Shifting Perspectives will go up today

Which is why I ain’t been writing here today.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, to be honest.

I come up with what I think will be a simple idea for a Shifting Perspectives article. I even avoid the topics I know are ten hour manifestos, saving them for later, like a Kitty Gear to Karazhan guide, and a Tanking threat generation part 3 guide, and just come up with something simple.

The next freaking thing I know I’ve got a 5000 word monstrosity, and 6 hours have passed.

If I’m lucky, it’s only 6 hours.

Cassie tells me I’m an idiot, and Dan at WoW Insider keeps telling me to break my articles up more into smaller chunks, but I see a subject, and I try to be as complete on that one subject as I can…

And therein lies my problem. I really need to learn where to break things up into manageable pieces.

Anyway, my feral druid friends, at about 3:00 PM Eastern time today, my newest Shifting Perspectives article will go live, and the topic is… consumables for bear tanks, updated for the win!

Wait, you may ask, didn’t I cover that once before?

Yes, but… I have applied an increased wisdom to the subject, for a more thorough and useful list. At least, I hope that you will find it useful.

EDIT: Thank you to Cassie for letting me know my original link to the article was going to Ferocious Bite instead. I had given her credit in my article for opening my eyes to powershifting months ago, and must have kept that link in my clipboard. Fixed! 

Of course, for the observant, this means that Mooire can now expect that a flood of WI readers will come invade her blog today… and chcek out her fishing updates. That’ll teach ya!

Mooire, you’ve got 1.5 hours to come up with a new post. Bonus bear points if you screw with their heads with accurate sounding but false bear info. Go!

7 thoughts on “Shifting Perspectives will go up today

  1. Hey BBB!
    I read your Insider article about reagents and I have a suggestion for you. In the scrolls section, you discussed getting scrolls from repair bots but its much easier to get them from fishing. Takes a little time, but you’re out there going for agi or sta food anyway and you get some mote of water to boot. Inscribed scrollcase is the name of the item you fish up I believe. Best drop rate is from zangarmarsh in the Junk pools.
    BTW, any luck on a backing track for that Feralicious song? i had a really nasty flu and lost my voice for a couple weeks but I’m back now if you are still interested in recording it.
    ~Takira (Blackhand/US)


  2. Holy Cow! I didn’t see this until tonight. O.O Hopefully they won’t be too disappointed! Oh well, not much I can do now. ;p

    Thanks for the link tho!!! 😀 Now I’ll have to posting something worthy for all the people that don’t read WI daily. 😉


  3. Well, I have to say I’ve loved reading your long articles about tanking gear, strategies and game mechanics. Sure I’m a mathematical geek, but then again so are a sizable population of players 🙂 It’s great reference material, not exactly a quick daily read. I love my bear to bits and I want him to be the best bear he can be at any given level of progress… so I’m happy to have spent a few weeks digesting your longer articles. So thank you:). Just read your new article on consumables too, very informative and well balanced as always.

    Btw. a few fellow stealth friends and I are planning to get our own “Team Sneaky” together, especially doing a (non-stealthed) 70 minute run through heroic slaves pens last night; no wipes, and our very experienced leader (who was healing) was often surprised we made it so successully… Maybe I’m blowing my own trumpet (I was tanking the run), but I believe our success was due, in no small measure, to the bear tank gear and strategies I’ve employed since discovering your blog.


  4. Good roundup. I would note that the basic powershifting macro changed recently. Now all you need is :

    /cast !cat form

    Saves a little space, and since you are restricted to 255 characters in a macro, that can come in handy. Using this macro has saved my furry butt quite often, say when Aran has slowed everyone down and is about to cast his explosion. Or when running the flag, a powershift macro for bear or cat is a must.


  5. I have a suggestion. Most articles consist of a central theme or thesis and several supporting points. Keep the theme, but remove the thesis point and break each supporting point into it’s own article into a that is soley about that one supporting point. THEN – bring it all back together again in a shorter article about your original thesis once you have written about all of the supporting points.

    Let’s say you were to write an article about how Warcraft is fun because it offers so much diverse play with supporting points like Questing, Raiding, and PvP. My suggestion would be to break that into four articles: Why questing is fun, why raiding is fun, why PvP is fun and finally – why the diversity in gameplay makes Warcraft fun. The supporting points of the last article would reference the other articles.

    Likewise, an article about which tanking formulas are important for Bear tanks could be broken up into: why we don’t want to be crit, why we don’t want to be hit, why we want to make those hits hurt less, why we need to build up threat. And then the wrap up article is about how a Smart bear manages to balance all these things together.

    Anyway – hope that helps…


  6. Hmmm… poor Mooire. She saw my link to her blog, and followed it back already. Then I edited it. So now she won’t see that she has cause to fear the WI flood.

    Ah well. If anyone has her IM, you might want to ping her.


  7. I soooo understand what you’re talking about. I think that’s why I haven’t posted a ‘real’ blog post in so long. I have lots of things to write about, but not the huge block of time to write it. I’ve even thought about how I can break things into multi posts, but part of me rebels against that because the initial posts won’t be ‘complete’. /sigh Perfectionist for the lose!

    Lets make a deal…whoever figures how to get past that first has to enlighten the other one! 😉


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