Omigod lol, pics!

So I was thinking about that Storytime I wrote, and it suddenly occured to me…

I have a pic that was scanned back then, from the quality of crap scanners we had back in the day, that should have survived on my hard drive.

So for fun, I went looking.

I’m pretty dissapointed.

It does have me in one of the shirts I wore ALL the time, [whose caption, by the way, says “naughty or nice?” underneath], but sadly I was not wearing spandex at that precise moment in time.

The picture might have been taken by Cassie, shortly after we first met. I have absolutely no memory of when it was taken, but it would explain why I’m wearing dressy shorts. You know, shorts that have, like, pockets. And a belt! A freaking belt! Now THAT’S class, right there.

And the belt goes good with my floppy hat, doesn’t it? Too bad you can’t see the plume, though. It’s got a very pretty feathered plume. I have a stuffed bear around here somewhere wearing that hat, I’ll have to find it and snap a picture.

And for a bonus, I’ll give ya a pic of me as a Sergeant in the Marines, from out in Camp Pendleton, at the height of my surfing joy.

Note the sun-bleached hair. And the $100 Gargoyle sunglasses. And the sun bleached old school cammies. Damn, those were some comfy cammies. I had those for years, and yet they were in pristine condition. Just ridiculously faded from the sun. That’s about 7 years of wear, right there, boys and gals. The new rip-stop stuff just don’t fade like those did.

Anyway, enjoy. Let the mocking begin!


Now, I mentioned in the comments below how the Mannyac is a huge guy, you can tell when you see him. But for point of reference, here is a recent pic… you dirty old man, you.

Nice kilt. /envy

Just to be clear, the top two pics are me, and the bottom one is Manny. For some reason, the longer I look at that, the more I swear he looks like he’s my brother. And what is it with evil people and goatees? Why do we feel like we have to advertise we’re evil? I wised up and shaved mine off, man… don’t give ’em the advance warning.

The Kilted Mannyac

Damn, I love that kilt.


12 thoughts on “Omigod lol, pics!

  1. After your story i dont think many will be mocking you as you could possibly track them down and lay down some 2×4 justice.



  2. The reason I actually thought of this, was someone posted a comment on the storytime that he was surprised, with me being a really big guy, that I’d get jumped.

    The thing is… it’s proportional. I’m not overly large in one dimension. I’m just… oversized.

    If I’m standing by myself, with nothing nearby to lend perspective, it can be fairly hard to tell, I guess.

    The Mannyac, on the other hand, seems like a MUCH larger guy than I am, and it’s obvious. And part of it is that he’s got a mammoth chest and huge arms, a blacksmiths’ “I gots a big hammah” build, and when you look at him, you just see a big ol rhino that’ll tear your arm off.

    But he had a winter coat he had outgrown a little… and he gave it to me. Only to discover, it was a little small for me, too. Surprise. πŸ™‚


  3. B3, you are very handsome! Great pics! Do you still have those fatigues? And that hat certainly does have . . . panache πŸ˜‰


  4. Don’t hate me Manny! *grovels* Some cliches are just hard to let go! *ducks for cover*

    (Bcubed – you didn’t say he actually read your blog!)

    Btw, regarding your ‘dress code’, I confess to a similar dress ethic. While in college I was in a fraternity during my last three years. Amongst all of the preppy blue-blazered-khaki-pants crowd I was the one guy who constantly ran around in shirts with cut-off sleaves and beat-up vietnam era fatigue pants purchased from the army/navy surplus store. Damn those were some comfy pants.


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