Some flying fun from the Mannyac!

You know, I foresee that Thursday is going to be a hell day for me at work. I know this in advance. Not that the entire week hasn’t sucked at work so far, but I know Thursday is going to be the ultimate “bite me” day.

I will be wearing my “Pog Mo Thoin” shirt under my engineers’ smock. I WILL be flashing my boss every so often with the shirt. He knows what that means.

And so, in anticipation of not seeing a computer except when I tell the plant floor to piss off, I am making this in advance the night before. And I am intentionally posting the funniest possible thing I can imagine.

The following images are brought to you courtesy of Manny, who I’m sure didn’t make ’em, but he damn well shared ’em with me. And I spread the love on to you.

And as I look at these two pictures when I sneak some time throughout the day, it will make me smile, make me laugh, and make me utter those four wonderful, wonderful words…

“God bless the internet.”



Need I say more?

Oh… and need I mention Manny was a tanker in the service? No, I thought not.


10 thoughts on “Some flying fun from the Mannyac!

  1. My first MMO had a naming policy that had them change the name of one of my toons, which was named “Piglet.” Pretty inoffensive, you’d think, and I had a great backstory as to how she came to be called that. But someone appealed it and . . . meh. So, I rolled a different toon, named “Pogmothon” (an alternate spelling, but same meaning). Never got appealed. Go figure 😛


  2. I just wanted to thank you for the link to Kara Pugging Blues by Dax. It’s great. I’ve added a post to it on my blog and referenced yours. Thanks again!


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