You know what the worst thing about getting old is?

The music SUCKS!


Bear with me a minute, this is a no shitter.

Look, when I was in High School, we had records and tapes. There wasn’t even such a thing as freaking Compact Discs. Okay? So cut me some slack here.

I had no idea what music WAS back then, damnit.

And then MTV came along.

And I learned that music could be good… but it was still… off.

But there were other sources of music. (thank god)

My friends’ older brother was in college, and a massive deadhead. He had a closet full of bootleg tapes of Grateful Dead concerts going back years and years. From the music he listened to, I got a wide open introduction to 70s hippie music.

Then there were the other kids, whose older brothers were into ‘classic rock’, and so they all thought, if the older kids liked it, it must be cool. So I got introduced hardcore into Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, etc.

I will forever hold Pink Floyd close to my heart. Greatest. Band. Evah! Set the controls for the heart of the sun, mo&*^&*^fu(67!

Anyway, the point is, in high school, all my musical knowledge came from my friends, and what they had learned to like from the example set by their older brothers, sisters, and parents. MTV. Current radio hits. I got into a jazz subculture for a while, rode off to see concerts by Yellowjackets, tons of wierd stuff, hunting for something that would click.

Music was always all around me, no matter where I went or who I met, someone had a new musical interest for me to discover. I took it for granted, because music was everywhere.

In the Marines, it just got… more intense. Thrown together with people from all over the the country, forced to room together, bunk together, party together, you just… you get exposed to every kind of music. Obscure, new, indie, backroom cuts, you name it and you can hear it if music is your thing.

One of my best friends was from Brooklyn, and he introduced me to what at the time was some hot stuff, rap coming from New York, and I got to admit, I enjoyed the vibrancy, the harsh alive take-no-crap anger of some of it… but I passed on getting a rottweiller and wearing wife-beater shirts.

And of course, that’s where I got into my love of obscure stuff from Wierd Al, Dr Demento, Da Yoopers, you know. Even, god help me, filk music.

But I eventually left the Marines. I’m went on the outside.

Now I have a family. I have responsibilities. I have limited funds to go farting around buying CDs.

And I don’t have local friends that shoot me a song to listen to ‘just cause it’s cool’.

The last time someone shot me a song ‘just cause it’s cool’ was Manny, when he emailed me some kickass bagpipe music, some Cthulhu music I’ve shared on the blog, and a CD mix of Mediaeval Babes, which rocked.

But he lives in frakkin Virginia, damnit.

I don’t have friends nearby that pop some fresh stuff into the stereo. I don’t have the money OR the time to browse iTunes for endless hours looking for new music.

What I got, is what I stumble upon on the internet from player-made videos, I got what I find people mention on blogs or personal webspaces (like John Ringos’ website), and I have the CRAP that they pre-package and shove down my throat on the radio when I’m driving to and from work.

It sucks.

I’m warning you, old people don’t lose their love of music, we just don’t get to LIVE in the middle of it like you do in High School, College or the military.

So here’s the deal.

I cut over to Baron Soosdon, check out what he’s got on there, and see his video for I’m So Sick.

This is RIGHT up my alley. That is absolutely what I am into. Guess what? I never heard the name Flyleaf before.

Thanks to iTunes, I have now. hah.

Look guys, I like Flyleaf. I like Evanescense. I like Cruxshadows. I especially love the harder version of I’m so Sick that Flyleaf did with Legion of Doom, that Baron Soosdon did the video of.

Assume I’m ignorant of all the music you take for granted. If you know about this stuff, that NOT ONE SINGLE RADIO STATION IN THE TWIN CITIES WOULD EVER DREAM OF PLAYING, can you please point me to the names of some bands/songs like that, that I can hunt for on iTunes?


Much obliged.


56 thoughts on “You know what the worst thing about getting old is?

  1. Definitely late to the party, and I saw that BigBunz tossed a couple in there that I have listened to a lot. Nothing like throwing The Killers in the truck on a hot Montana day before some whitewater rafting. A couple of other bands/songs that I’ve been turned on to have been from the downloadable content from the XBox game Rock Band (My other addiction in addition to some hot druid bear tanking action).

    The Strokes – Reptilia
    Wolfmother – Joker and the Thief
    Finger 11
    Social Distortion
    Rehab – Sittin’ at a Bar (Not little Bear friendly)
    The Killers

    Da Yoopers made my day too. Catching those UP radio stations across Lake Superior around deer opener to rousing a rendition of “Da Turdy Point Buck” brought me back to my youth stomping around the Arrowhead on MN where I grew up. 😉


  2. ………..having read the Da Yoopers thread and dutifully come back here to post =)

    Powerhouse female vocalists huh? Really not my thing – I think I was put off by the crazy radio overplaying of Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart when I was a kid and it was number 1 for like 6 months or something. That’s a song I actually have to switch off or leave the room if I hear it.

    However, totally agree with the Donnas, I love ’em. Ramones mixed with AC/DC with female vocals. Top!

    Anyway I am suggesting all these assuming you might be able to ‘try before you buy’ off the internets somewhere.

    So I’m trekking through my iTunes looking for female vocals and avoiding the softer side…..

    90’s Indie Rock or similar style – Curve – Die Like a Dog?, Daisy Chainsaw – Love Your Money?, Elastica, Lush, Juliana Hatfield, PJ Harvey, The Breeders, 50 Foot Wave

    Oldies but goodies – Hazel O’Connor – Will You?, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Starship, Grace Slick

    Rockers – L7 – Shitlist, Skunk Anansie – try Weak, reckon you will like that

    Not female vocals, not hard rock either but I have a feeling you might get something out of Hamell on Trial.


  3. I am probably repeating stuff that was already named with this playlist:

    Within Temptation – Deceiver of Fools (favorite song by my still favorite band)
    Opeth – Damnation (whole album)
    Tristania – Wormwood
    Theater of Tragedy – Cassandra
    Sins of thy beloved – Lake of Sorrow (my personal Lord of the Rings reading soundtrack)
    Edenbridge – Starlight Reverie
    Sirenia – Sister Nightfall
    Nightwish – Walking in the Air
    Björk – Hunter (not goth metal but great)
    Wolfsheim – Blind (not female I know … still …)
    Vintersorg – Cosmic Genesis

    Have you tried – they have a “listen to bands like ….” feature which has already brought me a few nice ones. They even have social features (friendslists and you can see what songs your friends liked … though a colleague warned me they are only feeding their data to the music industry … oh whatever … )

    Check out the “Infinity” Album by Beto Vasquez who brought together 3 female goth metal singers to make a really nice album. I think my favorite song from that album must be “Sadness in the Night”.

    For some middle-agey metal try:

    In Extremo (mostly German texts though)
    Subway to Sally (also German)

    From what you named above with Evanescence, Flyleaf and Cruxshadows you might consider coming to Germany to attend the M’era Luna festival if you’re much into goth metal, dark wave and electronic industrial 😀 I still hope we’re going this year: (though I personally find this years lineup weird …)

    Well hope you find some good stuff and have more fun with music again!

    Bye Yashima


  4. Well, it seems to me that the listing of mainstream bands has finally started to die off, and now you’re getting into foreign/otherwisenonmainstream bands being suggested.

    I noticed that someone already mentioned Skillet (I’ll second that one, though I give warning that they ARE a band that focuses on Christian lyrics), and you yourself said that Flyleaf was enjoyable, so I’m not all that worried about suggesting Disciple or Demon Hunter. Both tend to have a fairly harsh sound, especially the latter of the two. Thousand Foot Krutch tends a bit more towards a rock-hiphop feel, but they’re also quite decent.


  5. Go to, put in bands you like and it will give you similar music, internet radio with a twist.


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