Sum Druids R 4 bare?

I just wanted to throw this out to ya, because after doing an enraged little whiny rant yesterday, I didn’t have the energy to finish the Storytime I had half written.

Cassie’s Paladin alt, Cassalex, had been level 37 earlier this week, and wanted a shot at some of those tasty drops that the Scarlet Monastery Armory holds.

Lots of mail, weapons, general yummyness.

So I told her, fine, I’ll escort you up there and we’ll clear it til ya yell ‘enough!’

Now, we ran Armory until our ears bled from Vent earphones and our feet were sore from running in and out of there.

But what I thought was funny was the mental blinders I had on for the first half of the runs.

See, I’m used to mentally splitting up my tasks between forms.

If I’m burning through mobs at high speed, I go kitteh. If I’m going to be wanting more endurance on a fight, I go bare.

BUT, I have one more mental category. If I’m going to be famring old content for boss drops, I go kitty for stealth to bypass the annoying mobs, and then kitty/bare for the bosses.

I got into this habit when Windshadow was an Enchanter, and I’d routinely blast through Blackrock Depths blowing away bosses for shard disenchants. Those suckas still sell for tons on the AH.

So in my mind, an old instance speed run automatically equals kitteh stealth past scrubs plus kitteh/bare boss beatdown.

And while I can’t stealth Cassie’s Pally through anything, that’s what I was doing in Scarlet Monsatery. I was running thorugh in kitteh, jumping a mob and mangling him to death, and then bouncing on to the next one.

I don’t know how far in I was, maybe as far as the third run, when suddenly, finally, it occured to me… some Durids R 4 bare.

And killing them one at a time was getting really boring.

So the next time we ran in, I shifted to bare, ran forward, bounced through them tab Swiping as I went, targeting new mobs and getting a Swipe in on the new group since the group I’d already pissed off were behind me out of the cone, and ran through all the rooms.

Then I got around a corner to make sure all casters came to me, and tab-targetd Swiped the insanely large mob of bad guys for the next 5 minutes.

Sometimes a runner would break free at low health, and Cassie would chase him down.

There are a lot of healers in there, so it became a bit of fun to target them for Mangles when it was up while Swiping the mob.

It was fun! It was different, and broke up the monotony of the run.

After that, there was actually some excitement to my being in there, since now the challenge was, how big a hirde of idiots could I collect to burn down, and how fast was my trigger finger to bash or interrupt runners?

I think it was faster, too.

So, just my two cents. If you’re getting bored when you’re messing around in old content, why not break out of your usual mode and try something a little different?

I thought it was fun!

Cassie is standing here, asking why I don’t want to spell the title correctly. She clearly has never seen the awesome Alamo article about Durids. I feel ashamed… but then, she ain’t a Durid. It is ok if she didn’t know sum r 4 bare.

And by the way, Cassalex is now a level 40 paladin. Awesome! She has a kick ass looking summoned horsie!

And she is wondering whether she can level all the way to 70 without ever going to Outlands, cause she hates Hellfire Peninsula.


31 thoughts on “Sum Druids R 4 bare?

  1. Coolness.

    And no, she can’t get to 70 while avoiding Outland. However, she can get to 70 while doing one and only one run through the middle of Hellfire Peninsula so she can get the flight path. After that, unless her profession trainer is in HP, she’ll never need set foot there. Want, maybe, for certain bosses or quests. But need? Nope.

    btw – the problem is that mobs turn grey for upper levels somewhere around 5 or 6 levels below them. So do quests. So while she can get to 65, maybe 66 without going to Outland… you see the deal. But 65 is high enough to play just about everywhere in Outland, not just HP. shrug.


  2. The round-em-up strategy is what I always use when I’m running lowbie dungeons. After several such runs, one of my guildmates dubbed me “Balach of the Piled Dead.” Oh, what I’d give to have that as an in-game title.


  3. I’m with ya Cass-I despise Hellfire, and any other toons that make it to 60 are just gonna die a lot in Zangarmarsh rather than quest there …..


  4. How long would you last in caster form with barkskin and hurricane?

    And Sithilus is pretty sweet these days. No one is there, and it is a breeze now that everything is non-elite.

    My druid went to HFP at 58 or 59 to finish the first few quests, get the nice weapon and breastplate, and then back to plaguelands, winterspring, and sithlius until level 62.5.


  5. Hellfire definitely isn’t my favorite Outland zone . . . but I still like it better than Silithus or EPL. I’ll probably attempt to hit 60 before going there (instead of rushing right over at 58 and then getting my shadowy butt handed to me) but no way could I keep questing in the high Azeroth zones until everything went grey.

    But yeah, if that’s her thing . . . it should be doable to completely bypass Hellfire and go straight to Zangarmarsh.


  6. I gotta say I’m a fan of HFP. The fights are harder, the gear better, the XP given more freely. Yes, you will die more, but yes, your playing will improve. And seriously, the gear in HFP kicks the crap out of anything you’re going to get in Azeroth.


  7. Nas and I were recently running eachother’s toons through SM as well. I don’t know if you noticed this issue or not, but when I would go bear and just run through stuff to try to grab aggro I would actually lose mobs. They’d chase me only so far and then break off and go back to their spawn point…inside an instance. I had never seen that happen before. I found that Demoralizing Roar was a very good way to keep everyone’s attention until I was ready to stop and swipe-spam the mass of scarlet crusaders to death.

    Oh and as a warning to my other furry compatriots, if you have the bright idea to open the final doors of the cathedral and run up to Commander Morgraine to pull everything in there without a fuss…don’t. It’s painful. 😀


  8. B^3
    I’m not of theability to raid due to time constraints. I am slowly making my way up to 70 and don’t plan on ever seeing Kara or what have you, but I am enjoying the game thoroughly.
    The most enjoyable part at the moment is running guildies’ alts through low level instances for mass XP or twink gear. I perform the same process as you, rile up as much of the instance as possible then spam-swipe until they’re dead and make sure who i’m running loots up. I love doing this in RFC, SFK, BFD, Deadmines, etc.


  9. Don’t want to do Hellfire Peninsula? Skip it!

    Back in my day, when the expansion was yet young and heroic attunements required Revered as opposed to this dang-blasted Honored you young’uns use these days, it was actually recommended that people skip Hellfire Peninsula entirely — except to run those instances. You see, the way the reputation worked out, you’d end up running Shattered Halls over and over and over again just to get the key; if you chose to skip the zone and just ran the instances when the opportunity arose, you could come back at 70 and easily do those quests, thereby jumping you to Revered with little hassle.

    If you recall, you get reputation in all of those dungeons at lower reputation ranks, which means after you do the quests the only way you could gain further reputation was Shattered Halls. Which people hated. A lot.

    So if Cassie wants to skip Hellfire Peninsula, do it! The quests in Zangarmarsh suit her, especially if she still has that penchant to do all of the Azeroth quests before hitting Outland. If she can manage to hit 61 or 62 before stepping through the Dark Portal, she can easily start doing those Zangarmarsh quests. Especially with a friend in tow or capable of swooping in to help when needed!


  10. My experience has been that lvl 70 Mages simply rock everything in all the lowbie instances through about ZF. After that, you spend too much time drinking. At that point, the DPS types that have some form of healing seem to do really well on the level 50+ instances. It’s more single target killing, but the pacing never really slows.

    My rogue has been “helping” a friend through all the early BC instances. If he were a healer, we could just go with the two of us. But since he’s not, I’ve been PUGing a lowbie around his level along with us for the extra security blanket. Not needed that much, but a couple of the boss fights need a few heals and I’m not confident my buddy would survive long enough for me to vanish+bandage. It’s also nice to have someone who can top you off between fights. I can’t imagine it being much faster runs than what I am doing with the rogue. No breaks needed since the healer never has a mana issue and I don’t need to drink for mana.

    My feeling is that with Cassie as a Pally, you can let her do some healing while you Kitty down mobs fast.


  11. I think the ultimate running through of (insert instance here) has to as a Prot Pally. Followed by hunter and then druid. I have 70’s of each and pally is just easy mode for all instances pretty much. I like rounding them up in bear form but with swipe being your only aoe it takes much longer then it should.

    With sm you have to be carefull as bear since they can heal themselves (which you mentioned) and also can interupt your healing and hurricane (kick). So while barkskin hurricane works in alot of instances its no good for most of SM. Hunter its easy just use the pet to gather em up and drag them back to an explosive trap on CD and follow it with another. Feign death and use volley. Birds with screech work best for AOE keeping aggro.

    I used to do most lower instance runs with my hunter since my druid’s repair bill is way to high to be worth it.

    As everyone has mentioned Zangar would be simple to hit around 61 or so…. personally I hate zangar alot more then hellfire.


  12. The first dozen quests in the HP zone are worth doing for the gear upgrades. These are even easier on Alliance side. I highly recommend going and doing them at 58 with a friend power-leveling you through them. You’ll hit 59 by the time you are done and can go back to questing in Azeroth until 60-61. At which point, you can happily skip the rest of HP and never return. Those first “entry” quests are pretty worthwhile though, so I highly recommend it. Zethgor must Burn in particular tends to be very worthwhile.


  13. Is the hatred of HP because of ganking? I really don’t love or hate HP but I really can’t imagine skipping it since the gear rewards and exp are sooo much more nicer then anything you can get from Azeroth. On my 3 alts, as soons as I hit 58, I took them to HP with full rest exp and just ding ding ding. Also if you have the right lvl 70s buddies to support, you can bring the 58 into Ramp a few times and you can get from 58 to 60 in like 4 runs… and you also get some really nice gears if your luck is with you.


  14. I should mention, if you’ve got the expansion installed you already have the Honor Hold/Thrallmar and Stair of Destiny flight points handed to you, and HH can connect directly with Shattrath (Thrallmar has a connecting path through Falcon Watch). Unless she needs the flight point at Temple of Telhamat (possible, since the master level FA book is there) by getting a port to Shattrath she can avoid HFP entirely while still retaining easy access should she want it.


  15. A side note – I find it a lot faster to kill 3 things with bear swiping (or more than 3 things) than I do killing each one with cat. I think it’s to do with maul+swipe when you have some rage vs. mostly static regen of energy via kitty. This is especially true if you equip your DPS gear while going bear. The crit rate and return of rage via crits is insane, especially on lowbie instances; you almost never have to pay for a swipe.


  16. This my friend, is why I went paladin. At level 60 (with mostly BC gear) I could take stocks in four pulls. Start at the entrance and move everybody to the back before AoEing them to death. Same with the west wing, sadly the east wing takes two pulls as most of the mobs have a really annoying 1s stun that stops me from blocking and such. Fun times though, good cheese.



  17. SID67: +1 on mage AOE for low level dungeons. And you are right on on where it starts to fizzle out. For me, I find what slows me down in the higher level dungeons is not so much because I have to drink so often, its because I can’t do massive pulls and survive. On my mage I can do SM armory in 3 pulls. Gotta love molten armor. Its a lot of fun. I think the ultimate class/race to speed run lower level instances would be BElf mage, because the AOE silences rocks. Mine is a gnome, so the ability to get out of snares is useful, but the most annoying mobs when you are trying to AOE is casters, because they don’t have the good manners to get in the kill zone.

    I would love to team up with a prot pally for a speed run. He could round everyone up and once he had the whole instance beating on him.. Flamestrike FTW.


  18. Gratz on 40. But why skip hellfire? There are some very very nice upgrades there (the gear reset thing). As you go forward the gear stops being huge upgrades. I’d say the early zones are the place to get the real nice quest reward stuff. But if you dont want to do it, just run through it. You can do Zanga at 61.


  19. Going into Cath and hitting the boss without clearing is super fun sauce as a bear. I basically turn in a circle and swipe until everything is dead. Good times.


  20. That is what I always did when running lows through instances. The Cathedral is fun, run that whole room after you get up the stairs, and have a huge pile of mobs for the lowbie to loot through for a long time. It is awesome!


  21. Don’t forget the classic ‘barkskin and hurricane’ in scenarios such as the scarabs in ZF, bang bang!


  22. I recently ran a guildie through ZF, a full clear. My 70 Druid and a 37pally went great. I was a little worried with the Bly quest but it went smoothly. Swipe and tab, FTW.


  23. For further fun in SM:

    Go to the cathedral, stealth the length of the hall, go Bear, get your rage up, and engage Mograine, probably with FFF. This will aggro every mob in the place, and although some are pally type mobs they all come to melee range. I’d suggest popping your trinkets at this point.

    Try and kill all the mobs at the same time, best not to kill Mograine cos whats her name heals the mobs rather fast.

    I only got half of them down before I croaked, but with your uber gear you might be in with a chance.


  24. Coincidences there 🙂 My girlfriend hates Hellfire Peninsula (too red, boring, and the ground slopes in funny ways) and this weekend we took some of the lower members of our guild through Scarlet Monastery. With three people over l58 it all went down very quickly!

    Ever since we discovered that you can take raid groups into normal instances we’ve been trying this for fun (like taking 15 people of all levels into Deadmines at the same time and zerging Van Cleef).


  25. Just remember if Cassie’s pally is ever going to have a set of heal’y gear (just in case!), she needs revered with Honor Hold to get the head enchant. >.> My druid JUST hit revered. I danced, then I remembered I still needed exalted with CE for my Earthwarden (Even resto druids know how to feral it up on occasion. *grin*) and cried. Why can’t we buy rep grinds for our alts when our mains have already done it. I’d pay in game for that!


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