It’s back! The Richard statue is BACK, baby!

Thank you to a reader known by the cryptic name “twww”… she alerted me this morning that Looking For Group has started pre-order for a second run of the Richard statue.

I got MY order in, baby! [insert evil cackle here]

Ah, that will so damn sweet sitting on my desk next to my Megatokyo Boo plushie with the guardian angel wings.

Whattaya think? Isn’t that the best evil/good match up ever? Richard likes flaming small, furry things… and Boo is a badass small furry guy with a sweet heart full of gold.

Place yer bets! Richard may be powerful, but can I help it if I want to see Boo with a rocket launcher and a jet pack win the day?

And half my readers are saying, “what the heck is he smoking today?”.

That’s cool, that’s cool. I gots me a Richard statue on da way.

Hey, pics!


15 thoughts on “It’s back! The Richard statue is BACK, baby!

  1. Ummm… Tiny Witch Wench Wife? lol

    Oh… Richard vs. Boo….. I think Richard would just take out Boo with Glass dragon or something. 😛


  2. Closest guess was the first one!
    T – I’m a foot shorter and about half his weight
    W – He claims that I cast a spell on him to steal his heart
    W – We met at a Renaissance Faire
    W – I’m married to him


  3. ‘She’ actually remembered that you missed the first batch and didn’t want you to do so again. Especially because your heads up is the reason I have an autographed copy of LFG: Volume One!

    Glad you got your order in =)


    oh, and it’s an acronym (T.W.W.W.) of something my husband calls me (lovingly!)


  4. Order fast, Noobiewan, if I remember right: the first edition of Richard statues were sold out within the day?

    I got my order placed this morning though. Thanks for the heads up, BBB. What’s funny is that I even read LFG this morning and completely didn’t see the add for the Richard statuette.



    Might as well plug an excellent site for Japanese pop culture (and figures) while I’m at it…lol. I actually saw Danny in Tokyo last year in his Stormtrooper gear. Since flickr is blocked at my workplace, you can search for “is that tokyo stormtrooper” and find my pics….otherwise I’d just link them.


  6. Thanks for the heads up! I got my order in.

    Just curious…have you ever taken a look at the Japanese Anime PVC figures? More than a few of them are rather risque, but there are a lot of them that are just damn cool…and I don’t even watch anime.


  7. it’s no competition… Boo has been learning the way of L33t for many years… plus, he has all sorts of gear that the ladies at the office sent him… not even an OP lock can stand against that


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