Plotting destruction

So I’ve got an alt. Every Druid out there saw my last post and went “big whoop de doo, get back to Druid crap, you old blowhard.”

It’s a fair cop.

Well, the other thing that I am doing, besides contemplating Warlock altage, is plotting my next big challenge.

I am plotting destruction.

The destruction of Magister’s Terrace.

Now, some of you may remember back to when 2.4 went live, and I shared my experience with the place. I was rather… unhappy with getting my furry butt owned.

In that run, on regular mode of course, we did not finish the last boss. We couldn’t get past the big pull right before Kael’thas.

I always planned on going back… and that never happened. The big ‘leaving raiding guild’ thing happened, and then what with leveling and finishing up a Shadow Priest, hanging with my wife in game, and farming and dailies have just… prevented me from finding big blocks of time for instances.

But that tanking trinket is calling to me… as is the Cudgel of Consecration that Kael’thas can drop for my Priestie in Heroic mode. And have you seen the loot list kael’thas drops, even in regular mode? He has the potential to drop TONS of epic crafting recipes, BoP versions of normally very rare and valuable recipes. Take a look, and drool.

So I have been plotting my return.

Now, what is the single biggest obstacle to overcome in Magister’s Terrace?

Large pulls.

Now, we do not, as of now, have a Paladin tank in the guild. Ishvi is coming along fast, and he says he intends to be a tank, but he just dinged 60 last week. Not exactly gonna be tanking it with us this weekend.

So we will be utilizing Druid tankage. I can tank, and if I were to be on my Priest, Squirrelz can tank hard as well. So, tank covered.

Healing… we need a healer. We have one dedicated Druid healer, Doodlebug, we have one awesome Druid Moonkin that has, in the past, done some powerful healing, Nasirah. And we have one Shadow Priest that has crap for a healing set, me.

So… assume a Resto Druid healer, and a Druid tank.

We need three DPS. And when the challenge is overcoming and controlling multiple mobs on one pull… we need Crowd Control.

So, a Rogue brings Sap, and there are lots of humanoids. Cassie does great DPS, and can Sap, but once her Sap wears off, her target is loose and either needs other forms of CC, or needs to be grabbed and killed, right then. Still, good. Good.

We do not yet have a Mage for Sheeps. Squirrelz is bring up an alt fast, but he’s like 47 or 48. So that’s a long way away.

If Doodle is Resto healing, we could have Nasirah as pure Balance. She could act as living CC, by opening with a Cyclone on a target, blowing the hell out of the tanks’ while she’s free, and when Cyclone drops doing some Moonkin tanking on her add until either the tank can grab it or other CC becomes available.

If Nasirah heals, Doodle could bring his Warlock instead, and use Enslave to turn the demons against the other targets in there, or use Banish. Banish can be reapplied.

If I tank, Squirrel can lock one up indefinitely as off-tank while we work on burning mine down. Doing that takes a DPS out of the fight for burning adds down fast.

We have Rysteranch the Hunter that can trap any damned thing you can name. I don’t care about other hunters after playing in instances with Rysteranch, also known as Dax, the singer of the Pugging Kara Blues. That man can play a Hunter. I say screw BRK, Dax is the MAN, although Dax swears everything he knows he learned from reading BRK’s blog. He’s so modest.

So we could have a Hunter that can keep one trapped forever and a day, and still put out MQoSRDPS.

But no matter how I look at it, I cannot find a way that Windburn the Shadow Priest can go in there as DPS, without denying the team the CC that it needs.

No matter how the group gets arranged, Windburn has Shackle and Mind Control… and of three DPS slots, I’d be denying a Magister’s Terrace run some CC.

Of course, the solution to this, as far as I can see, is that I HAVE to assemble a healing set, and before a run respec to healing, a spec I have zero experience in. But if I do that, then I can free up that slot for another DPS.

I’m not personally worried about clearing MgT. We have the talent. We can do it.

The challenge is, I keep trying to figure out various arrangements we could use so that every alt and main of every player has his or her chance to go into MgT and get the loot they want and beat up on the big bad. NOT just one single optimum group of 5 characters, but every class.

Does it seem to anyone else that Magister’s just seems the kind of place that, if you have a tanking Paladin you can get away with a lot, but if you have a Warrior or Druid tank, you need to be a lot more picky about your party makeup?

I mean, if we had a Paladin tank, I don’t see a problem at all… heck, in that case, a Mana Battery would probably be very welcome to keep the Paladin topped off. And a Shaman would be welcome as DPS with lots of totems and Windfury without worrying so much about their lack of CC.

But without one… some classes just seem like they would be a lot less welcome than others.

What do you guys think? I bet most of you have farmed MgT to death by now, in every kind of configuration.

Given a baseline of midline Karazhan gear and BoE epics, how much flexibility do you see in the MgT fights? Is it okay to have two CC in the DPS group with one kind of healer but not another?

Does one kind of healer excel over another, and if so, why?

Do you have your own tricks for handling add pulls?

Right now, I’m looking at teams formed from the following;

  • Feral Druid tank/DPS (2 possible playas)
  • Resto Druid heals (2 possible playas)
  • Combat Rogue Sap
  • Balance Druid Cyclone/Moonkin tank
  • Beastmaster Hunter Trapper
  • Destruction Warlock Enslave
  • Shadow Priest… lack of CC

So, there you have it. Warlock alts and Magister’s Terrace. And Karazhan when more peeps come up the levels. That’ll certainly keep my furry and/or shadowy butt busy.


34 thoughts on “Plotting destruction

  1. Some tips I picked up from successful runs:

    With a rogue, they sap, wait for the pull by the mobs, then takes out the imp if there is one before coming back to help on the first kill target. HUGE help.

    If you have a ‘lock, enslave the succubus. She does mad dps, and the only reason you might care if she dies is if it’s the non-heroic daily and you have to kill a certain number (this is also screwed up if the ‘lock dies while she’s enslaved, as she will just…*poof*), plus, she can CC for you. Also, banish is nice on the Priestess fight, for either the hunter (if you have him) or the tinkerer…and fear, too.

    Mind control is feasible for CC, but not all are MC-able. I think we usually do the ‘locks or the mages? I forget.

    I have done it with all kinds of healers, successfully, so really that doesn’t matter as long as the healer is good.


  2. Don’t underestimate Mind Control in Magisters Terrace. Along with enslave and sheep, its the best form of CC. On any pull of 4+ mobs, there are a couple viable mind control targets that will do more dmg than the Shadow Priest can do (esp. at kara gear level). One mind controlled target tanking another mob means no more than 3 real mobs left to be CC’d or tanked by the rest of the group. Just make sure your tank is watching the SP to keep the MC off them and you’re all good.


  3. MgT is a load of pain even with a Pally tank.

    As a warlock I’ve had problems getting into pugs. Pugs really favor Mages and Hunters. The think to keep in mind is that MgT is possible with any combination of toons.. but it’s easier with a lot of CC.

    Boss 2, Mage, Rogue or Pally make it easier as they can deal with the sparks and then Ice Block/Cloak of Shadows/bubble out of the debuff.

    Boss 3, it’s the luck of the draw. Even with the “right” CC in a run if you get the wrong mini-boss-mobs this pull is just painful. Keep in mind, if it’s horrible painful you can leave the instance for 30+ mins until a soft reset, reclear all the trash up to this point and get a totally different 5-boss pull.

    Boss 4, very hard with a Pally healer (no hots) but still doable. Last night we actually had a caster shaman who ended up soloing him on Heroic from about 20% down. (he’s done it from 49% down). I’ve seen a youtube of it solo’d by a Shadow Priest.

    A guild group is more willing to help you to take a toon who isn’t the biggest contributer to CC.



  4. You sir, have this somewhat backwards.

    A Tankadin does not make MgT “easymode”.

    Paladin tanks have a very specific weakness in terms of what kinds of mobs can really mess up their tanking effectiveness. Spell casters. They have one stun on a long cooldown. They have no spell damage mitigation, no interrupt, no spell reflection, and the least health of the three available tanking classes.

    Over half the mobs in MgT are spell casters of some form or another. Only the first boss uses any respectable amount of physical damage. Boss #2 is purely elemental damage, boss #3 is a PvP fight, and Kael is a spell caster himself.

    You see where this is going?

    To make matters worse, having a paladin tank when you reach the third boss essentially means you have to 4-man that encounter, unless he’s a reasonably competant off-healer. A Warrior at least has Hamstring, Shieldbash/Pummel, Demoralising Shout, and spammable damage in the form of Devastate.

    Paladin tanks are also semi-useless during the second half of the Kael’thas fight, as he can no longer be tanked at that stage.

    Mind Control, however, is possibly the best CC in MgT you can buy. The Mage Guard can be a problem, because their AoE stun can break it by stunning the priest mid-channel, and the hastebuff-toting Magisters are immune, but the Warlocks, Blood Knights and Physicians are all valid and powerful targets for this highly useful ability. The last two are also reasonably good healers, should you need some extra oomph. Ideally you want to CC the Mage Guards some other way, and MC something useful, but alternatively you can just MC the Mage Guard and have it tank something until it dies. (The Mage Guards, unfortunately, are somewhat useless once you’ve convinced them to switch sides.)

    Speaking of healing, don’t bring a Paladin healer to MgT if you can avoid it. If you do, make sure you have lots of STRONG CC (read: 2 mages and a warlock/shadowpriest). There is lots of aoe damage lurking inside, and the large packs of mobs in the second half of the instance invariably results in at least one mob getting loose for a little bit. The ability to heal a group is a huge plus. Chain Heal, Circle of Healing, or instant-cast HoTs are a huge asset, particularly on Kael.

    Strangely enough, Melee dps classes destroy most MgT mobs, but the bosses generally mean you can’t afford to have more than 1 melee dps in the group, besides the tank. Bringing a rogue is a good idea, so long as you have 2 strong ranged dps classes along. You need the ranged dps to deal with the Pheonix in the first half of the Kael fight, but the added interrupt and utility of a rogue make them a very strong contender for that third slot, and because many of the problem mobs are spellcasters anyhow, armor-mitigation isn’t a huge factor. Cassie can probably tank and kill certain mobs on her own with minimal healing. (Magisters and Warlocks, particularly.)

    DPS warriors also perform well, partly because many of the fights in the instance conspire to feed them extra rage. In particular, having a strong MS warrior along will trivialise the 3rd boss encounter. Their lack of any kind of CC ability makes it very hard to justify their place in the team though.

    Of the pool you have available, the “strongest” team I can assemble from the available parts looks something like:

    Feral Druid
    Shadow Priest
    Resto Druid

    That gives you a Sap, a Trap, and a Mind control, good group healing, powerful “autonomous” dps, and some good multi-tanking capability.


  5. It’s sad Blizz went in the ‘must have CC’ direction when the other dungeons really have allowed for more flexibility. I gave a group I regularly run with – a tanking warrior, a moonkin, a ret paladin, and me – elemental shaman. We typically pick up a healer and go. It sounds like it wouldn’t work, but it typically does, since we’re all on skype, and we all play on our toes. This means grounding totems, paladin stuns, animal sleeps, etc. We have no problems with the other dungeons, on heroic, but for MrT….you gotta have CC. We actually made it through once, but it was rough, and the group swore never again.

    Since that time, I’ve tried pugging it, and NEVER been able to secure an invite. I’ve sat in LFG for 8 hours, once (doing laundry….watching tv….) and watched groups form all day and never been able to get a spot.

    It’s too bad, too, because the grounding totem is really helpful with those caster groups….


  6. I ran Magister’s with a rogue, and I noticed them doing something after Sap wore off that would send the mob wandering about in a daze. It was very effective. I don’t know anything about rogues, but I suspect it was either Blind or Gouge. A rogue in Magister’s has to be able to re-cc their mob by using their other abilities, like the rogue in my group, so they will provide valuable crowd control to the group.


  7. I play a SPriest and have run H MgT many times. MC’ing the Warlocks or Knights works very well. Just make sure you watch out for the Mage Guards, they’ll break MC easily with their knock-down attack. Also, Fear/Silence on the 3rd boss fight works wonders. Also, if you are able to get Kael down to 50% with no birds left to worry about, Spriests can solo him… it takes a while but with VE, VT, pots, and the occasional renew/heal/bandage you can surprise yourself. I’ve been able to solo him from 35% before.


  8. I think we did our first runs as
    Feral tank
    MS Warrior
    Shadowpriest (MC on nearly every pull)
    Destrolock (Enslave/Banish and Fearlock)
    Healer (I think we had a paladin back then)

    Pulls usually were done by feral fairy fire from me and then LoSing the mobs into my corner, maybe have the warrior nuke on the imp/warlock/other cloth mob, have the priest MC those blood thingy paladinlike mobs, have the succubi get banished/enslaved (if enslaved they can seduce another mob) and the warlock get some mob to play with in an area of the instance we already cleared. Mostly when we were done with the warriors and my targets, the warlock had his mob already dead or nearly, and only one mob more to handle, so it went quite smoothly.
    But I have also done that instance with less CC (one warlock I think) so mostly only a fear, maybe enslave, no seduce (but i don’t know why) and me tanking all that other stuff, so if you’re playing well as a team, I think you can do with less CC.


  9. For the record, if you detected any bitterness in my post’s first few paragraphs…

    Yes. I’ve tanked it as a paladin. It sucked. I went in having already done the instance as an arms warrior and a warlock, so I was already familiar with the mobs and pulls.

    I’ve main tanked Karazhan before. MgT is harder than Kara. By an order of magnitude. Almost every pull in MgT requires an organisational overhead similar to the Oz fight in the opera house.


  10. I’m sure you’ll figure it out, B³. Honestly, I can’t offer much of anything to the discussion since I went to Mr. T once before leaving so the group could get a mage; we kept wiping on the pulls before the big elemental dude because we basically had no aoe whatsoever.

    You know, this is almost enough to make me want to transfer my old Alliance toons over so I can give you a hand… then I remember that their gear is crap and I haven’t played them in over a year. 😛 None the less, best of luck; give Selin Heartburn or whatever his name is a good beating for me!


  11. i’ve cleared MrT about a dozen times, both as a mage and as a prot warrior, and i think you’re going into it with a bit too much fear.

    MC is the best CC available in that instance, because you can effectively CC two mobs – MC one and use it to tank another.

    walk up to every fight with the knowledge that the CC must be done, and done right. you’ll get through it, normal or heroic.


  12. Mind Control Pull. Basically have the rogue go sap, then MC one of the casters. All the other mobs will kill it. Then do the rest of the pull like normal. This is even better then CC, as one of the mobs is dead even before anyone has to tank, heal, or dps.

    The caveat is you can’t get hit, or the MC will break. So make sure you sap or MC the mobs who do AOE damage.


  13. Ive been to MgT and as a Paladin Tank that whole instance is challenging. Paladins shine on Physical mobs that Melee. In MgT that place is loaded with casters that love to stay at range and don’t play friendly.

    I won’t go so far as saying MgT sucks. I’ll simply say its challenging but simple the amount of casters and CC needed makes it very challenging for a Paladin Tank compared to other instances.

    I would rather say you just really need a solid group of players and CC to run the Instance no matter which kind of Tank you have.


  14. As a ret pally, Terrace sucks. There’s some really, really great gear there, but I haven’t even unlocked the heroic. Best try was when we got Kael to 2% but only our paladin tank was up but she couldn’t put out enough damage fast enough.

    A paladin tank is very nice for it though. All the casters can be LoS’d. We had a rogue, enhance shaman and resto shaman in addition to me and the tank. Breezed through the instance, wiped once on the six-pull before Kael. No one just had thought about Kael’s phoenixes.. massive aoe and we had no ranged dps. :S

    I’ve developed a deep hatred for the place, melee dps tears through the trash easily, but on three bosses there’s big aoe damage and for Kael you can basically have only one melee dps.


  15. I’m with Winter on this one. I use my spooky (Jadefeather) in MrT just fine. Mind control pulling (for those big pulls anyway) is a piece of cake. Then your target is dead and you’re free to help kill of the rest of the mobs, or grab something that’s broken free (like the rogue’s sap target).

    No need to turn your spook to the light.


  16. I was going to leave my impressions & thoughts, having run that instance at least over a dozen times as a feral tank (& 3 times as a mage), but everything has been said by the previous posters already…

    MC rocks the place, Sap & rogues do wonders, good hunters will outdps any caster there too (many squishy mobs), and feral tanks are VERY well suited to tank there due to the high Sta, heal/innervate/dps on Kael and dps/cc (cyclone) on 3rd boss. the high Sta helps a lot more than armor in that instance btw (there will be times when you have 2/3 guys beating/casting on you and your healer got knocked down by that silly knife for 3 secs).

    overall I love this instance because it IS different from all the other 5-mans. Different pulls, different thinking required, and Kael is such an interesting & fun fight also…

    Cheers, and good luck to you & Cassie BBB !!!
    Gothie 😉


  17. I’ve been tanking there with my bear in normal mode a couple of times. Dunno if i ever go there again? But I really need the trinket from heroic mode. :/

    There are mainly two things that make tanking a hell in there:

    1. The environment in general. You have to do the pulls into narrow passages or into areas with trees or other things that forces you to adjust the camera position multiple times during the fight. Hard as hell to find a mob that got overaggroed by a healer or such.

    2. The environment again. Because there is so few really open areas the cc:s very often are close to the tank’s targets and there is very hard to move away from them to use any AoE tanking ability. So my experience is that you have to switch targets very often instead of use swipe, which imo makes the tanking very ineffective and mobs easily gets loose because of healer aggro.

    We’ll, i’m just a “noob”-tank so other more experienced tanks maybe don’t see it this way. But above stated problems makes this instance a “must do” instead of “really wanna do” for me.



  18. I’ve been in MgT heroic more times than I can count, with all sorts of groups, from gruelling 3 hour wipefests to 55min breezethrough. The instance is not a problem for a bear tank, but you’ll need a serious cushion of HP to survive the magical burst dmg from those big pulls. I like using a flask of chromatic wonder here (I don’t flask in heroics usually) and +30 sta food / stamina trinkets. Priest + pally healers are both fine here, but I guess a druid healer might have a hard time keeping up with the burst damage. Never ran with one. Did a run with a reso shaman once and he hated the instance, to much spell interruption.

    In terms of CC, mage + warlock + X is easymode if your healer can keep up. I’d priorize taking a warlock over any other class, imp / healthstone / soulstone / enslave are just too good to pass up. Other than that, I think it’s more important to take good players rather than specific classses – people who are aware of what’s going on and will blind / cyclone / counterspell / earthshock a mob when CC breaks without being prompted to do so. (Easy test, don’t mark the imps, see if they get killed or kill the healers first ..)

    Druids can really shine with their versatility here – a moonkin can off-heal on the 2nd boss, a druid tank can easily lock down one of the physical dps classes on boss 3 (frontload damage to get their attention, bash, feral charge, switch to kitty and stun) and on boss 4, switch to caster in second phase and help with HoTs and moonfire spam.


  19. So far, the easiest run I’ve had was the one we used last night:

    Druid tank
    2x Arcane mages
    Afflitcion/Ruin lock
    Holy priest (with circle of healing)

    Granted, we had the best possible group on the 3rd boss with a demon, the lock, the smaman and I can’t remember what else.

    But, banished the demon, sheeped 2, nuked the imp, killed the boss, then X and then banish and sheeps.

    We wiped a couple of times due to doing stupid mistakes, the run itself was quite easy.


  20. I’ve done the run both from the healing priestess perspective and from the huntressy-goodness perspective. That said, I hate the fact that people require specific group compositions or classes in order to step foot into an instance. It’s like when people require a paladin for Shattered Halls or require a warlock for Mechanar; absolutely drives me bonkers.

    If your group is skilled, adequately geared, and willing to follow orders to work well together, you can make it work! Hell, I’ve done the run with a Protection warrior, a Holy priest, an Enhancement shaman, a Fury warrior, and me on my Beast Mastery hunter — in other words, the only form of crowd control was my traps. Sure, it made it difficult, but we had fun, we downed the bosses, and we managed to snag some loot while we were at it. Most of us were in pre-Tier 5 gear or a piece or two of the new badge loot.

    /end semi-rant

    With both a rogue and a hunter, you should be more than fine — especially, as others noted, Mind Control is actually a very viable form of crowd control in Magisters’ Terrace. So, go go go and have fun!


  21. I never seem to be close to the top on comments 🙂

    There are several classes that make things a bit easier on MgT runs, but all for different reasons.

    1. Mages
    They have one of the best CCs out there, sheep. Since you will be fighting humanoids all the way through, they are highly helpful. Also, during the 2nd boss, they can easily take 2 or 3 flares before ice blocking and removing the buff. Plus the 3rd boss, they can sheep one of the adds.

    2. Resto Druids
    Yeah, we only get one rez, but a battle rez can mean the difference between a total wipe and a dead boss. Plus during the last boss, HoTs FTW! This and not to mention Cyclone as a short term CC.

    3. Warlock
    Probably the most important, imo. Having a warlock makes things ten times easier for a ton of different reasons. You have a decent CC in seduce. I know its not the best, but it viable enough to use. Next is that you have banish. This really comes in handy on the 3rd boss as you can banish the annoying hunter or the engineer. During the 2nd boss, a locks VW (if done right) can take most, if not all, of the flares. After the 2nd boss, teh enslave is a life saver, especially on the last pull. Enslave the succubus and send it onto another mob. Usually the lock and his enslave can kill a mob easily on their own. I like to keep my enslaved succubus and use her on the 3rd boss fight.

    Here are some tips that I’ve learned:

    1. Have one person on “Kill Imp” duty. Any mage, rogue, hunter can one or two shot the imp and it reduces the dmg the healer is going to take. So take out the imp first thing.

    2. Have a druid or rogue sneak in and see what mobs you have for the third boss. This can be done without pulling any mobs. If you don’t like the adds, go out and reset until you get a set that you like.

    3. Druid tanks are very good double tanking in MgT. I’ve done it several times. Throw a Starfire and Moonstrike on X and then head onto Skull. This can keep X on you (even if its a caster) for quite a bit.

    I wish my wife (mage) and I could come over and run it with ya. We have ran it a lot. She wanted the hatchling so bad, so we ran it until she got one 🙂


  22. re: Ellis’ posts about Paladins.

    Any paladin tank worth his salt needs to have healing gear and to -always- carry it with him. It’s our greatest advantage among the hybrids. WIth almost 15k unbuffed health and uncrushable status, I’ve main tanked and off tanked in Kara and to be honest, I prefer off tanking even if the main tank isn’t as well geared as I am. Let the warrior or druid tank Maiden – I’ll keep BoS up and get the two free badges. Same for Shade of Aran. An extra healer on Prince is more advantageous than the joke of a DPSer a Prot Paladin or Warrior make.

    The same goes for MrT. Third boss? Toss on your healing gear and go nuts. With effective potting and trinketing you can cast all night long. Kael? His physical DPS isn’t all that high – tank it in a hybrid Prot/Holy gear setup and during the floaty phase heal heal heal. Even with the extended overhead on the pulls, you can LoS most mobs. As long as your group focus fires everything is going to stay on you if you LoS them around the corner to get them in a handy dandy consecrate.

    I love warrior tanks but if I had my choice I’d take a Paladin or Druid w/ good off-healing gear. Probably even prefer a druid. A druid’s HoTs really make the floaty phase of Kael easier.


  23. I have tanked, healed and caster dps Heroic Magisters on my Druid. If you have strong players then you don’t have to worry about class balance as much. Every class has techniques and abilites they can use to excel in any instance. I’ve done it with every kind of tank, every kind of healer except shaman, and with only 1 cc centered class. If you don’t want a challenge and want to trivialize the instance then sure grab 2 mages a lock, druid tank and druid healer and breeze through it.

    I love this on heroic because it is the most challenging instance and is the closest I can get to raid quality difficulty. Don’t be afraid to use fears especially on the last pack before the boss. The mobs won’t aggro anyone so fear bomb away.

    Also for pally tanks on 3rd boss don’t forget you can fear the demons. Also your healing may not be great but even off healing can make it an easy fight.


  24. As people have said above – MC is a very powerful form of CC indeed in MC, the only drawback being that it won’t work on the Priestess group.

    As for it being a CC instance… kind of. Every class has a few tricks they can use in there to be effective – a shaman for example, while normally overlooked for CC, can lock down a Magister with earth shocks and grounding totems to the extent that they die before they deal meaningful damage.

    First CC target should always be the Mage Guard. They MUST be controlled, the stun + group damage they do is too disruptive not to take down.

    Magisters can’t be seduced or MCed from memory – might have that wrong, check on WoWwiki.

    Always enslave the Sisters of Torment if you have the option, they can easily off-tank another mob. Same applies with the MC target, assuming you’re not using a ‘MC pull to kill the frigging Mage Guard’ tactic.

    But yeah. You can certainly do it with only 1 CCer, although it’s MUCH harder.

    First boss is a pushover. 2nd boss can be a roadblock – a warlock makes it quite easy though, drain life will enable him to kill one side of adds without a massive healing investment (the buff/DOT from the adds will boost the drain life to the point where it’ll just about negate the DOT component).

    Third boss…. ayieee, this is where it gets difficult without CC. Depends very much on the mix you get, if you get the 2 warriors + rogue it’ll make your life extremely difficult. Survival is the name of the game here – one point, you CAN taunt the pets which will at least keep them off the casters. Kael’thas is pretty much a walkover as long as you have the DPS to beat the goddamn pyroblast, but even then as long as he’s close to 50% when the tank is reduced to a small bubbling puddle of bear fat on the floor you should be fine. I usually shift out and heal after 50% personally, your milage may vary.

    Honestly? With a good group that functions well together you should be fine. It’s very much a control instance, so do whatever you can for control (warlocks should have succubus out and seducing, mages should be ontop of resheeping, shaman should be locking down casters, that sort of thing) you can usually get through it even with a relatively unsuited class mix.

    In your suituation, I’d probably go with
    Druid Tank (biased, think they’re the best option in here, but paladins are a close second. Warriors have to work much much harder)
    Druid Healer (prefer a CoH specced priest as they can heal more effectively while moving, but HoTs will be more than sufficient)
    Rogue (Can stunlock a caster to death pretty damn easily in addition to sapping – often I don’t bother tanking the skull, I just feed it to the rogue and casters)
    Warlock (Seduce, enslave, fear, and ultimateWTFcaster suvivability)
    Hunter or Shadow Priest (both are excellent choices in Magisters, I’d probably shade the Shadow Priest on the basis that their CC can effectively kill a target)


  25. Bear.. why do you have trouble tanking Mr. T?

    I tanked it on the ptr in a mix of merc glad, kara and a couple badge pieces. Was easiest instance ever and that was before they nerfed it.

    You need to either set targets right. OR have enough CC.

    You need someone who can cc at least one mob. (i’m talking very min). Then let your dps take out pets, while you build aggro on 3 mobs.

    Pally tanks are definitely the best for the instance… if their geared up enough that is. As a tank you can only do so much. You HAVE to rely on your party to take care of the rest. If your failing its most likely because of them.


  26. Best of luck BBB. I’m starting to ponder the same types of things (though at a much lesser level). Our small guild of 12 people is has just DINGed 70 (I, holypriest, was last night) and are running with less than optimal tankishness, but they are on their way up the XP ladder now. It’s fun toying with an instance and finally nailing tough bosses or trash-pulls that stymied you last week, though. Long as no one gets too frustrated, you’ll find your own niche, class balance or not.


  27. I would have to agree with many of the comments here. I think you have enough CC without having to respec your druid and get more gear or waiting for alts to level up.

    Here is your best makeup at the moment:

    Tank – Feral Druid
    Healer – Resto Druid
    DPS/CC – Rogue
    DPS/CC – BM Hunter
    DPS/CC – Shadowpriest (you)

    You’ll be able to handle all the normal pulls just fine until the very end, where you had trouble last time.

    At this point, you (as a priest) will use Mind Control right after the Rogue saps a target. The mobs will burn down the MC very quick, thus eliminating 1. You should probably concentrate on killing the demon with your MC. Just as the MC dies, the Hunter pulls to a trap that is already sitting there with cooldown up, there’s a 3rd mob CC’d. Resto Druid cyclones immediately and then heals, which is a 4th CC. Then focus fire on the tank’s mob and the Hunter retrapping the 3rd target and his pet ready to intimidate the cyclone’d mob of the sapped mob, whichever comes first (and the pet might die, but no biggie, it’s a small sacrifice to pay to get to the last boss, just make sure the Hunter is prepared for the pet death and uses beastial wrath early to get the bonus).

    Also, to make the double trapping early, the hunter will place his trap right at the base of the ramp leading up to the pull and kite it down the trap by going LOS around the corner as fast as possible (using cheetah), that way he can run back up the ramp and drop another trap a few feet away from it … so as he’s DPSing above and the mob comes out of the trap it’s not only immediately retrapped but also about 20 feet away from the action, giving you a few extra seconds for it to join the fight if the trap breaks early (which seems to happen often on this pull). I’m sure the hunter is really good if you say so, but there are multiple ways to trap this pull and I have found this is the best way when with a group that is having trouble.

    This will probably take a few pulls to master, especially the MC part, and you must look at each mob’s abilities to carefully in order to arrange the kill chain and CC properly. I suggest using WoWwiki for mob abilities that might cause trouble for this pull. It’s all about timing, really, and everybody has to be on their A-game. Once you complete the pull successfully the first time, it gets so much easier even with different group configurations … it’s like the light bulb comes on, and it feels really good. The pull here is harder than any of the bosses, so don’t feel bad about failing.

    Good luck!


  28. Went in heroic MagT last night as tank with my COOL NEW GUILD and we downed everything except Kael – the pyroblast oneshotted me every time, not sure what was happening. But… we had 2 mages & a rogue, so trash pulls, the priestess fight and the final 6 pull were a breeze… I never tanked more than 2 mobs at a time.

    Went cat form for the Priestess fight, and she dropped a nice trinket – the Shard of Contempt. Also I finally twigged that the druid cat Maim ability is a kick-ass spell interrupt! Why doesnt Blizzard call it a spell interrupt for christs sake??? Anyways, I used it on the priestess and another healer mob during this fight – made them both very easy to kill.

    Not downing Kael at this point was no biggie – clearly something was fundamentally wrong in our strategy, so time to do some research.

    Good luck to y’all with this. I feel like a real achievement was made getting so far with so little stress. (and yes, I too have spent many PAINFUL hours in there before now)


  29. Hehehe, I have done MGT twice. Once in regular mode to unlock the heroic mode and the second time in heroic mode to see how much harder it was. As a warlock I’m very comfortable with my seducing and banishing duties but I have to say I hate MGT. Since I’m still farming badges to change my gears to destruction I’m staying away from having to spend unpredictable amount of time in MGT but there are a lot of very awesome gears from there that I would love to get. Oooooo and that beautiful phoenix, which i lost the roll on… poo, my luck.


  30. One of the most successful runs I’ve had of MrT was when we went with the following:
    1 feral druid tank
    1 holy priest
    1 lock
    1 fury warrior
    1 MS warrior

    The trick here was that we basically had three tanks. I’d send the warriors after two mobs that were squishy. The lock would enslave a succubus and have her dps; she does about 700DPS by herself, so a lock is really, really handy. They could take on another mob by themselves and survive; we usually kept them for two pulls. And the priest could heal them all fairly well, and they weren’t taking much in the way of damage. That being said, we were all T5-geared, so there’s that. But you don’t need CC necessarily; what you need to do is be able to handle 5-pulls well, and if you don’t have squishy DPS you can do that.

    Also, make sure that you check out the mix of adds that the Priestess has and see whether your group can do it. If you can’t or you get something that is just horrible (like MS warrior/shaman) reset it by breaking group, resetting the instance and then readding group. This solves a huge deal.


  31. Hey, I’m to lazy to read all the comments but I go into MGT as a shadow priest a lot. MC the warlocks and burn the other adds down. It’s super awesome and doesn’t break very often. One of my favorite instances just because I get to use MC.


  32. Ok here’s my 2p.

    First of all, i truly believe MrT hc, is doable with any mix of classes, as long as you have even a moderate amount of CC. I play an enhancement shaman, and i’ve run my share of MrT (still no shard of contempt. /cry)

    The biggest problem about the instance (imho) is that ppl are always trying to play on “easy” mode, or don’t know how to play their classes at all. (WTB pre-TBC player, PST). with 2 cc, either mage,rogue, hunter,warlock or sp it’s actually the same. Yes maybe some are better than other on some fights, but it doesn’t reaaly mater.

    For example. On the pull before the 3rd boss, witch actually is a 5v5 arena battle, we had only one CC and a priest healer. Most ppl would say “Oh well we cannot do it, lets call it a day” Well we stayed in the corridor where the robots are, pulled each group, and chained feared what we coulnd’t cc. Peace of cake.

    And BBB, as for the bear tank having a problem in there. NOT at all. The only spot where maybe, who could have a problem is Kael. If your dps doens’t get his shield down fast enough before the pyro, you are toasted. A warrior with good hp, and shield wall/ last stand available, could pull this off. But everywhere else, it more or less the same..


  33. I’ve bare tank’d it a couple times with me marking targets. Have brought a shadowpriest and didn’t miss the cc (didn’t use MC at all). You just need to know the mob’s abilities, your groups CC (including who can offtank something if needed!) and setup your pulls very very carefully.

    I’m always telling my dps/healz exactly where to stand while I los pull and when to attack. And never, never underestimate the power of the aoe pull. With barkskin/hurricane I can get enough inital threat to hold 3-4 mobs on me when needed. I also have focusframe and focus targeting macros for maul/lacerate/mangle that really help keep threat high on a secondary target.

    So, know the mobs, know your group and plot each pull…ftw.


  34. hi guys,
    i have run MrT many times on my feral as both tank and dps. CC as in any instance helps but don’t forget unusual CC techniques…. for instance i used to take an enhance shammy a lot for his insane dps. against his better judgement i got him to “CC” casters like the warlocks. a spell interrupt and a grounding totem ment that he could kill them before they killed him. as a kitty druid i often did druid CC in heroics. pounce…dps….bear-bash…then self heal or continue dps. you have to pick the right mobs and know when to stay cat, or bear, or selfheal but it can be done. another technique would be pounce..dps..maim…sit there while energy ticks up…..then as prev.
    finally as a feral druid forced to tank mainly i love MrT as the 3rd bossfight= cat form and gear and the final boss= bear gear but cat form half the fight. the only issue is that the rest of the group expects u to do this when half the fun of boss fights where u can cat form is freaking the group out (i cat form and gear the 3rd boss in slabs when i tank slabs and people always get disturbed by the no tank just all dps plan)


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