Dax has created the perfect WoW song – The Pugging Kara Blues

Earlier, I shared with you the rendition of Wreath of Fire that Dax from Musings of a Nutjob had done.

It turns out that Dax was just getting started.

The only input I have had on this project is to be a listener, as Dax decided he had an idea for a different Johnny Cash tune.

I love this song. It is beyond belief how much I love this song.

While I am putting it up on streaming player here, later tonight I will find a solid place with good bandwidth to host it for your download leasure.

Because this, ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages, is a keeper.

This one I’m going to be listening to, at full blast, in my car.

I hereby present to you, the Pugging Kara Blues, lyrics and performance and everything great solelyby Dax of Musings of a Nutjob.

And let me just say, how proud I am to be in the same guild with this man. Rock on, Dax. I’ll be hunting down that other backing track you wanted. Bet on it.

Direct download is;

And the Streaming is;

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18 thoughts on “Dax has created the perfect WoW song – The Pugging Kara Blues

  1. Love both of the songs! Looking forward to more! Honest, some hunters do know how to trap and control their agro…most of the time.


  2. Absolute gold! I had to link this on our forums for one of our priests who for some strange reason did a pug Kara this weekend even though we have plenty of regular guild runs. The stories he was telling us in g-chat afterwards were precisely what the song suggests.


  3. AH that is TOO GOOD.
    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Haha 4 days pugging Kara as my first times in there was more than enough to convince me to find a guild. THANK YOU !!!!


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