The Kara Pugging Blues is getting some love

Well, almost!

I listen to The Instance podcast, and I love it, and I’ve been listening to it ever since my friends and fellow guildies Mark and Andy in Singapore asked me if I’d heard, like, this totally awesome podcast?

I think that was, what, a month before I started blogging? Is that right guys?

Anyway, I have to admit I really enjoy the way they have regular mini-segments hosted by regulars other than the hosts. You get the fun commentary from the main hosts, and lots of little segments on addons and PvP tips and such. Very fun, and very good.

I think Twisted Nether has taken some inspiration from that, with the segments they’ve run with Anna of Two Too Many Annas talking blogging tips and such, and it works well to break up the yadda yadda yadda.

Not that I’m saying Bre yacks too much… oh no! CONTROVERSY! Wait, what?

Topic, topic, what the heck was I saying…

Oh yeah, right! Seriously, I need some coffee…

Last week on the WoW Insider podcast, I pushed our buddy Dax’s kick-ass awesome song into the show, and they played it in the middle segment and I gave a shoutout to him afterwards. And it’s well deserved, that song of his just cracks me the heck up.

This weekend, I’m listening to the latest The Instance podcast, episode #109, and they’ve got Curt Schilling on there in the first part of the hour.

You know who Curt Schilling is, right? If not, just go read a bit about him on Wikipedia, and you’ll see that he is a famous celebrity ( and a world class pitcher) who is also an avid gamer and has taken a very hands-on approach to participating in the gaming community, has been involved in MMOs for quite some time, and has even started his own game company ‘on the side’, so to speak. Really, by now, if you are into gaming outside of the game itself, and you haven’t heard of Curt I’d be pretty shocked.

My personal favorite celebrity gamer is Vin Diesel. I like Curt and respect his accomplishments greatly, but hey… Curt, if you ever seize control of a galaxy-spanning Empire of death through personal combat, let me know. I’ll boost your BBBjutsu rank up to number one. Well, you may have to look cool while driving a racecar and blowing stuff up, too. Could you audition that part for me and send me the tape? kthxbye.

Anyway, so, listening to The Instance, Curt Schilling is there in the front part of the hour, and he starts telling the guys that he heard this song on a podcast he was listening to, and it was very funny, it was called something like “Pugging Kara” based on a Johnny Cash song… and told the guys they really ought to look it up, it was great.

Now, maybe there was another song about Kara that came out last week that I ain’t heard about, but I have the feeling that our favorite Nutjob managed to make Curt Schilling smile.

Dax, you made Curt Schilling smile. Is that not awesome?

Congratulations, Dax. Way to go!

Oh, and I put the .mp3 download link on the left sidebar… I hope that if you haven’t heard it yet, you’ll certainly take the opportunity to listen. It’s awesome.


9 thoughts on “The Kara Pugging Blues is getting some love

  1. Can I do it? I have to do it, you mentioned Vin Diesel and gaming. You opened the floodgates and now I have no control over it….. ARGH!

    “Vin Diesel once beat Super Mario Bros. by glaring at the screen in between bites of his baby sandwich!”

    I know it’s old and I apologize. May god have mercy on my soul.


  2. Vin Diesel plays games? other than “beat the crap out of babies?” Wow, that’s cool to know. I’m a huge fan of the instance, and haven’t listened to twisted nether yet, but I have the first two episodes on my ipod already, so as soon as I’m done with 109 of the instance, I’m all over bre’s cast. I can’t wait!

    And as a side note, Alg is already loving his dwarfy-pallyness.


  3. The best bit with Curt was when he was asked if he’d like 3000 people watching him raid and he replied with “I’ve had my @ss handed to me in the World Series in front of 1 billion people, so it wouldn’t bother me much”

    (or words to that effect)


  4. And of course I love Bre and Fim, I’m just joshing a little… so they have a reason to bash me with a big hammer later this week.


  5. Definitely a fantastic little toon. I’m pretty sure that I’d heard it before, but the spotlight on it from theinstance podcast definitely got me looking it up again.

    Now we just need to hear a squeal for SSC/TK or even Hyjal/BT since with attunements gone… some may very well be pugging that too!


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