Hey, did you know Discworld had a movie?

My love for the works of Terry Pratchett is fairly well known.

While I do have, and have read, all of them, including all the bits that aren’t Discworld, and even the sci-fi book about a world much like Discworld called Strata that everyone seems to have forgotten about, I must admit that I hold a special place in my heart for the Witches, and for the City Watch. 

The Witches, as they have grown, are truly marvelous. The duel between Granny Weatherwax and the Queen of the Elves was… dare I say it… wonderful.

And the City Watch. Heh. Take any grunt, and let him read the City Watch books… watch the appreciation grow. Ah, I love me my Sam Vimes, and God help me but I’ve known buggers just like Nobby Nobbs and Fred. In fact, if you’ve ever been to a Con, you’ve met Nobby Nobbs and his… questionable… hygiene.

But there is a third segment of the stories I love, the ones that kind of fit in through the cracks, that take characters from other stories and build upon them in new ways. Thief of Time, The Truth, Going Postal, Pyramids…. Hogfather.

Hogfather is one that fits in the cracks. A bit of Pyramid lore, a bit of City Watch, and lots of anthropomorphic personifications.

A bit back, the BBC created a wonderful live action movie version of Hogfather. A sweeping, epic 3 hour feature that was wonderful.

As the film was new and raw, and was only ever shown in the UK, well. Let’s just say that I didn’t let that stop me from seeing it. It was the first, and only thing I have ever Bittorrented. And watched. And made a disc of and mailed to the Mannyac.

I had to share it, because when you are truly addicted you want everyone else to drink the kool-aid too.

Well, good news, my friends. Good news.

Hogfather is available on DVD here in the states. And I have dutifully made arrangements to buy it.

Of course, while I wait for my copy, I had to get it on Netflix a month ago.

Yeah, I got it bad. I even got the Wyrd Sisters cartoon on DVD, and the Mort graphic novel.

What I wanted to mention, though, was that in addition to the full movie, the DVD has a 20 minute, recently done interview with Terry Pratchett. And he speaks very well about the creation of and underlying structure of the Discworld and the concepts of story and imagination.

I heartily encourage you, if you haven’t bought it yet, to at least think about renting it. It really is a wonderful film.

By the way, word is that Wee Free Men and The Truth may also be getting the big screen treatment. And about damn time Pratchett gets the recognition he deserves, says I

And for those of you that have never read Terry Pratchett, and have seen that the bugger has over 30 books out, and have no idea where to start… I share with you this handy guide in pictorial form, wot I swiped off’n the interwebs for my friends. Have no fear, the guide’s got it’s own credits for the creator of it, and I thank them greatly.



20 thoughts on “Hey, did you know Discworld had a movie?

  1. City Watch, that’s what it’s all about for me. I love em. Of course they are all good, but the City Watch books have something a little bit special.


  2. Nifty. I’d known about the Hogfather film, but hadn’t known SkyOne had gone on to make others.

    On the topic of the chart: Bah! Bah, I say! Just read them in the published order, unless you’ve discovered you really dislike one particular set of characters; they’re all in the Discworld (well, mostly) and you’ll find characters central to one series as bit parts or supporting roles in others. And a couple of those categories seem more like an attempt to shoehorn the novels without a group into categories than anything else.

    Favorite scene: Rincewind’s ‘volunteering’ in _The Last Hero._ He’s finally figured out how the author (ab)uses him.


  3. I thought I’d let you know that I came upon your last Discworld post two days before I went on vacation. There would be a lot of flying; The Color of Magic looked interesting; so I had it shipped overnight.

    Wow, how awesome is this. “The Douglass Adams of Science Fiction” fits pretty well.

    That guide to his books was just what I was looking for. Thanks!!


  4. I’m not surprised TP does a good interview. He spent a lot of time in provincial UK libraries meeting the people in the early stages of his career, and I went to see him a couple of times; he was very much as you’d expect from the books: funny, charming and unfailingly polite. Bearded, too, although less bald. Anyway, he was very clear even then about the roots of the disc world, but I really don’t remember much sign of where it was going. Rincewind suits the earlier books – which are all about the happy accident – but Weatherwax and Vimes are both much more directed characters; IMO what’s amazing is the flexibility he found in the idea of a large turtle floating through space. Watching the development of has been a lot of fun – and the only two constants have been Death & taxes (as embodied by Vetinari).

    I’ve enjoyed the Tiffany books most, recently, but I’m glad they did a good job of Hogfather.

    Making Money is the most recent release, which is why it might not be on the list. Came out for the Christmas orders in the UK.

    Nice blog, btw, since I’m a first time poster.


  5. Love the guide for the books, I’ve been wondering the order of the Rincewind books, 2 things. the List does not have the book “Making Money” on it.
    Also a long time ago, and this is the reason I started reading Terry Pratchett’s Novels is the 2 video games that were out for the Playstation. Discworld and Discworld 2. Point and click adventures. Had me in knots the whole time.


  6. Oh, and Keilana, thank you for that link to those tourist guide shorts… that video player actually works on my work computer.

    Must…. resist…. temptation…..


  7. My apologies as to saying BBC. I knew it was Skyone that had broadcast it, since the logo was in the bottom right corner of my Bittorrent version. Don’t know why my brain tripped me up.

    And somehow, the paragraph where I mentioned that the next live action film, Colour of Magic, combining Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic into one, came out last Easter with Sean Astin and Tim Curry, but wasn’t anywhere near available on DVD yet in the states, got deleted. Probably from a miskey, I’ve been doing that a lot recently. It should have gone right before the paragraph on Wee Free Men and The Truth.

    Good catch, everyone.


  8. I saw the Colour of Magic on UK tv a while ago and its far better than the Hogfather imo (http://www.skyoneonline.co.uk/tcom/index.html) so I’d definitely check that one out. They did make Death a little friendlier than in the books, but as Pratchett said in the Making Of, he’d rather remake Death like he is in the later books now he has the chance.


  9. Also, oh my gawsh I love the L-Space site. They have breakdowns of all the puns and in-jokes and such in all the books, or they did last time I checked. Helps a lot in riddling out what some of the more obscure references mean.


  10. There’s cartoon versions of Soul Music and Weird Sisters. Yay for Christopher Lee as Death. ❤

    The Hogfather and Colour of Magic are actually done by Sky (our big sattelite TV company) and not the BBC. The only problem I had is that David Jason was far too good at playing Albert in HF and then Rincewind in CoM, so what’s going to happen if they do more? Will he continue to do both roles?


  11. There is also a movie version of The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic, starring many of the same actors as the hogfather.


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