Oh no! The Prince fight has changed!

For the first time in a long time, the Big Bear Butt went to visit Prince in Karazhan last weekend.

Essence of Grandeur took Windburn the Shadow Priest along to finish up Karazhan, and I was looking forward to getting three more Badges from an easy fight.

If you had ever seen the Tanking Prince video I did (which I need to get put up again), then you know that I was used to tanking him at a location far on the other side of the wide open area he patrols.

It was a location with one notch that the casters could stand in, and another a little further along the wall the tank could stand in. Each was perfectly positioned so that Infernals would never affect you during the fight.

Well, this wasn’t my run, this was theirs. I was the guest, so I was determined to do things their way. I did ask a few questions, but mostly tried to put out ranged DPS, bring some mana regen to the party, and keep my mouth shut. No, really!

For the Prince fight, what they did was set up right at the entrance, near the post. The casters would stand there, almost right at the door, and the tank would be along the wall to the right. Between the tank and the casters is a notch in the wall, kind of a breech in the wall, that is perfect for melee DPS to duck into when they get Enfeebled.

The first run, the Warrior donned DPS gear, the Warlock put his Imp right at the tanks’ mark, phase shifted of course, and everyone got set.

The Pally tank ran forward to pull Prince… and he had to run very far forward, and he was out of range of heals, and he died about the same time he got back to his starting point. Oops.

The second time, okay, we’re on the ball now. We get set… and right at Prince hitting about 55%, a bad Infernal drop happens, between the casters and the tank, right on top of the melee DPS niche. Damn.

Third time, tank got to 50% exactly, another bad Infernal drop on top of us, and dead.

Now, at this point I am getting confused. Because the pally has lots of armor, health… he shouldn’t be dying that fast. So I suggest I could bring Windshadow to tank, so we could see whether that would make any difference.

So okay, that’s not what we were there to do, but it’s getting a bit late now, and folks are tired. So okay, let’s try that.

And we set up, and Windshadow pulls to the Imp, and we’re going along and BAM! Bad Infernal placement, and we wipe. Again. So much for a big bear butt making a difference.

So I’m like, okay, it’s seems clear to me it ain’t the tank, it’s that damn Infernal. So I suggest we move our starting point to where I was used to doing it with Legatum Ignavis. They say, sure, if we can let this misery end, go for it.

I lead them over to the far wall, jump at the notch I want them to stop at, run forward and pull Prince… and I swear to you, the very first Infernal drop lands ON TOP OF the casters.

Ummm… Blizzard hotfixed the safe spot. DAMNIT!

I whispered my pal Gerolan, and asked him if he had maybe noticed any… changes in the way the Prince fight works.

“Oh yeah”, he says to me, “You have to tank him near the entrance, now.”

DAGNABIT! grrr….

So okay, we went back to exactly the same way Essence of Grandeur had set up before, and we pulled… and this time, we got lucky and an Infernal didn’t drop right on top of the casters OR the tank.

So, I guess it’s a fight where you’re just supposed to wipe until you get lucky on Infernal drops, now? Is that it?

Jeez, that sounds fun.

39 thoughts on “Oh no! The Prince fight has changed!

  1. Hey, raid leader from Essence of Grandeur here, I just wanted you to know we all thank you for the help getting through the “fixed” Prince fight. And thanx 4 not giving away our KZ secrets lol. Much respect man. Oh, and you’ve inspired me to get back to leveling my “little” big bear butt Druid. See ya around the realm!


  2. We mark a reliable hunter with a nice big blue square over his head and have the raid rotate around him – both for OMG I HAVE ENFEEBLE RUUUUUUUUUNS and for “crap, bad infernal drop, let’s move the entire raid out of the way.” We’ve never used “safe spots” and we’ve never had trouble with wiping, even with really bad infernal drops – because our raid is mobile, organized, and has a nice big blue square to follow around when stuff gets messy.

    Even without safe spots it’s an easy fight. People just need to be on their toes and self-aware.


  3. Our Kara groups set up with ranged dps and healers standing on the light-colored tile just inside the door. In 50+ kills of Prince we have never had an infernal drop there. Our gnome mage likes to stand on the little post next to the door so he can see what’s going on. ^.^

    The tank sets up out from the group, along the right wall, with her back to it. She is of course in heal range and if we have an imp-using warlock the imp gets parked right there (phase shifted). A hunter misdirects the tank, runs out and hits Prince with an Arcane Shot. Prince dutifully rushes over and begins beating on the warrior. The hunter returns to the light-colored tile just inside the door with the rest of the ranged folks.

    Melee dps position themselves on Prince’s butt. When Enfeeble happens, the afflicted melees (if any) run over to the door to get out of range of the shadow nova, then run back in and resume stabbing and slashing.

    If an infernal drops on the tank, the melee dps will try to reposition to a non-affected spot if they can. If they cannot, they run back to the door. Any class that can do something else, does (e.g. enhancement shaman unable to melee will switch to healing). The tank does not move and our healers just heal her through the infernal damage. This gets rough if an infernal drops on her during Phase 2, so we blow all +damage and +haste cooldowns during this phase to get through it as quickly as possible.

    Sometimes we do wipe due to infernal + phase 2 damage on the tank, but 90% of the time we just heal through it. Bear in mind these are experienced, well-geared Kara teams farming the instance for badges.


  4. Hi,
    the prince is a pure “luck”-encounter. We’re always quite unlucky with the infernals an get used to down him with 2-3 infernals hitting the tank. Our strategy is to tank him on the far left side from the entrance. Ranged & heals gather in a mob in the middle watching for the infernals and move as a group out of the range of these. Poor melees often have a hard life to dps, but on the rare occasions no ore one infernal lands near the tank we down him in 3-4mins.
    Key is to shift positions.



  5. My guild has killed Prince around 5 times now, actually had the guild first kill on my first Kara run. Our bear tanks him in the far left ‘corner’ and our MT healer is marked with a diamond for the ranged people. He’s the spotter so they follow him, for us melee types it’s good to know where to run with Enfeeble.

    We have the fight pretty well down now, usually the infernals drop on just the wrong places and sometimes trap us so we can’t move. Usually takes a couple wipes until we get better infernals. 😛 It’s a pretty fun fight though. Last time the infernals totally sucked, but we one-shotted him with half the raid down in the end. Just me (a ret pally), the tank, a mage and two pally healers up.

    Me and the tank were trapped between two infernals so tight we were taking aoe and couldn’t move safely, used up all my mana nuking him and in the end had regened just enough for one Crusader Strike and he fell. Good times. It is mostly about mobility, but you can’t ignore pure luck either.


  6. I find my biggest problem with Prince since 2.3/2.4 is getting people to understand that if an infernal drops then they need to move right away, not when it starts to cast its AoE. I also have a lot of problems with people wanting it to be a tank and spank fight, when it’s not.

    I’ve wanted to operate a two group system, splitting the healers up so that I don’t lose all my healing on one infernal drop, but no one wants to hear that. They want to stand in the doorway and take the dice roll. If an infernal drops on the ranged spot then we generally wipe due to all of the healers running and not healing the tank.

    We still do it normally on the first try, two attempts at max, but that’s mainly because we bring mostly T5 people along. I can imagine that phase three is hell with a group that still needs a lot of Kara upgrades and is mostly full of people throwing out 700 DPS or less.


  7. Just want to repeat a nice trick that was mentioned earlier:

    If infernal placement is looking ugly, you don’t have to grit your teeth and prepare for the inevitable wipe. You can have Prince ‘punt’ the tank to a new spot by having the tank rotate around Prince until the tank has his back to the direction where there is a clean tanking spot, and let the next Shadow Nova send him flying across the room. Since the healers tend to be in the center and it take some time for Prince to catch up, its not too tough to pick up the healing and set up in a nice clean, Infernal-less space. Just make sure to stop ranged DPS during the transition. Its safe for Prince to even go running through the raid to catch up to the tank, since he just did the Nova.


  8. Yeah… im pretty sure all the safe spots are gone
    everytime my guild goes in there a new guildee or a pug says hey dont u kno about the safe spot and everytime we listened a infernal drops right on top of me or whoever is tankin
    Tankin by the door seems to work the best and i havnt had a problem lately walkin thro a infernal even in phase 2… u just gotta watch out and not walk towards ur melee or healers when hes about to shadow nova but still stay in range of heals or no matter how much HP u got hes gonna bust u
    And i have gotten enfeebled while MTing.. it was kinda funny cuz i noticed i had 1hp and was dodging everything he was throin at me then he shadow nova’d and we all kno how bears handle any kinda spell attacks so needless to say.
    and after i was wondering wth happened and thought of someone bein higher on aggro than me even tho we had salv from our sweet pally healz but still couldnt figure it out,, glitch maybe
    big game o luck imho


  9. We’ve always tanked him on the wall to the right of the door with healers and casters standing just inside by the door.

    Tank moves to max healing range and the healers confirm this. Hunter then misdirects to tank and we do slow DPS for phase one. Your rogues and feral druids don’t even have to do much except their ranged attacks until phase 2. When phase 2 starts, the tank has a lot of aggro built up and your casters should have most of their mana.

    Phase 2 – everyone ramps up the dps and healers ramp up their healing. If an infernal drops in front of the door, half the time the healers are still in range and the ranged dps is either in range or can move. Melee DPS has to move around the infernal to do their damage.

    There is a lot of luck involved, because sometimes the infernal will push the healers out of range and it’s difficult for him to move without getting bounced around or moving into the infernal aoe.

    The key is to keep the tank in range of the healers…end of story. DPS can generally relocate, although I’ve noticed that infernals tend to cover the area pretty solidly now and people get killed trying to run around because they get enfeebled or just die for the aoe.

    We just plan on it being a one-shot or taking up 3-5 attempts.


  10. I’m not sure why people are saying there are no safe spots anymore. We always use the door method mentioned above with ranged dps and healers standing on the different colored section of floor just inside the door and the tank standing just past the niche in the right wall. With those positions our tanks have never been in range of an infernal and neither have any of the ranged/healers, even after 2.4.


  11. This fight has been done the same way for my old guild before and after the hotfix, with no change, and one-shotting him ~90% of the time. The strat is detailed here: http://youtube.com/watch?v=HTdvWZDBThk

    I showed that video to my guild a couple months before 2.3. Rock Lobster has since become the guild theme song.

    In any case, unless they changed something again, everything in that video still works like a charm.


  12. BBB, this fight is still pretty easy if you bring your tank in. Druid tanks have a huge advantage over warriors and paladins against Prince thanks to Feral Charge. Pull him and tank him in the middle of the floor. Whenever he starts to cast Shadow Nova start spamming your Feral Charge button. Once you fly far enough away you’ll instantly run right back to Prince and keep him in place. This makes it much easier to move around when you get a “bad” infernal placement.

    With this strategy we get to phase 3 95% of the time. Our only problems are when we lose melee to Enfeeble-Shadow Nova combos (has anyone else noticed that he sometimes casts Shadow Nova much faster than he’s supposed to?). Our raids are very heavy on melee, so when we get a (bugged?) early Shadow Nova and lose the melee we just don’t have the dps to get through phase 3 before we become overwhelmed by infernals. Other than that, though, this fight is very simple if you’re willing to move around a bit.


  13. Yeah as people have said:

    The basic idea of having infernals drop from the sky randomly, logically indicates something about the intentions of the fight just on its own ;-P

    Logically it’s not going to be a find the safe spot competition.

    Compare this fight to Void Reaver in TK:

    Early version of Void Reaver: Boss Mods tell you when to move and puts a mark up. This is like prince with an experienced ranged player telling you when infernals are near and where to go.

    Later version of Void Reaver: Boss Mods can’t give you all the answers – every person uses situational awareness and thinks for themselves. This is equivalent of doing prince without a designated ‘caller’. It’s also a lot more effective if the raid members have the awareness to do it 😉


  14. “So, I guess it’s a fight where you’re just supposed to wipe until you get lucky on Infernal drops, now? Is that it?”

    Sorta kind yeah. <.<


  15. Tanks only get enfeebled if someone is above 90% of the tank’s threat – ranged or melee.

    My guild also just tanks him against whichever wall and everyone moves around as necessary, an easy guide for caster safe distance is max wand.


  16. If you are standing in the doorway, on the wall to the right is a niche. If your tank stands just to the side of that farthest away from all ranged & healers, infernals are generally never an issue. Once in a blue moon everyone will get pinned in and that usually results in tank dying first, or 1/2 the healers or DPS biting the bullet.

    Btw, if your tank is well geared and an infernal drops right on him, heal him through it.


  17. As already said they removed the safe spot a couple of patches ago. When they did the change in 2.4 it seemed as if they increased the speed of the Infernal drops in the last stage.
    Prior to 2.4 my guild had Prince on farm, basically one shotting him at every attempt .. NOW…its a different story. We blow through all of Kara one shotting every single boss but still need HUGE amounts of luck on Prince.

    We literally pull in all of the best DPS we have in the guild (as an FYI Kara is the furthest progression we have) but we still wipe on Prince about 90% of the time. We get through Stage 1 and 2 without any issues but the Infernal drops on state 3 kill us almost every time.
    Honestly its getting to the point where we just kill every other boss, take the Badges and not bother with the frustration that is Prince.

    Prince used to be a fun fight but since they made that change it more frustrating than anything else.
    I would be very interested to see the stats on Prince since they made the changes and how sucessful guilds are now.


  18. Yeah, safe spots were removed in 2.3 I believe. 2.4 sped up the infernal drop so it was harder to call out “move” top the group. Best place we can find is in the far corner to tank. Either the group or the tank can become mobile on a bad totem drop. Works probably 3 our of 5 times if not more.


  19. To be honest, that sounds pretty fun. I’m up for trying that and doing the shuffle.

    More fun and higher tension than standing still and pounding away.

    Just to play devils’ advocate for a second, I bet that, so long as there IS a way to take him down while standing still, those groups that are just starting out, which is what Kara is supposed to be for, will prefer to stand still, since their casters will have an easier time landing big overheals. Every shuffle is time spent only using insta-cast.

    Now I feel bad, since my video, which I was all proud of, wasn’t about me tanking Prince successfully for the first time, but of our guild using an exploit.



  20. We’ve had to change our setup. I place my tank on the far back central area while the group stands in the middle. Then I call out directions as we need based on which directions the Infernals drop.


  21. As for not having a safe-spot anymore *shrug* I never used the safe spot before anyhow.

    My problem is that tanks can still be insta-gibbed while at the top of the threat meter by getting enfeebled. Happened last week for us. A problem like this should be fixed by now as it sure as hell can’t be anything other than a bug.


  22. I’ve never tried the safe spot strategy, I’ve always just had the raidgroup move as necessary.

    I -have- seen Prince bug out though, and enfeeble the tank. I’m certain there was nobody higher than me (as the tank), as they were all dead, and then i got enfeebled and one-shot.

    One of my favorite Prince memories though was being DPS for the fight, and the group had wiped. I was the last one standing, so I switched to caster form to try to get a few weapon skillup melee hits while I was waiting for Prince to kill me. For 30 seconds, I dodged all of his attacks (just using standard buffs, no trinkets or anything). In the end, it wasn’t a melee hit that killed me, but Shadow Word: Pain.

    Sadly, I no longer have that combat log/www.


  23. yup, Moble fight. have a mage or other caster watchign the sky, callign out infernal placements. Move the entire raid accordingly. This is the fight that prince used to be a long time ago.


  24. Just wanted to support a couple of ideas here…

    1) Enfeeble can hit the tank due to someone higher on the threat meter.

    2) Now, expect to have to move. A mark on an experienced dps is very helpful. We start by the door but plan on moving. As each infernal drops, that person communicates with the tank about where we could move that is still clear if needed. Also, the infernals do despawn, so if possible, keeping track of where the first couple dropped is helpful, too.


  25. Have done Prince many many times — never used a safe spot of any kind.

    1. The tank starts the fight by pulling prince back against the big wall left of the door.

    2. One of the ranged DPS puts a mark over his own head and keeps an eye out for infernal drops. All ranged DPS and healers are instructed to stay with that marked person. I’ve done that job many many times.

    2a. This marked person also provides an excellent marker to show the melee DPS how far out they have to run when enfeebled.

    3. When the infernal drops, the ranged ‘spotter’ either moves himself (and the raid), or instructs the tank to move, or BOTH.

    * In more than a few cases, when it looks like we’re getting pinned in, I’ve had the tank move Prince to the corner directly “kitty corner” opposite from the one he’s in, backing up across the open space rather than a wall, while backing the raid up out of his way, letting him pass, then falling in behind him. At this points, having the tank get hit with one of those knockback explosions is actually a benefit, because it knocks him back toward the new tanking location faster, and speeds up the whole moving process.

    In my experience, never using the safe spot, Prince is very mobile fight, requiring a lot of communication and vent work — it’s great practice for the bigger 25 man fights.


  26. Much like the other commenters, I’ve always viewed this fight as a mobility challenge. We also had a ranged person marked (usually diamond) and they would call out the movements. We used flares and pings in combination with voice commands to help the melee know where to move — since when the mob is in your face, it can be hard to see what’s around you. Some additional tricks:

    1) Elixir of Detect Demon makes it easier to track where you have open spaces to move, if the person directing traffic isn’t a hunter. Similarly for a melee person — give them the elixir so they can see where they can move to if they need to.

    2) Always have two escape routes. Our group’s catch-phrase was “proactive” moving. We never wanted to get into a situation where either the melee or the ranged could have their only escape route cut off. You always want to leave two directions open for each group(melee and ranged) to move. By doing that, you (ideally) shouldn’t ever get trapped by bad infernals — unless you are quite slow on the DPS in which case it’s more a case of getting overrun.

    3) Try as best as possible to move in a circular route. By the time you hit phase three and are getting swamped by infernals, the first few will have started despawning, leaving you with open spaces to move into.

    4) Timing is everything. Some of the trickiest moves are when you have to have the ranged flip from the ‘near side’ of the boss to the ‘far side’, or when the ranged move to the melee position and the melee to a new position elsewhere in the room. Timing it between enfeebles is key — and also a good reason to move before you think you need to.

    Luck still plays a factor in the fight, but implementing these tricks helped our group make him a regular one-shot.


  27. Theoretically, you’re supposed to move. There’s a max of 5 infernals on the board at any one time in phase 1 and 2, so there will always be a relatively empty area you can move to.

    Most guilds just try and burn him down, and hope they get lucky with infernal placements. But really, Blizzard meant phase 1 and 2 to be control phases, and only phase 3 is burn.


  28. I’ve only seen Prince once: Two weeks ago I was asked by a friend to heal the tank for the fight, when their MT healer had to bail after a soft reset (1-hr delay for the raid).

    That was my VERY FIRST time inside Karazhan…so the fight was a blur. However, I know the DPS (incl. shadow priest) were positioned just inside but very close to the door. Casters were down the left wall a bit; later, the RL said it wasn’t quite the right spot, because we lost LOS on the tank (I had to move out from the wall, and pretty sure I got bit by an Infernal).

    First time, we had Prince down to 1 or 2% before the tank died. I don’t think that was my fault (I was overhealing like hell, and had tons of mana).

    Second time, DPS didn’t wait for the tank to establish aggro. Nice polite but very effective ass-chewing from the RL.

    Third time was the charm. I think I was the only one to die, probably to the last Infernal when I moved out from the wall once more to keep LOS on the tank. But it certainly seemed, all three times, Infernals weren’t as big a problem as the Enfeebles. But again…my first time there, had no time to review the fight (“Osprey, you heal the tank, nothing but the tank, so help you Elune.”), and all I could see was a Draenei butt in front of me and her totems all over the place.


  29. I guess I assumed from the view as the tank from the edges, that the Infernals’ flame effects overlapped each other, so it wasn’t possible to manuever in the center without getting fragged.

    They do overlap. Even more so now than before. But the Terrace is fairly big, so if two infernals do drop close together, you still have a pretty big part of it that is free of firey death.

    The biggest trick to the fight, honestly, is making sure that if you do have to move because of an infernal, that you move in such a way as to leave more than one escape route, otherwise, you could potentially get boxed in, and have to move through an infernal’s hellfire to reach safe ground.


  30. Also not seen prince in nearly a year, but we always used a pure mobility strat. We had one of the ranged able to see the infernals coming in and would direct people where to move before it actually touched down.


  31. In my first guild, I did what Kikidas suggested but since I changed guilds I’ve done it a bit differently.

    The tank pulls Prince and backs against the far wall from the entrance. The casters follow and hang out in the middle, with one person being the distance marker (raid marked). Should an infernal drop near the tank, they just shift left or right and the casters follow if need be. If an infernal drops near the casters, they just shift as well.

    I’ve seen it mess with melee dps, but I haven’t seen a time where melee didn’t have to back out for a bit.

    And I’m pretty sure that the #1 on the aggro table does not get enfeebled.


  32. Actually, the door used to be “safe” because infernals used to just not drop there, period. The spot where the tank usually stood was similarly 100% Infernal Free. There’s only certain spots, you could think of it like a grid or something, where the infernals can actually land, and the fight simply picks from those available spots more or less at random.

    Patch 2.4 changed that though, because Blizzard basically moved some of the spots, or added a few, or whatever. End result, there are no “safe spots” anymore, infernals can potentially affect 100% of the available space.

    My guild still used the “door” method up to the last time I ran with them, which basically amounts to “wipe twice, and pray for good infernal placement”.

    I’ve actually done the prince fight before the change happened with a PuG started by 2 guys in the same guild, who didn’t even use the acknowledged “safe” methods. (Note, there were no more than 2 people from any one guild in the raid. It was a PuG in a very real sense.) The two guys who were running the show were a bear tank and an elemental shaman. Basically, the shaman marked himself with Star, and told the rest of the ranged dps and heals “Stay on the star. The Bear pulled him to a seemingly random spot on the wall, and the shaman took up a position in the middle of the terrace a little over 30 yards away. We had to move a few times, once when the tank was forced to shift, and it all went suprisingly smoothly, considering that apart from the 2 co-leaders, no one else there had ever done it that way before.

    And yes, that method is good practice for later content. Coordinated raid mobility is a huge factor for some of the bosses and even the trash in places like Gruul, SSC, and so forth.

    Note on threat:

    You can have more threat than the current tank and not pull aggro. How much depends on range. Close up (up to just outside of melee range), you need 10% more threat than the tank to make a mob switch targets. At greater ranges, you need 30% more threat.

    Yes, if you’re at 101% of the tank’s threat on Prince, you risk the tank getting enfeebled. It’s happened to me at least once tanking him myself.


  33. Well, if the purpose of the fight is to force a group of people to learn how to be mobile and coordinated together, well heck, I can certainly understand how having a fight designed to encourage this to earn success would be great.

    I guess I assumed from the view as the tank from the edges, that the Infernals’ flame effects overlapped each other, so it wasn’t possible to manuever in the center without getting fragged.

    Shows what I know. 🙂


  34. They nixed the safe spot a few patches ago. Our group had limited successes with them, though, so I can’t say I’m sorry to see them go.

    In light of that, our strategy is to give both the tanking/melee and ranged/healer groups maximum mobility. Orders are given based on infernal dropping to be as efficient and clear as possible. We’ve found that we succeed more against Prince when we dodge the infernals, as perhaps it was intended by the fight choreography, versus backing ourselves into a corner and banking on favorable infernal placement. It’s not a safe bet, no matter how you cut it.


  35. Here’s SUPPOSEDLY how the door trick used to be the key to the fight and what’s supposedly changed (although Blizzard, as far as I know, has never acknowledge either):
    Standing right at the door entrance put the raid in “karazhan” NOT on the terrace. You’ll notice the difference in the wording if you shift in and out of that area. Well, if the whole raid is standing on the terrace, the placement of the infernals had an algorithm that made them somewhat focus on the raid (though not all the time). Having the raid stand in the doorway, and thus “Kara” and not the terrace, the algorithm was broken and the infernal placement was 100% random.
    That’s the way I always understood it, though I’ve no actual proof.

    Your comment about the raid having to get “lucky” though…. that’s a different story. The purpose of the fight is to have a raid that can be mobile together. It’s very important for other fights later in the game.. and even earlier in the game in lvl 60 raid instances this was important (have you ever been to the suppression room in BWL?). So, the IDEAL raid will stand in the center of the terrace with the tank along the wall. One person will keep an eye on infernals coming in, and another (marked) will keep an eye on range and make sure to stay out of the nova range. Thus, the raid moves together as one if there’s a bad infernal placement. Shift to the left or right…. another infernal coming down on you, run around, stay mobile and stick together but still in range of the tank. It’s about working as a team… none of these “bugs” or “glitches” or “luck”.

    Also, the highest person on threat will not get enfeebled. BUT, and a huge but – something I’ve never seen but imagine would be the case – remember that someone can be HIGHER than the tank on threat and still not pull aggro. There’s a buffer. So, I imagine that if someone’s riding the line on threat, higher than the tank but not pulling aggro, then the tank has a chance to be enfeebled since it works on a threat table and not strict aggro.


  36. Actually, it’s hard to remember clearly, but I do think that one of the first couple pulls, someone said that they didn;t understand what happened but the Pally tank got Enfeebled. I didn’t know that cold happen.


  37. Prince to me has always been a bit of a draw of luck on infernal placement

    The post by the door – have your casters and ranged stand on top of it. This way, if an infernal lands, the hellfire doesn’t hit them, because they aren’t on the floor.

    I mean it, literally on top of the post. Make sure hunters have their pets in ‘stay’ position before they hop on the post, since the pets may bug otherwise.

    The only drawback to this is that the tank needs to do a bit of shifting before everything is right. He needs to be in healing range, but not close enough to the melee niche that the melee die in it and also needs to be in range for the ranged DPS. This way, all you’ll lose is maybe the melee unless an infernal drops right on top of the tank. Unless it’s a backstabby rogue, the melee can stand with the tank if that happens.

    Our tank (if it’s the pally) pops his wings and shield pulls Prince, usually, then jogs back to the tank spot. Otherwise, if you have a hunter that’s good with post-hopping, MD works smashingly.

    (Other drawback for priests is that unless you’ve got something my priest doesn’t, and you may, shadowfiend is too far out of range to use unless you hop off the post. If you’re better at post-hopping than I am, not a big deal, but it takes me a few minutes to get on the damn thing.)

    Do you by chance know if the whole ‘Phase’ aggro reset thing will still potentially enfeeble the tank? Or did they fix that?


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