Brought back happy memories of lava hopping.


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