Contest winners and podcast craziness

First, and I think it’s official now, the votes have cast Orphan vs Illidan as the winner.

This means that Logan of Fear, Dot, Dot, Dot is the grand champeen and prize winner of the ‘Take your Orphan to work day’ contest.

Congratulations, Logan!

The much loved ‘Orphan drowning in steaming pool of lava’ screenshot was created by none other than Squirrelz, the husband of Nasirah of Alts Ahoy. He definitely deserves a big round of applause, and while he doesn’t get to wave his epeen as the best in this contest, he will also get a button as a consolation prize.

Squirrelz and Logan, make sure you email me at bigbearbuttedone AT yahoo DOT com to send me your address info so I can get your prizes mailed out.

You know, one of the reasons I love blogging is that I get to write lines such as “The much-loved orphan drowning in steaming pool of lava screenshot”.

I want to see what kind of search results lead people here after that one.

And I can picture in my minds’ eye the CSI episode where an investigation leads the cops to cluck their tongues in disgust over the incredible sicko on the internet that would be so terribad as to write that. Cause, like, I must actually want to drown real orphans in lava.

And you KNOW that’s how it would be portrayed. And I would be turned into a fat white guy that failed high school living in mom’s basement and afraid of ‘grrls’. Eating cheetos.

Hollywood has never met a stereotype it didn’t like. And I don’t like cheetos, they’re too crunchy. I prefer cheesy-POOFS.

Hey, remember how CSI:Miami treated people who played first person shooters? In that one episode loosely mocking the developers of Grand Theft Auto as publicity hungry mass murderers, organizing players to rob banks and kill folks to bring more publicity to their video game to rack up sales? Huh? Do ya?

Of course, I stopped wathcing CSI: Miami when they killed Speed. (Rory Cochrane, who I loved in Empire Records. I still quote him from that movie a lot. What do I quote? When he tells his boss that he is doing a superb job. And keeps repeating ‘superb’. Craxks me up. Anyway, I digress. I know he wanted to leave the show himself, but when he died, I lost interest. And how the hell did I get on that topic?)

Anyway, people think I make this shit up. I wish. Just ask Penny Arcade about crazy people that assume all game players are violence-driven freaks. Of course, THEY went and created a wildly-successful children’s charity in protest. Me, I just complain. Rock on.

Anyway, moving on, and damn I’m cranky today…

Okay, so this Saturday there will be another wonderful episode of the WoW Insider show. And this week I WILL be on it.

I have no choice.

You see, I’m hosting it this week. It’s gonna be the Big Bear Butt show. I’m kinda gonna have to be there. They don’t let you host one without being there. I said I’d phone it in from the jakuzzi, but no dice.

It’s gonna be awesome!

Who are my co-podcasters?

I have absolutely no idea yet!

What are our topics?

I have absolutely no idea yet!

Well, I do have an idea, since the WoW Insider show takes readers emails for the first section, covers the top viewed WoW Insider articles of the past week, and then ends with some shout outs and IRC fun. So you can pretty much be sure that I’ll be reading some viewer mail, I’ll be talking about WoW Insider hot topics, and then doing some shout outs.

Did you know that the readers of WoW Insider control the content of the podcast? It’s true! The articles that are read/viewed the MOST, and commented on the most, become the topics we choose from. It’s that simple. Scary, huh? The power you wield?

Why, if a couple hundred gamers formed a coalition to pick one topic and hammer the shit out of it for a week, it would be guarenteed to be on the show!

[Hmmm… gotta write that down, that’s a good idea, how many people do I know?]

Anyway, I’ve got a lot of organizing still to do, but I wanted to warn you in advance… no Mike Schramm this week on the podcast, so the organizing is gonna be rocky as hell. I hope the Turpster will be there, since I personally love his sense of humor, and there is something about those European and Asian accents that I enjoy hearing in conversation, and there will hopefully be other guests.

Will Matt of World of Matticus be on? He hasn’t done a WI podcast before, but he certainly has the option since he writes the Priest column over there now. I don’t know, I think that would be pretty fun. Get the inside scoop on one of the new WoW Insider column writers. And see if we can’t get him to drop the professional facade long enough to rant about Hockey. That should be good for some ‘color’.

Or maybe I can go it alone, and just ramble on drunkenly for an hour about the way things were back in the good old days, before this damn graphics card thingie changed computer games for the worst. Back in the glory days of MUD, damn it! Now THAT was an MMO!

And Zork! You’re in the dark, and you’re gonna get eaten by a Grue, mother-f&*(er! Now THAT’S tension! That’s fear, damn it!

Or maybe I can just be a good boy and run a nice, clean, respectable show.

I guess you’ll just have to tune in and find out!

6 thoughts on “Contest winners and podcast craziness

  1. If I know what the topics are ahead of time, I’d certainly come on board. I’ll make the effort, I promise. One of these days. I’m worried I might swear and say something I’ll regret.


  2. “West of House
    You are standing in an open field west of a white house, with
    a boarded front door.
    There is a small mailbox here.”

    Man I still get chills when I learned about the trap door under the rug…


  3. If you mean matticus, I have no idea. My head hurts very badly right now, it’s getting hard to think.

    I do know matticus won’t be on the podcast, he just fired off a mail to me letting me know he’ll be in the library at the time. So, bummer.

    And Cassie is horribly, horribly sick now. And knowing what she’s in for is making me very sad.


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