A hazardous journey leads to fun rewards

Last night, getting late, Cassie and I were about to pack it in for the weekend.

That’s when we got the call from Doodle, one of our guildies,  that he could use a teeny little bit of help. 

Now Doodle has altitis bad. Not as bad as Linnaea, it’s true, but bad enough.

Doodle has a level 70 Warlock named Doozie and a 70 Druid (Resto, atm) named Doodlebug, and one of his latest flotilla of alts is Doodleberry, the level 11 Hunter. (Resto Druid and Warlock… Hots and Dots… good blog name, is all I’m saying).

Anyway, Doodleberry wants to get a pet. His first pet on this hunter.

Okay, pretty cool. “So, whatcha thinking, Doodle?”

“Oh, I was thinking one of those reddish-colored cats in the Blood Elf starting area. You don’t see many people with one of those, Alliance side.”

Okay, that’s true. And for good reason, it’s a long, long way to Tipperary, my friend. But all right.

“Okay, I’ll escort you. I’ll be in Exodar in a minute. Let’s boogie.”

The journey was long and grueling for a level 11 Draenei Hunter.

We started out at the Exodar. From there, we traveled by ship to Darnassus, and switched boats for Menethil Harbor.

From Menethil, the journey moved overland through the Wetlands, following the road first east, and then north and into the Arathi Highlands.

A dogleg to the west brought us to the Hillsbrad Foothills, and then north again to the Alterac Mountains.

Heading east in the frozen land, we encountered our first death of the run, as respawning Ogres swamped the kitty defenses. Poor Doodleberry went down.

A quick battlerez prepared us for the rest of the journey, and swift reinforcements from Cassieann riding in from Chillwind Camp strengthened our defenses.

We pushed on, past the stealthed- rogue infested areas along the eastern pass, to finally reach the Western Plaguelands’ Chillwind Camp.

From here, we took stock and readied ourselves for the last push on to Ghostlands.

We headed straight for the gravesite northeast of Chillwind Camp, where we found we were unprepared for the massive aggro radius of a level 11 hunter in a level 53-58 zone. Again, Doodle went down, this time under waves of undead.

This time, as we waited for his spirit to return to his body, Cassie and I cleared undead to ‘safe’ the zone a bit.

Doodle returned, and as we made our way through the graveyard, intercepting incoming undead left and right, we made the quick decision to take to the water once again.

We jumped the hills and hit the lake to the right, swimming right across it’s length, passing to the north of Scholomance, to come safely to the shores of Eastern Plaguelands.

We made our way to the road, and then along the road to the first PvP tower, where we remembered that there was a graveyard just south of the Stratholme Servants’ Entrance.

Doodle decided to suicide hop to that graveyard to shorten our trip.

Alas, we found out there is a graveyard right near that first PvP tower, also. A much closer graveyard. MUCH closer. Like, 20 yards. Oops.

So we had a short hop, and then decided to go from there straight north, cutting across the center of the zone rather than around the great scar. We fended off waves of incoming doggies and bats, skirting the water elementals in the small lake in the center, and came at last to the road. A short run to the east, and then straight north, and our intrepid band of adventurers zoned into the Ghostlands.

From there, the difficult part of the journey was over, but Cassie and I continued on, to see our friend Doodle safely tame his first pet.

We ran to the north, getting ever closer to the fabled land of the skinny Blood Elf addicts, and there it was that Doodle found the pet he had traveled across a world to tame.

Friends, I present to you Doodleberry the level 11 Hunter, and his new Kitty.

May they enjoy many exciting adventures together!

Now, I don’t think he has settled on the perfect name just yet, so why not suggest the perfect name? I don’t say he’ll use it, but maybe one of you will give him the inspiration for that perfect name.


32 thoughts on “A hazardous journey leads to fun rewards

  1. I wondered how many people would go through that for a unique pet right at the start. I did the same thing on my own with my NE hunter and picked up one of the reddish orange cats with yellow mane that you get in the BE starting zone, and you’re right, the plaguelands was ridiculous (sure wish I had known that ghost running thing at the time). FYI, I researched it and you can actually get a cat with the same skin as the one Doodle got in Outlands around level 67, but there are no other cats like mine available past level 7 or 8. But don’t worry Doodle, by the time most hunters are at the level to tame one of those other cats they will have a favorite pet already and won’t bother with it, so I think your uniqueness is safe (plus if you got the other one I wouldn’t be as unique anymore). Cool deal.


  2. Me im a 69 druid feral just dinged today actually may i recomend Kasai, Houka, Kaji (all japanese im a japanese fan)

    To Bonasus: Not true my lvl 69 druid feral got through that portal at lvl 67 plz try again. (may not work for noobs{no offense})



  3. Nice story, which brings back memories of the effort to get my level 12 Troll hunter a white bear from Dun Morough almost two years ago.

    To drogol: It’s not possible to use the portal to Quel’danas below Level 70. At least my warlock 68 (fortunately) got an error message, when I accidently clicked the portal.



  4. Next time… grab a portal to Shattrath and then take the portal to the Isle of Quel’danas.

    With a healer you can swim across to the Blood Elf starting zones.

    Just saying…


  5. Some good suggestions, kinda like Dingleberry myself of those already offerred, but my suggestion would be “Thundercat”.

    You might have to be a certain age to “get” it… 😉


  6. I think I named my last cat Veloce…which means swift, roughly, in Italian.

    And it’s not ‘vel-say’, it’s ‘velo-che’, iirc. Helps if you use your hands while speaking Italian.

    Malvagio is also good….it means wicked in Italian. That’s pronounced ‘Mal-vaj-io’, more or less.


  7. Nice story.
    I had a draenei solo that, but she resorted to a death run after getting killed gobbled up by those crocs in the Wetlands. She ressed at the Spirit Healer at Fairbreeze and was promptly beaten up by a Blood Elf guard. Luckily she could then res safely and got herself a kitty, which she named Sholay (hindi for ember/flames).


  8. Was gonna suggest Dingleberry to go with Doodleberry, but was beat to the punch! (Well played Linis, well played!)

    I’m always partial to BigKittyButt


  9. OMG!!! I took that exact same journey myself ^_^.
    Cept I had about 2-3 different escorts varying from random people who were questing in Hinterlands, to a undead warlock killing things in my path in the plaguelands =D


  10. I love my little alt Belf hunter who got his level 9 Owl as soon as he dinged 10 and could tame him.

    how about Kitendoodle


  11. Purrydoodle
    Purrfurator (used that on one of my cats)

    Ok..back to reality


  12. A little late to the party, but there’s an easier way to do a journey like that at low level. (I’ve done this on a Horde alt for a ravager.)

    The key here is to cross a loading zone. Boats count. It disassociates your spirit with a graveyard. You’re free to rez wherever.

    Start your journey as mob food. That’s right. Get yourself killed good and fast. This serves two purposes: It speeds travel time (increased run speed while dead), and no mobs aggro on a ghost. Grab a book and hit Numlock.

    After crossing a portal / loading screen, head to the nearest graveyard to your quarry and talk to the Spirit Healer. Once the rez sickness has worn off, track down your target and enjoy the new pet.

    Knowing the area (reading up or scouting on a main) really help to alleviate problems. Nothing like being caught unaware by a patrolling guard of the opposite faction.

    Also note, this is relatively easy on a PvE server. Your mileage (and cajone size) may vary on PvP.


  13. I would name the cat Mandu or Gankers…

    Mandu as a play on words since you had to go to the ends of the WoW earth to get him

    or Gankers for all the ganking Doodle received for getting him in the first place…


  14. gratz Doodle! I know I wouldn’t have enough in me to go to that much trouble for a cat. And I know all about the altitis, lol. I’m still working on trying to get a toon to Outland, let alone a lvl 70. I just get so bored with one toon that I have to play another. But I’ve been good so far and haven’t really strayed from Ill. There’s just so much I haven’t seen of Azeroth & Outland & I never get enough time to log in a day. Gotta make money…

    Sorry for the rambling. Gratz again Doodle. Waiting on the “Asshats of Kael’thas” feature B3, lol. 😉


  15. Ha…reminds me of the Thunderbluff to Darnassus trek my taur took to get his owl. Not as far and not so bad of mob aggro, and I did it on my own, but man, getting through the portal thing into Darnassus took longer than the run.

    Grats, Doodle!


  16. You could have paid a lock a couple of gold and summoned him closer. Could have saved you some time. I only say this because I have a lock adn I get the occasional request for such.

    Oh, is it ok to steal the “HoTs and DoTs” idea? I have a 70, lock, druid, and hunter. I’m starting a new blog because I got ADHD 🙂 and I think I can come up with a cool variance of that for a title.

    I’m going to capture one of those and name is Doom for ya. I’ll post a pic.


  17. we roll horde, but my gf (blood elf hunter) wanted one of those “cool black spotted tiger things” that you night elves always run around with. but, we actually were able to spare the trek to darnassus once i spotted the same cat in Stonetalon. sounds like it was a fun run though.


  18. Grats to Doodlebug, might I suggest Cerise for your naming pleasure? It has a nice sound to it, and is in face a shade of red =)

    Grats again, reminds me of my little adventure to tame Humar the pridelord as a level 23 Dreani hunter. The barrnes can be a dangeorous place.


  19. My thought for a name: (my) Precious. Because that’s an awful lot of work for a cat that reminds me of my DivaCat.


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