Shadow Priest Consumables – I feel like I’m forgetting something

I’m still working my Shadow Priest up to what I will call ‘raid ready’.

Not that she’s gonna be raiding… but I have high hopes for 5 man runs.

I have my basic gear pretty solid. The only major upgrade I need in the short term are the Tempest’s Touch gloves from the Caverns of Time/Old Hillsbrad quest chain. Everything else is pretty good, and is gemmed out with +9 Spell Damage gems.

So my next step is slowly farming the mats for all the enchants my gear will need. Last night, I got the Runic Spellthread for my pants. I have the mats for the +40 Spell Damage weapon enchant. (I plan on getting that for now, since the mats for Soulfrost are freaking insane. I’ll get that when I have a true ‘holy crap’ weapon, thanks very much.)

But consumables… I feel consumables are still my weak point.

Let’s take a look at the Shadow Priest. My role is to be a mana battery for the group/raid. I do this by keeping Vampiric Touch up on my target, and putting out massive shadow damage.

So my priorities in a raid are;

  • 1) Maximize Shadow Damage.
  • 2) Keep Mana up to keep pumping out continuous damage output.

Okay, that is pretty simple, right?

Why do I keep feeling like I’m missing something?

Test me on this.

For Shadow damage buffs, I can have;

ONE Food Buff

ONE Battle Elixir

ONE Guardian Elixir

OR, alternatively, ONE Flask

ONE Weapon Buff

Aaaannnndddd… that’s it. That’s all I can come up with for damage boosts.

Damn it, I keep feeling like I’m missing something there. Not an item itself, sure there are mana regens, #/mp5, etc. Kirk at Priestly Endeavors made a kick ass list a while ago. 

No, I feel like there is an entire category I’m missing, and I can’t figure out what it is.

I mean, I eat a Blackened Basilisk, down a Flask of Pure Death, apply Superior Wizard Oil… and I’m done?

That’s +145 Shadow Spell Damage, and that’s good. Don’t get me wrong, that’s very nice. But it just seems like there should be something else to pop there that I’m missing… food, flask, weapon buff. What else?

WTF? Am I crazy?

As far as the Mana support, to keep me going in the fight itself, I have the following;

Shared Potion Cooldown

Shared Healthstone Cooldown

  • Demonic Runes (restores 900-1500 Mana, loses 600 – 1000 Health)

And lastly, I carry Heavy Netherweave Bandages, regular level 65 food and Purified Draenic Water for recovery in-between pulls.

So I can apply Vampiric Touch on an enemy and then use various Shadow spells to pump out damage and regain Mana for the party.

When Mana starts getting down by around 1500, I can pop my Racial Symbol of Hope (thanks Dax!) to give my party around 1000 Mana from Mp/5 regen.

When my Mana gets low the first time, I can release my Shadowfiend for about 3500+ Mana recovery from him doing damage. It’s got a long cooldown, 5 minutes, so best to start it early in the fight.

When my Mana gets low the second time, I can either down a Super Mana Pot for “oh shit, we’re going down, I need whatever I can get” Mana recovery, or a Major Dreamless Sleep for some “I’ve got a few seconds, gimme a solid big chunk o’ mana” Mana recovery. With a 2 minute cooldown, we get that ticking next.

If I am still within the 2 minute Potion cooldown the next time I need a boost, I can use a Demonic Rune to keep me going just that little bit longer, just until the Potion or Shadowfiend cooldown is up again.

It’s not a bad plan, I think. I haven’t respecced to my final level 70 spec yet, so I still don’t have Inner Focus. I know that it has a 3 minute cooldown, and that the next spell cast after it costs no Mana. So I know I’ll have to play with it, maybe macro it to my highest mana cost/long cooldown spell to make sure I get the most benefit from it.

I think I’ve got a good plan, I’m still in the ‘get my stuff properly enchanted’ phase.

Man… I keep telling people, if you think the game is over at level 70, better think again. Hitting 70 just let’s you narrow down your focus to getting an end-game piece of gear for your spec, and then affording the mats to enchant it, and then repeating the process.

The one thing I am most grateful for, is that the two characters I most want to play in this game, a Feral Druid and a Priest, both hit 70 well before Wrath of the Lich King was released. I’ll have plenty of time to settle in and enjoy them both, and learn the various idiosyncracies of the classes, long before I have to relearn everything all over again. And while everyone else is rolling their new Death Knight, I’ll be advancing through the new zones unopposed. 🙂

Well, most likely not, but a guy can dream, right?

29 thoughts on “Shadow Priest Consumables – I feel like I’m forgetting something

  1. I really don’t understand the debate about whether or not to pop shadowfiend. It’s the longest cooldown, pop it and if you get a heap of mana back that’s great. If you haven’t, well you can still mana pot so there’s no real loss.

    I spec improved VE, I guess I’m lucky I’ve got such awesome tanks. That said even if I don’t have VE up that doesn’t mean I don’t SW:D on every cooldown (raid health and mana permitting). A renew/rejuvination is cheap as and leaving your most mana efficient spell (next to mindflay) out of rotation just hurts everyone.

    At around about 1000 shadow damage you can keep your dots up and flay indefinately if you use your mana pots and shadowfiend intelligently. From memory that’s 700 odd dps and 180ish mp5 for your party. That’s pretty sweet.


  2. Aye…my Spriest (Tuc on Cenarion Circle) lives by great gear lists there, fight strats etc from a Spriest PoV. As others said the use of the Fiend is situational, it’s a pretty squishy pet so bosses/fights w/AoE tend to kill it off before you can reap the full benefits of his mana return.


  3. @erie you spelled shadowpreist wrong. it sends me to a google search site. Just thought you should know it’s


  4. – My Bible! Before 1K shadow dmg you might have to throw some mana consumables in the mix in long fights cause you will go oom fast without the extra dmg to boost your VT return. Throw Inner Focus (once you get it – and you need it) on MB or SW:D because they are the only things that crit. (I personally use it on MB cause i dont use SW:D unless VE is up and VE is almost never up cause if i cast it I get boss on me – URG the aggro) Trinkets go on VT or SW:P – again I put mine on VT my first spell in my rotation.

    Good luck on the shadowpriest – they are fun fun!


  5. Well, if you put 4/5 in imp MB and 4/5 in Shadow Weaving and you don’t grab silence, then you can fit a few points in the Crit Talent that are worth it.

    Don’t *not* spec for crit, just spec for other things before it.


  6. Why do people keep telling me about crit? I never said shit about crit. I have no crit, I don’t spec for crit, I didn’t gear for crit. I gots da Shadow Power, baby!

    Trackhoof started talking about crit, go mess HIM up, dangit!


  7. Listen to Blacknimbus. He’s right.

    About spell crit – not for a shadowpriest. Remember it only boosts some spells (SW:D and MB), and it only adds 50% to the damage. And the ugly – if your crit ever DOES get good, you have to quit using SW:D anytime you get a bit low in damage.

    So no, no spell crit. Hit cap, spelldamage, and MAYBE some stamina, maybe, though if you passed up spelldamage for stamina you erred (grin).


  8. Haste potions do not work with spells. I was also sad to learn that Spicy Hot Talbuk doesn’t work with spells either. And even if it did, I’d likely use a Destruction potion at that point in your pot rotation anyway.

    Spell Crit isn’t as important as spell damage. Since it’s usually one or the other when it comes to consumables, you’ll need to forgo the crit for the damage. I’d take gear with a little more +dam over less +dam and extra crit anyday.


  9. There is a food that gives spell crit but I forget what it is called. Its one of the recipes from the cooking dailies.

    To be economical, use a flask since you get a 2 full hours and they persist through death. I mean, if you have 7 deaths in the 2 hour duration, you essentially saved yourself 7 battle elixirs and 7 guardian elixirs, which I am sure is more than double, if not triple the expense of one flask.


  10. You really use elixirs in heroics? Wow, that’s impressive. I use the wizard oil and some food and find that’s more than enough, especially when you’re likely to die a few times and waste the pots.

    I agree with Blacknimbus, macro your inner focus to SW:P and forget it.

    Your trinket should preferably be spell damage ones. You shouldn’t need mana regen from items because you have pots and fiends. Darkmoon Card: Crusade is nice but if they are ‘on use’ trinkets I’d recommend macroing them to VT so your dots always get the full benefit (SW:P straight after of course).


  11. Thanks again blacknimbus…

    as long as I’ve got you here… lol

    Zahrah of Pugnacious Priest mentioned using the Haste Potion, but I only use those as melee kitty. When I looked it up, a commenter on Wowhead said it doesn NOT affect Spell Haste rating.

    Do you, or anyone else, know if that’s wrong? Does the Haste Potion apply to our spell speed?


  12. “I would also heavily recomend getting a ‘mana’ trinket such as the bangle of endless blessings from Botanica +150 spirit for 18seconds is ridiulous mana back when you get your stats up a bit. I normally pair my use of the bangle with innerfocus… so that you stay out of the 5sec rule for longer and regen more mana from it. Although this is from a healer perspective, it can still be applied to shadow priests!”

    This I would probably disagree with, but only because there are trinkets out there that aren’t difficult to get that are so much better. The DMC (Darkmoon Crusade Card) is +80 spell damage if it’s stacked to the max. And the Icon of the Silver Crescent is only 41 Badges and is +43 spell dam equipped and +155 on use.

    Your mana regen (and your group’s) will come from maxing your damage…period, end of story. Until you get into +1400 spell damage range, it’s hit capped, then spell damage, spell damage, spell damage. After 1400, you can start considering haste.

    And I’d suggest macroing Inner Focus with SW:P. It’s not as much fun as a crit from Mind Blast, but it’s better for longer fights if you are concerned about mana.


  13. Ahhh, thanks Blacknimbus, that makes sense.

    Not to mention fitting Symbol of Hope in there like Dax said.

    Seriously, I never use Symbol of Hope soloing, so I forget it’s there. Repeatedly.

    In fact, I need to update my post a bit. Symbol of Hope, Flask of Supreme Power, Haste Potion… all very good advice.


  14. When to pot and when to fiend will vary from fight to fight. Generally speaking, if it’s Prince, the fight won’t last long enough for me to pot, fiend and use a third pot. The problem with the fiend is that sometimes he just flat out misses…and misses…and misses. The shorter cooldown on the mana pot gives me a chance to grab some back if he doesn’t do a good job at regenning.

    And you’ll find yourself in situations where you might want to fiend, but the boss is doing his aoe thing or doing a whirlwind or whatever and you just can’t. And on the Curator fight, for example, you’ll want to fiend only when he’s Evocating, so you wouldn’t use him at the start of that for sure.

    I haven’t done much in SSC or TK yet, and we haven’t gone into BT, but we have Gruuls and Kara on farm. I can’t think of any fight offhand that lasts long enough for me to fiend twice. But to be fair, I don’t use the fiend at the start.

    Basically I like the control that potting gives me at the beginning of a fight and I like the option to pot after the fiend if he’s having a bad day.


  15. Haste pots – they take up a pot cool down though and you will burn through mana a litttle quicker..

    and look at the set bonuses for some of the crafted cloth wear, I don’t like the shadoweave set bonus but the + shadow damage is awesome. , and Im debating if I want to lose more stamina and get spellstrick 2 set bonus with is an increase to spells and effects by 92 for 10 secs, and procs on channeled and the battlecast set which you don’t need tailoringh for.. but the mats to make either are pricey..


  16. Oh yeah, I forgot one flask to add to your list:

    Flask of Supreme Power

    The mats are cheaper than those for Flask of Pure Death, at the expense of a paltry 10 spell damage.


  17. -Destruction potions are a nice burst/boost to DPS if you can spare the cooldown.

    -If you or someone in your group is a leatherworker, you also want to bring some drums of battle. +80 spell haste every cooldown is nothing to sneeze at.

    Of course, these are things you probably don’t need to utilize for farmed content. They’re just too expensive to justify the expense when you don’t really need the extra “oomph.”

    On a side note, I really think you’ll enjoy raiding as a DPS class. I’ve spent most of my raiding time as a warlock, and only recently did I get my pally tank to cap and start doing the occasional raid with him. I could definitely see how raiding would get really old really quick if your first experience with it was as a tank. Not that it’s not fun. It’s just rough having to be 100% on the ball for 100% of the raid time… especially when it means that one lapse could spell curtains for your group.

    Ranged DPS is a lot less stressful. Even though I’m sure you’ll still perform to the same high standard, not having the whole “OMG if I mess up we’re all gonna die!!!” thing hanging over your head is a nice relief.


  18. Hey BBB, As expected it looks like you’ve grasped most of finer details already, however I would tend to agree with Blacknimbus on this point:

    “Take a mana pot the first time it will fill you back up. Don’t wait until you are below 50 percent before you use the first one. I usually pot, then fiend and then pot.”

    Until you do actually hit the long ass 25 mans fights, to the best of my recollection on my shadow priest the only boss kill I was able squeeze 2 fiends into was Nightbane, but even since 2.4 this fight seems substantially shorter.
    While typing this I just had a rethink..

    Potting/Fiending/Potting not a whole lotta fights that require this much mana regen, at least with the fiending/potting technique you save a few mana pots since you’ll only need to use the pot if its necessary.. rather than potting and finding you didn’t need to use fiend before the fight was over.. 25 mans a slightly different story..

    Now my head hurts, I made little to no sense and still don’t have a conclusive answer for you, I reckon you’ll figure out what works for you, and I’ll retire from theorycrafting after an illustrious 5-7 minute career.
    Good luck.


  19. Nah you have it right 3b, fiend first as soon as you have spent the ammount of mana you will regain from it. If you spend your highest CD abilities first, then you have a higher chance of having them available again in the same fight should you need them. Plus… pots cost $ one way or another, they are a finite resource… why waste them when you have a renewable resource such as the fiend!
    I would also heavily recomend getting a ‘mana’ trinket such as the bangle of endless blessings from Botanica +150 spirit for 18seconds is ridiulous mana back when you get your stats up a bit. I normally pair my use of the bangle with innerfocus… so that you stay out of the 5sec rule for longer and regen more mana from it. Although this is from a healer perspective, it can still be applied to shadow priests!
    and jsut a side note on scrolls… if you roll with a mage and an IDS priest (which you should in a raid!) you already have the int and spirit buff :o) so no need. Ofc, go nuts if your in a 5man without either of the above, i carry scrolls for these myself being a CoH priesty.


  20. btw, I JUST discovered Flask of Pure Death this morning (in the time since my first comment) so if you get me mats, I can make those for you with a chance to proc extras.


  21. Yep, yep, Spell Hit is at 83, not a problem….

    I’m sure it’ll depend on the length of the fight, but I like the idea of getting the Shadowfiend in fast, so I can have the chance to use it twice before the fight ends.

    Gotta do some time studies, lol.

    Well, time enough for that once I get everything enchanted, and get the new gloves. Then I’ll know what my final +damage looks like.

    Oh, yeah, got two trinkets to add to the rotation too… hmmmm,….


  22. Are you hit capped?

    Spell Hit Caps (rounded up):
    * 76 hit is the cap with 5/5 Shadow Focus
    * 101 hit before you can go to 4/5 Shadow Focus
    * 126 hit before you can go to 3/5 Shadow Focus
    * 152 hit before you can go to 2/5 Shadow Focus
    * 177 hit before you can go to 1/5 Shadow Focus
    * 202 hit before you can go to 0/5 Shadow Focus

    Draenai have an additional 1% hit, allowing you to be another 12.6 hit rating below the above caps (taken from

    Take a mana pot the first time it will fill you back up. Don’t wait until you are below 50 percent before you use the first one. I usually pot, then fiend and then pot.

    And talk to your healers…you’ll want to use SW:D as often as possible to max out your damage, but if you can use VE (sometimes the aggro is too much – don’t get the improved VE, btw) you can usually heal yourself back up. A renew is more than enough in most situations.

    And make sure you get your SP in the right group. A raiding mage I know is always missing out on the mana regen because the guild leader puts the Shadow Priests in with the Hunters….



  23. Ah HAH!

    I just remembered!


    Okay, now I’m happier. I may be crazy, but not about forgetting something.

    Scrolls of Intellect and Spirit V! Okay, cool.


  24. Just watch out with those Major Dreamless Sleep Potions – if there’s anyone in the group that can dispell, make sure they know NOT to dispell it off you. Unless something’s changed (I’ve never used them myself) but I’ve heard stories of that happening and both the pot itself and the cooldown getting wasted.


  25. Have you factored in your trinkets yet? I carry 2 trinkets on my SPriest that boost her spell damage by over 100 each.
    Other than that I can’t think of any consumables you’d be missing.
    Have fun melting faces. 🙂


  26. I would’ve suggested a different approach, but you have 10% spell crit, hardly enough to make that path worth it; go pure +spell damage and you’ll be much, much happier. 🙂

    Best of luck with raiding!


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