Fresh cheese – Stinkywind, my new Warlock alt

So, I have a lot of alts, none of whom ever really get any playtime.

I mean to, but I just don’t feel the love.

Guess what? I’m as geared as I’m going to get on my Druid and Priest, without serious time investment.

I would love to get back into Karazhan, and as more Sidhe Devils get closer to 70, the likelihood that we will be doing Karazhan weekly increases.

I would love to run Heroic Magisters Terrace frequently, as well. Some incredibly sweet drops in there for everyone I know.

To do either of those takes a significant commitment in time, and requires my friends to also have that time free. During the week, gonna be very hard to manage.

So, wow. Geez. Do I farm ore, herbs, dailies, grind money, grind money, grind money, grind rep….

Or do I start a new alt to mess around with?

Well…. maybe a little from column ‘A’, and a ot more from column ‘B’.

I would like to get Consortium rep on my Priest JC to see Exalted. Sure, who wouldn’t? Lots of recipes for JC.

But grinding rep… gack.

So, I was kinda getting into my Pally alt, but Cassie is playing a Pally alt… level 38 as of last night. And anyway, I gots a tank, and if I want to heal I gots a Priest that could respec.

And I had been messing around with a Shammie alt, but I’m out of gas for that. I keep trying to picture what I’d do with a Shammie at 70… and as far as I see, it’s heals or killing things with large blunt objects. Not feeling very excited right now, Ghost Wolf or no Ghost Wolf. Maybe later.

But I keep coming back to the one class that I just have a mental block about, the Warlock.

There is just something about Warlocks, that I can’t visualize. Even the names of the talent trees don’t evoke any images in my mind. I have no feeling about how Warlocks REALLY work, or what difference, if any, there is in specs.

So, what the hell. Best way to cure my ignorance is to play one.

What do I know about Warlocks? Let’s break it down….

1) They get pretty summoned horsies with flaming hooves at 40. Woot!

2) At some unknown level, they can group with two other people to summon folks across the world.

3) They can create Health Stones. Free pot that doesn’t share pot cooldowns. Woot!

4) They get pets. BUT, you get no choice or control over the pet name, or appearance. Every Warlock gets the same pets. But, they are still pets, so, cannon fodder.

5) Fear, dot dot dot. Warlocks are famous for Fearing a mob, throwing a shitload of Damage over Time spells on ’em, and then watch them running around like chickens with their heads cut off as they slowly die. There could be some fun in that, as long as I’m patient.

6) Warlocks can Banish demons, an unbreakable demon-only CC. Ummm, and for some folks in my audience… CC is short for ‘crowd control’. Inside joke, move along.

7) It’s possible that a Warlock pet can charm a mob, as a form of CC… and everytime I have ever seen it done in a situation where we needed that CC, the damn thing breaks free in about 3 seconds. So, my perception is… a useless charm CC ’cause you can’t trust it. maybe I’ll find out differently as time goes on.

8) Warlocks have Curses. They weaken enemies with Curses that, like… weaken them. And stuff.

9) At 60, Warlocks have a quest chain to learn how to summon their epic mount, a quest chain that is expensive, long, and that no one wants to help you with anymore because you have to go into Dire Maul, and that cuts into raiding or Daily Questing time.

10) At very high levels, Warlocks can summon some big ugly demon pet that used to be considered wildly OP, but I ain’t heard jack about it since, so it probably got nerfed. For some in my audience of readers, OP is short for over-powered, unfair unbalanced cheating sacks of shit that kill you by Deathcoiling you and dotting you and then laughing as you run around like a chicken… oh yeah, we covered that.

11) Did I mention you have no control over what name your pet will have? The first time you summon a demon pet, it creates your pet’s permanent name. So, being level whatever is a great time to find out your blueberry will forever after be known as Kissybear.

12) Warlocks use shards to do lots of stuff, like make healthstones and summon peeps. And they do that by burning down a critter with a spell as it dies. And the shards, like, don’t stack. So you get to lose bagspace just like hunters. Poor, poor hunters. well, or like Druids or any other class that carries multiple sets of gear.

13) Oh yeah, and apparently at some point Warlocks get some wierd chain explosion AOE stuff called Seed of Corruption… and just so’s ya know, AOE stands for Area of Effect. And Warlocks are adamant that they are more damaging than Mage’s AOE… but Warlocks aren’t really OP. Right? Right. Deathcoil chicken dot dot dot… wait, what? Sorry, I keep getting distracted.

14) Aaaand, the handy tip all tanks know and love… Imps can share a Stamina buff with the party, the Imp can be parked to sit where the Tank plans to, well, um… tank, and then can be shifted out of phase so the Imp doesn’t take damage from things like boss AOE, but still provides the buff.

Is that about all I know, or think I know? Yeah, I think that’s about it.

So I guess I’ll be having fun on the Warlock while I work on getting some Magister’s Terrace runs set up.

28 thoughts on “Fresh cheese – Stinkywind, my new Warlock alt

  1. Playing a WL is FUN, leveling a WL is easier than leveling an hunter. (done both, Feral is main)

    Preferred specc is (what i’ve read, but only partly used^^) afflic til 60, demon til 70, afflic till mid-Kara (itemwise), demon till halfway through SSC/TK, then specc destro an love your dps^^. WL’s destro specc is what makes RL say Damage dealer or mage wanted^^.

    Like hunter, WL is easy to play but hard to master, I’m still learning, after more and more switching from feral to wl ’cause tanking in PUGs is like having shadow vulnerability and spitting into the bowle at Ann. Nationwide Affliction WLs meeting.


  2. Make sure you download and install necrosis. Although the total functionality isn’t working, it counts shards for you, gives you a nice interface to summon demons, create soulstones, and healthstones. AND, it comes with cool macros that make your toon say cool stuff. Something like, “I call forth a steed of nightmare!” when you summon your mount. Very cool.


  3. The Seduce macro that I use is pretty simple, I believe you can easily google and find a generic one.

    -if the target is not already focus will make the target my focus
    -tell the succy to /follow which will break off any actions she was doing prior to me hitting this macro, and easily that previous action could be seducing
    -seduce target

    and if you really fancy a /party “seducing %target, lay off” but it gets really old really fast after the tenth seduce that one run and how many runs will you be running as a CC.


  4. I deleted my level 14 lock. I couldn’t face playing with a blueberry named “Mezzthang”. I’m all for drag queens, don’t get me wrong. It just wasn’t exactly the character image I was going for.


  5. Main: druid tank (the reason I read this blog. hehe)
    Main alt (yeh, I have a few more): Affliction/Ruin Lock

    I love my lock.

    Some more tips:
    * Farming primals? Send VW. Dot Dot Dot. Damage another one (tag) and banish. Fear a 3rd one Dot DoT Dot. By the time one dies, the banished one will come back). You can kill non stop and get those primals quite fast. Note: I only recommend using the banish for fun or if competing against not very polite ppl. You might get reported with your guild master if you behave like a d*ck where ppl are trying to do the SMV quests.

    * AoE Fear == bad 99% of the time. Probably the best use is when you’re trying to get out of an instance during a wipe and the mobs are about to squash you. hit the fear button and you’ll buy a few more secs to get the hell out of there.

    * Banish druids in tree form. kind of heretic with my main being a druid, but lock are the most evil class. And if you time it properly, you can even rebanish them before they can shift out of tree form. muehehehehe

    * If you get to group with a shadowpriest, you’ll want to buy one. Not only you’ll get even more mana, your (and his/her) damage will go to the roof.

    * Amplified Curse of Doom during evocation on curator’s fight == 20K damage (and that’s with crappy gear). Try to beat that…

    * Heroic Shattered Halls: Pally tank, 2 mages, pretty much any healer + you === LOTS of AoE fun and a very quick run.

    * Use Curse of Shadow/Elements to the best benefit of the group. You’ll love arcane mages if you’re the only lock. But if you have to fire/frost mages use elements. your dps will be lower but the overall group DPS will be higher (asuming everyone’s gear is similar).

    * Affliction == loads of fun. CoE, DoT, kite. Morladin? Stiches? Soloed at lvl 32 Several times to avenge the times they ganked my druid and hunter 🙂

    * In theory, you could take care of 4 mobs all by yourself: banish 1, fear the 2nd, enslave the 3rd and send it to tank/dps the 4th.

    * Doing the elite group quests in Nagrand? Just go and enslave one of the big bad elite demons to the west send him in and watch. Who needs a group!? (make sure you are far far away when they break loose)

    * Always use CoS before enslave/fear. It’ll reduce the chance of those spells breaking early.

    * Illhoof == 2200DPS with just a few purples. But remember to keep an eye on your mana and use lifetap/dark pack frequently (every 2-3 SoC). SoC is a mana drain. If you wait till you’re low or oom you’ll get swamped with adds.

    In general, I’ve found the warlock to be an awesome class and very fun to play. Ideal to relax after a wiping session tanking new bosses in SSC/TK 🙂


  6. Like I said to a Hunter mate who plays around on a Druid and Mage – its the player, not the class. You’ll be a nasty piece of warlock hurt in no time BBB. I love my 70 warlock, he really has a huge range of things to offer beyond straight dps.


  7. Lol, BBB. Much love bro.

    You’ll get the Warlock thing down in no time. But be careful… you may find yourself willing to refocus your blog after playing one for a while! 🙂

    Good luck with your ‘locking ways. If you have any questions, drop me a line anytime.


  8. Seduce is a channeled spell and you can have her “recast” it, but you need to make her stop casting first. Seriously.. if you’re going to seduce and be any good at it.. a focus macro is just about the best way to go.

    This way, you don’t have to click around to find her target or your target again.

    And as was mentioned, if you do something to get aggro first, or the tank does something to get aggro first, before your first seduce goes off… your succy will most likely live since when the mob is up, it’s going after you and not her. 🙂


  9. Looks to me like everyone has covered most of what was going to be said, so I’ll just throw in my little two cents worth.
    1. Sar was levelled Destro. The WHOLE way. Big, huge, giant mistake! Think the almighty powers of a mage…none of the escape abilities! I always recommend demonology to friends as a levelling build, but also wax lyrical about the bennies of affliction. I just say first and foremost – NOT DESTRUCTION DAMNIT!
    2. Favourite pet for me? Felhunter. I remember falling in love with Traathun when I was clearing out that nasty Kurzen’s camp area in Stranglethorn, and he could essentially solo the casters, cutting my work in half. Seeing him heal himself constantly made me smile SO hard.
    3. Unlike some of the above, I am a reluctant fearer. Fear, however, is awesome-sauce for some situations: MgT is one where I use fear alot, often we have cleared so much room behind us that we can just fear with no worries. I also use fear occasionally if a person get’s MCed for a significant period of time. Brief fears like Death Coil work well here, and the little bit of health they lose isn’t a great worry to your healer when they pop back out of it.
    4. Seduce. Just the thought makes me shudder. Back in the day (before I became a lazy assed mana biscuit munching raider) I was pretty darn good at seducing, if I do say so myself. I can’t say I have ever tried the macro above though. Plenty of timer mods out there (Necrosis also has inbuilt timers, not sure if they apply to seduce as well – like I said, it’s been a while!), but my technique is pretty simple. Since I use X-Perl, my pet’s cast bar is shown. I just click on her when it’s nearly up, hit assist, and recast.
    There are some issues with seduce though. It does take her a little to recast it. You can’t recast until the first one is done (at least in my experience, I could be wrong here!), and if you are seducing a caster, you can have the fun experience I had the other day of them magically getting a cast off in the exact same amount of time it takes for her to recast, hitting her WHILE she is seducing and breaking it. /dodge tank abuse! If something happens to go wrong like that as well, its pretty much game over man, game over. She dies too fast to really be of much more use.

    Hmm, what else could there be that hasn’t been covered? Always keep your shard bag full my friend! The funny ol’ warlock is one of the best classes out there (not biased at all!). CC? Check! AoE? Check! Leet DPS? Check! Oh, and as for the pet names, you grow to love them! Curiously though, I think Felguards as a rule consistently have the worst names. A major reason I never stuck with demon! Honestly, when you have a succubus with the oddly appropriate ‘Domxia’ as a handle, how can you not smile?


  10. The Doomguard was never useful…I’m convinced that they put him in just as a gimmick. If he could be enslaved reliably, his Cripple could be very useful in certain instances…but enslave just doesn’t work that way. How many times have you seen the Ritual of Doom performed?

    The Infernal has really one use…dropping on flags in BGs.

    I played a Gnome Warlock up to 60 and did a little endgame raiding before BC. Before DC, they were the weakest class available. It’s funny how things change.


  11. Eep! I should have clarified my anti-fear stance… I don’t recommend an inexperienced lock using fear unless it’s a last resort. I think warlock fear is one of the most powerful things in the game (and sometimes OP), and using it in an instance without knowing what the ramifications are can wipe a group in a split second… I think fear is best used at higher levels (although typically more dangerous). Your mileage may vary… experiment and decide what’s right for you. 🙂


  12. What can I say that hasn’t already been said?…
    Ahh… Grouping with a Pally tank is -heavenly-.

    I do my Isle dailies with my honey’s Pally Tank. We fly around the boats and find one that’s full of mobs but empty of other toons. Swim to boat. Honey pulls the whole boat. Seed, seed, seed, seed. Pop pop pop pop. Collect lootz. It takes us 1 pull ~ 25 seconds to finish that quest.

    The wyrm pull in MgT/H-MgT is lovely. My honey pulls the whole room all at once. :}



  13. Ha… I was going to make a small point in defense of Fear but I see that Heather and Kikidas has already spoken. I too disagree with Doodle on the subject of using Fear, learning to use Fear in the right way can be, not only FUN but extremely helpful in various situations. You must learn to trust yourself and trust your party, which is inherently risky in the world of PUGing as a ‘lock however as you grow to master the use of Fears you will be either admired or hated for being OP, lawl. Also in the TBC’s world where ‘locks are more known to being the OP dpsing class rather then the utility class that we used to be, it will be harder to do what we can do fully without informing and educating those who we play with (sorry, a bit preachy).

    With Fear, one of the funniest thing you can do (I have not seen too many people talk about this lately) is to Fear-YO-YO, which requires you to pull the mob back once you fear it, with a Curse of Recklessness, and then as it comes straight back to you, curse it with something else, if you are dedicated and spend a point in the Affliction tree to get Curse of Exhaustion you have sooo much time to have tea and biscuits, then fear it away (rinse repeat). When done correctly you can easily have one mob taken out of the equation. Also if you also have your Succy out you can seduce another mob. We are not mages and so both our dps and some of our CCs are RISKY (that is what it means to play a ‘lock, at least to me) so make sure to inform the group and especially the tank, if they don’t want the risk then well, dps, and leave the sheep to the mage and sap to the rogue.

    Ok, here is the thing with Seduce, it cost a lot of the Succy’s mana to be seducing so tell them tanks and dps to LAY OFF. Also be smart in when you seduce, wait for the tank to smack it, if it is a melee target, before you seduce and make sure to tell the tank that you are seducing blah as they can easily back up a bit and leave the seduce victim to stand in constant devotion to your succy’s attention. If the victim is a caster, which is a lot more fun, as you have all the time to seduce them since it takes time for them to cast most of their spells, oh and you can use seduce as an interrupt (watch their casting bar to start and then seduce).


  14. As a great philosopher once said… “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

    Suffering is, by the way, the AoE taunt of a Voidwalker. Just sayin’…

    Anyway, welcome to the warlock side.

    Fear: Unlike the first poster, I feel that fear, when properly utilized, is just peachy to use in instances. In fact, the very first post I ever did on my blog dealt with how to use Deathcoil in an instance. (And if I was more computer savvy, I’d link that post here, but I’m a dummy.)

    Imp: Infiniate Mana Pot (Affliction: Dark Pact). If you go that route, when group buffing, unphase your imp so it gets AI and BoW.

    VW: Solo play and times when you expect to be AoEing and taking damage – Hellfire is a channeled spell centered around yourself. It sucks when you try to channel it and get interrupted. Summon VW. Dot up as many things as you can while he’s tanking. When they call come running to you, sacrifice him and hopefully Hellfire will be enough to kill them.

    Hellfire: If you’re going to die, you can actually lifetap down to almost dead and then kill yourself with Hellfire. I’ve never tried it (I forget to try it when I’m almost dead…) but it apparently won’t count towards a repair bill?

    Raid Spec: Demo/Dest is not the only raid spec for a warlock. UA and Dark Pact/Ruin are also viable raiding specs. We may not put out the sheer numbers, but when you’re dead, you don’t do DPS. We can die and still deal damage! And we never run out of mana. Dark Pact + Life Tap + Siphon Life = Mana Potion? What’s that?

    Spiky Firey Horse: You can usually find a willing warlock that will help you do it. The more warlocks the better. And I’d think it would be easier to get help now than it used to be.. since most 70 warlocks can waltz through DM.

    Seduction: Try slapping CoS on it, and hitting it with something (not DoT) before you have your succubus charm. Searing Pain or a Shadowbolt. CoS will reduce it’s resistance to the charm and when charm breaks, it will go to eat you rather than your frail succy. And focus macros = love. If you have any say about it, try to talk your group leader into letting you seduce a caster. Your seduce breaks. It starts to cast. By the time it’s done casting, your succy has had a chance to reseduce, usually before it’s spell gets a chance to go off. Just watch where you have your succubus standing. Seduce is a channeled spell. If it’s breaking really early, make sure your succubus isn’t being hit by something.

    Soulshards: You can get a bag that’s 28 slots only for soulshards. In the beginning, I wouldn’t worry about it. Just keep all regular bags and a few soulshards. But eventually, you’ll want to get a soulbag. 🙂

    Add-Ons: Necrosis is an all encompassing warlock addon that is.. awesome. It organizes your curses, self buffs, mount, soulstone, healthstone, summons, lifetap, and keeps track of your soulshards… all that fun stuff, without using up a bunch of your hotbars. It has a place on it for banish and enslave demon. You can even with a right and left click, tell it if you want banish rank 1 or banish rank 2. If you go demonology, the difference between using your quick-summon and not-quick-summon is the difference between a left and right click. If you have amplify curse, the same with the curse you choose. You can play without it, certainly, but … why? It also includes a built-in DoTimer, but I actually use a separate DoTimer. (And it does horrible sayings whenever you summon something, which thankfully can be turned off!) Er.. anyway, I highly recommend you give it a look over. I love it. I want to take it home and play with it and cuddle it and call it George.

    AoE: Rain of Fire, Hellfire and Seed of Corruption. Rain of Fire is a channeled spell like a mage’s Blizzard, target aquired, channel! Hellfire is an AoE that damages YOU and is centered around you. It is channeled. It can be dangerous to use, but effective as well. SoC is our baby. It is a spell that is cast rather than channeled. It overwrites Corruption. It needs to tick down before it explodes. But if you don’t have aggro and someone else does, you can cast it on about 3 or 4 mobs before the first one goes off.. and then they all go off. It’s a beautiful visual display of death and destruction. The downside to it is that it does take a short while, so if the mobs are the type that have low hit points, it isn’t worth using and a stinky mage will beat us in AoE. The best is when your tank runs in and gets aggro. The mage needs to wait because their AoE do some pretty instant damage! The warlock starts to cast, SoC, SoC, SoC… the mage runs in and does some instant damage AoE… and SoC procs from that. Use your friends! They are like minions that you don’t have to micromanage.

    Aggro: Be prepared to yank it. A mage can stop casting and drop on Aggro. A warlock, if they have DoTs up, can’t stop damaging even if they do nothing but /dance. So, give into the inevitable. As soon as your tank pulls, DoT that puppy up. By the time you’re ready to shadowbolt, your tank has good aggro. By the time it goes away from the tank to try to eat you, it’s so dead that … well, it’s dead. (Normal instances, not heroics or raids.)

    So.. I’ll stop there since you’re probably going to be inundated with oh so helpful tips on how to be a warlock that you’re going to be sick! So… ignore us and have fun learning how to be a warlock. 🙂

    You should have named yourself Richard. 🙂


  15. Oh oh oh! Grimoire Keeper! The addon was highlighted on WoW Insider, so I am sure you noticed it, but it is an absolutely amazing thing. I wish I’d had it from the beginning, instead of getting it at level 68. 😦 But I found one that I had neglected to buy in my 50s with it, so I guess that’s a good thing.


  16. I’ve been trying to cure my altitis lately and now I’m thinking of bringing my baby lock out of retirement (27). Problem is that I can’t remember the horde quests or where I’m supposed to level at that level. Everything is red on my log! ARGH!!!!


  17. Warlocks and Shadow Priests are my favorite. You get to melt faces while the mobs are going “WTF?!?! Where’s my health go-…*dead*”

    That feeling can’t be beaten. As far as running out of mana, I’m Affliction and I let my VW do most of the hard work, so I don’t run into that situation very often…

    @16.) ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS Stay current on the Demon books for your minions. Not only is it an investment in them, but it helps gaurantee you live longer…


  18. Me friend Ellspeth sez:

    Oh, being a warlock is SO much fun. The deal you make with the voidwalker? “You go get hit a lot, I’ll stand back here and wiggle my fingers” It works for everybody, because they like getting hit. At least I think they do. But, either way it doesn’t matter, because unlike those silly hunters, you don’t CARE if your minions are happy or not! Isn’t that great? And if things go badly, you just sacrifice his big blue butt and you’re outta there!

    And if things go real bad? Soulstone, baby! Pops you right back on your feet. You’re friends might still be dead, but that’s their problem. Running back from the graveyard helps them build character.

    Another great thing? Anyone else is low on health, they have to heal or eat or something. But not us warlocks! We can just start another fight, and take the mob’s health. Isn’t that fabulous? We’re allowed to, because everything rightly belongs to us. We haven’t figure out how to drain life from the other members of out party, but we’re working on it!

    So, welcome Stinkywind! (although, please stand downwind or I will have to drain your soul)


  19. 15. Warlocks are teh most OP evar. Except against a big red kitteh.

    Warlock in PvP: /yawn, /fear, /faceroll on keyboard, /yawn, /dot dot dot, /honor, honor, hon.. o noez, big red kitteh in face! fear fear!! it no fear!! AUGH! /dot /wand /dot, go AWAY KITTEH!! /dies

    Kitteh: nom nom nom… *picks soul shard out of teeth*

    Seriously though, I like ‘locks almost as much as I like hunters.. and you do have a small bit of control over at least one pet name, if you don’t mind investing a bit of time in it. With help, you can do the imp quest at level one, and if you don’t like the name you get, delete and start over 🙂 I had to do that a few times with my latest ‘lock, and she ended up with one named Pippep, which is freakin’ adorable if you ask me 🙂

    Also, big fiery pony ftw.


  20. @ 6, 10, & 13: hahahaha. and ha.
    @Stinkywind: that was you I was dancing with last night?! I didn’t know that! Oh, the horror! I was in my skivvies in front of our fearful woops fearLess Leader!


  21. There is one other trick you’ll want to know while leveling a lock. Later on you’ll get Curse of Recklessness (can’t remember what level you get that). This is how you’ll control feared mobs. Feared mob’s getting too close to something unpeasant? Hit him with CoR and he’ll start heading back to you. When he gets to a good spot, hit him with a different curse and your original Fear spell will go back into effect and send him running again. It’s not a perfect system and you have to be fast sometimes to catch them before they run out of curse range, but it does add some element of control to fearing.


  22. I just leveled my baby ‘lock to 70 over the weekend, and I have to disagree with doodle — if you do it right, fear can be a VERY useful thing in an instance, especially at level 70. In places like Shadow Labs, where you have to clear all the mobs in an area, you can pull one mob back to where fear won’t send them into any more bad dudes, fear it, dot it up, and then throw dots on the tank’s target. Re-fear, re-dot, keep on going. Using that method, the mob usually dies off in a corner somewhere before the rest of the tanked mobs are dead, or shortly after, without anyone else ever hitting it but the ‘lock. It’s been way more reliable for us than the succubus, especially in heroics, where she gets eaten quickly. You do have to be careful, but it’s pretty reliable. I enjoyed trying it out in myself for the first time in Mana Tombs.

    Sadly, you have to wait for level 70 for seed of corruption. But it IS fun. My goal is to get into Kara and do the Illhoof fight on my warlock now. 🙂


  23. Yeah, I finished my post, went on break, and remembered that I also know Warlocks run out of mana, and then cut themselves to get mana back. So emo.

    And I still forgot about Enslave and Self-rez… lol.

    Warlocks… lots and lots and lots of stuff to learn.


  24. 1) Your 8 is supercool (silly wordpress software)

    2) The best way to farm consortium rep is to make friends with a prot paladin and have them rodeo all those energy mummies and score eleventy billion badges per rodeo.

    3) Stinkywind? Seriously? You should have gone with Walter or Reginald, imo.



  25. Just a slight correction, Banish also works on elementals. They can also Enslave Demon, which is hands-down the best CC there is when you can actually use it. Namely, Magisters’ Terrace.


  26. Warlocks are fun, I’ve got one at 64 (that I wish I could find time to level up)…
    I never raid, PvP, or run any instances (at least not since Ramparts 😦 ), but for PvE and grinding, it’s much more fun than my level 70 Hunter.


  27. These are my observations as a level 70 Doozie:

    1. Fear is good for PvP, but bad in farming and very bad in instances. NEVER fear in an instance unless it’s an emergency. Fear = emergency only. Why? Because the damn mob will more than likely go running and screaming towards it’s little friends and then they ALL come at you. Now… there is something to be said for AoE fearing a bunch of mobs and dotting them all… but that is for later levels. 🙂

    2. When you get a voidwalker, give it a minute. It has some ability to hold aggro, but not a lot. So wait for those dot dot dots.

    3. Seduction is your friend, really. Some people just don’t know this. Try this when you get her:

    #show Seduction
    /clearfocus [modifier:alt]
    /focus [target=focus,noexists]; [target=focus,dead]
    /clearfocus [target=focus,help]
    /cast [pet:succubus,target=focus,exists,harm] Seduction; Seduction

    4. When you are big enough to summon and find yourself in Tanaris or Feralas or Gadget or, hell, anywhere expect this: “hai, can you liek summonz me plez?” several times an hour.

    5. The felhunter is your friend. Silencing caster mobs is OP.

    6. 1-60 Affliction, 61-70 Demonology; Raiding you will spec shadowbolt and spend several hours hitting that shadowbolt key.

    7. Destruction spec is beautiful and alluring and lovely and getting an 8000+ shadowburn crit is a wondrous thing… but it is a trap!

    8. There’s bags to hold shards. You’ll only need a bag if you A: expect to summon a lot of people; B: need to make lots of healthstones.

    9. You forgot the self-ressing fantasticness of Soulstones!

    10. You have an advantage: a friendly warlock who at 60 will let you use her urn, wheel and accoutrements to summon your dreadsteed. 🙂


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