Neat new Shadow Priest blog

I just wanted to encourage you, if you play a Shadow Priest or are interested in the class, to go visit and give encouragement to a new blogger, Principessa of Melted Faces.

I say new blog, since there are at the time of this post, 16 articles at the blog. But I’ve read through and admired the combination of analysis, commentary and theorycrafting that she has going on already.

So, why not head on over and say hi?

One thought on “Neat new Shadow Priest blog

  1. My druid is Horde and gets very little playtime (level 15), but I thoroughly enjoy your blog. I especially enjoy your rants. I also listen to you on the WOW Insider podcast. I can’t thank you enough for recommending this blog. My little shadow priest, bless her heart, can benefit greatly from Melted Faces. When she first got shadowform, I couldn’t understand why her PW:S would last for one mob hit before dispersing. I came to find out I dragged PW:S(Rank 1) to my new shadow bar instead of Rank 6. Doh!

    Any blog that includes ‘frilly knickers’ and ‘what’s the scoop, chicken poop?’ in a post deserves a read.


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