Yes, the name IS ‘Stinkywind’

Had some fun playing Stinkywind, my brand spankin’ new Warlock this weekend.

I’m trying a lot of different things all at once on this one.

BUT! I ain’t abandoning Windshadow and Windburn. In fact, I went into Sethekk Halls and Shadow Labyrinth with Nasirah, Squirrelz, Cassieann and Wulfa last Saturday to see if we could get Wulfa a few tasty drops.

Sigh. No Sonic Spear. We ran them both in normal mode, so we messed around and had a bit of fun on some of the pulls.

Okay, I messed around. I think Squirrelz was getting grouchy at my ‘not correct’ methods, but hey… sometimes, you’ve gotta have some fun. And when you have TWO decked out feral druids on the run, you got twice the tanking love! Plus, Wulfa knows her hunter skillz, she was doing some mad chain trapping, and had all the right moves. So, I pushed the boundaries a bit and bounced around.

Sometimes I think I am the player you do NOT want in your pug.

“Why the hell did you pull the whole room???!!??”

“Relax, it’s normal mode, we can handle it. Chill. Live a little.”

“But we DIED.”

“Okay, so die a little. It’s only gold, go run a daily. Look at it this way.. now we know one way it won’t work. We’re like Edison! We’re geniuses!”

Yeah, I’m just the life of the party… 

SO! Also got Windburn a little love, I pushed the rest of the way to Exalted with Aldor so I could get my Greater Inscription… AND feel that I accomplished something in terms of rep. In fact, it got me so excited to close off one rep grind, that I did all my dailies for SSO last night on Windburn. Gonna push on to Exalted there. I have Lola’s Eve and Charlotte’s Ivy, so I need a good ring upgrade to remove Lola’s Eve before it would be worth it to equip the necklace, but at least I’ll have it in the bank. And then… Consortium! Gack.

Windburn also got a bit of love in a different way… thanks to the diligent efforts of Cassie, who checked the AH and networked with players and broadcast in the dreaded /trade channel, yesterday I got the very last card I needed to build my Blessings deck!

And coincidentally enough, today is the first day of Darkmoon Faire in Goldshire! So I got it just in time to turn it in for the Darkmoon Card: Crusade.

But my Warlock… this is turning out fun. I hit level 15 by Saturday night. I’ve got my blueberry, named Krakkrit (just like Kemangi!) and I’ve got a nice wand, and I’m speccing Affliction. Got my instant cast Corruption, I’m having fun. I have no idea what points to put where after that, but I’m sure I’ll figure something out.

And I’m leveling 100% in the Draenei starting lands. I hit level two and begged a port to Shatt for my hearth, and then I went straight to Exodar. I’m gonna be a gnome on a elephant! Woot!

Yep, every two levels I hearth to Shatt, port to IF, train my Warlock skills, and then mess around until I can hearth back.

Let me tell you, I never experienced OP-ness until I was able, at my little level, to handle a four pull like this.

Working the satyrs, I pull a single mob by sending the blueberry after him, stack dots, and then mob two sees me and comes running. 

I send blueberry after mob two to pull him off me, and keep dots refreshed on mob one. The first mob dies from the dots shortly after mob two gets pulled off me and dotted up, and then mob number three comes up on me from behind. 

This time I remember I have Fear, so I Fear mob three out of my face and keep burning mob two down with wand. Just as mob two is about to die, a fourth mob comes rolling on in.

So I send the blueberry after number four, reFear number three, and focus on burning down four as two finally dies. A quick dotting and wanding and mob four dies just as my blueberry dies and mob three comes on in for the kill.

So I reFear three, resummon my blueberry, and burn down the mob when he comes on back. 

Four dead bodies, and I never even had to pop my Healthstone.

Are you freaking kidding me?

I love my Warlock… Druids are awesome when you get kitty at 20, but I’m only level 15 and I’m playing mob ping pong.

And did they really have to make those idiot satyrs in Bloodmyst Isle THAT aggressive? Seriously, wtf…


13 thoughts on “Yes, the name IS ‘Stinkywind’

  1. I love Affliction. Watching mobs loves just BLEED away is just…*awe*

    Here’s how I went…

    Imp. Coruption (5/5)
    Imp. Drain Soul (2/2)
    Imp. Life Tap (2/2)
    Soul Siphon (2/2)
    Imp. Curse of Agony (2/2)
    Fel Concentration (5/5)
    Amplify Curse (1/1)
    Grim reach (2/2)
    Nightfall (2/2)
    Empowered Corruption (3/3)
    Shadow Embrace (1/5)
    Siphon Life (1/1)
    Curse of Exhaustion (1/1)
    Shadow Mastery (5/5)
    Contagion (5/5)
    Dark Pact (1/1)
    Imp. Howl of Terror (2/2)
    Unstable Affliction (1/1)

    Imp. Healthstone (2/2)
    Demonic Embrace (5/5)
    Imp. Voidwalker (3/3)
    Fel Intellect (3/3) which gets renamed Fel Vitality in WotLK…

    Imp. Shadowbolt (5/5)

    and then when Lich King comes out, I’m looking forward to…

    Soul Depletion (2/3)
    Everlasting Affliction (5/5)
    Cripple (1/1)

    Soul Link (1/1)
    Fel Domination (1/1)

    Cripple alone, with its 20 second Silence, is going to put Shadow Labs on permanent FARM status…


  2. Yesss… The dark side of the Force is stronger…..

    There’s plenty of good sites around with recommendations on how to spec & play a lock, so if you do need help, give a shout!

    Anyway, if you think 15 is fun, wait till u get to fear kiting and multi-mob aoeing with seeds of corruption fun… 🙂


  3. Kal, you totally are inside my head!

    You know my innermost thoughts!

    It’s really quite frightening. You’re freaking me out, dude.

    I DO secretly hunger to torment other tanks as I was tortured for so long….


    or maybe….

    maybe it’s possible that I was exaggerating slightly, and that the other people who were there, like two other bloggers, would probably post their own feelings about the runs on their blogs?

    Or maybe you’re right, and I was a total asshat and wiped the party repeatedly and was totally cavalier about their repair bills.


  4. Eww, Voidwalker…

    Well, to each his own, I guess. I actually hated the big blue beetle, so I made it to 60 back in the day by drain-tanking my little tail off. And fear kiting anything I couldn’t drain-tank.

    In either case, I highly recommend remaining Affliction for the leveling grind. If you intend to keep on using your Voidwalker, it’s a nice low-threat model for damage dealing. Fel Concentration is an essential talent for the drain-tank style of play, and when all else fails, DoTs don’t break fear the way Shadowbolts will.


  5. Oh, and if you think you’re having fun *now*, wait until you get Enslave Demon.

    Satyrs will very quickly become you’re favoritest mobs ever.


  6. triple post ftl…

    “Your”. Not “You’re”. Ick.

    I’m going to go stab myself now. With a spoon.


  7. “Four dead bodies, and I never even had to pop my Healthstone.

    Are you freaking kidding me?”

    Hee hee! You can pull off some truly amazing stuff sometimes as a Lock.

    While my Feral Druid is my main and by far my favorite soloing class, I admit I have a weakness for the 2 ‘pet’ based classes as well. They can be as boring as any other to grind but the addition of the pet(s) and the wealth of survival skills just make it a happy free for all when a situation gets out of hand.

    I remember once killing Orcs in Hellfire on my Hunter. Single targets until one of those stupid Orcs on a wolf came patrolling by. Then another. Then another. Somewhere along the line another solo mob got into the act as well.

    When the dust cleared I had blown all my racials, and cooldowns and rezzed my pet once, but there were 8 dead bodies to loot. Granted, they came into the fray at intervals but at one time I know I saw at least 2 humanoids and 3 wolves active.

    I just shook my head in amazement and went back to the grind. So yeah, I like the classes with pets!


  8. Have you ever heard of the “Ghetto Hearth”? I have not played many alliance toons so I believe there is no dungeon in Iron Forge itself except a bit of run to Gnomeregan but in Stormwind there is the Blockade, much like Orgrimmar having Ragefire Chasm. Well the ghetto hearth is done by partying up with any other person, regardless of levels, run into a dungeon and leaving the party, thus getting a free hearth after a minute of not being in a party. It is absolutely not 100% free as it will reset your hearth CD but when you need to train your warlock every 2 levels you might wana go to Stormwind instead of Iron Forge as the Blockade is right there for the ghetto hearth back to Shatt.


  9. Hey Kinzlayer, you have a perfect point on the ghetto hearth…

    In Sidhe Devils, Squirrelz and Doodle are past masters and advocates of the ghetto hearth, and you can find either one of them frequently asking in guild chat for a quick ‘ghetto party’.

    I hadn’t tried to on Stinky yet, simply because I think she’s too low level to enter Stockades. And there is always something to do on the other characters…


  10. BBB, you really need to relax more. My experience has been that the DPS that played tanks almost 100% tend to be the worst DPS in terms of giving tanks a hard time of it, but man…seriously, take it as it was intended, as a joke.

    The best example of a tank that I hated as a DPS was our MT, who would routinely get bored during instances and do things like see if he could do a lap around a room without drawing aggro. He…couldn’t.


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