Quick tanking Addon question for y’alls

I’m loving my Warlock, level 17 and a half, yay!

i’m using the addon Necrosis. Everyone recommended it, and it is great. I love all the features. At least, the ones I understand. I don’t use the Curse menu since I use Curse of Agony all the time rather than Curse of Weakness, and I don’t have Horror effects for Curse of Recklessness ping pong yet.

But the fast pet summon, the healthstone bar, and most especially being able to set a limit on how many shards I get before it automatically deletes new ones… priceless.

It’s very nice knowing that, with my Ebon Shadowbag and a 28 shard capacity, I can set Necrosis to store 28 shards tops, and when I Drain Soul over that, it just deletes the shard instead of filling my bags. Love it.

BUT… my favorite function of Necrosis is that I can set it to announce to me in my chat window when I target a mob that is immune to fear or horror effects.

It’s amazing.

As a person that knows only one class/spec inside out, it is so refreshing to start an alt of a totally different class, and have the addon warn me, say for example on the isle full of dragonwhelps north of Bloodmyst Isle, that they are “Immune to Fear effects” when I target one. I will absolutely learn that in time and remember, from the repetition of the warning… but having that warning rocks.

That led me to wonder… is there already existing an addon that automatically provides a warning if your targeted mob is immune to class effects, like Necrosis does? One that is made to warn about immunities to ALL class CC types?

As a tank, one of the things that is my job normally is marking mobs. And as a tank, everyone assumes that it’s my job to have memorized what every possible mob in every instance can do in advance, and what they are immune to.

Well, I know that there are people out there that do know that. Good for you. I have met you in the past, and I have been absolutely amazed. When I was a lot younger, I had the same encyclopediac knowledge of comic books and firearms. I appreciate your incredible depth of knowledge on that subject.

But I haven’t even run every instance on regular, let alone heroic. And what mobs can do what changes between the two. I do not even make the attempt to remember what everyone can do everywhere. Half the time I don’t even remember what mobs can do in an instance I ran the day before.

Instead I keep WoWwiki’s instance portal guide on my second monitor screen so I can quickly flip to the appropriate page if I am blindsided by a mob doing something that was unexpected.

I have also in the past used Atlas to show me who can do what, such as in the Moroes room for the adds in Karazhan. But my Atlas bugged so I uninstalled that addon long ago.

So here’s my thought. Having an addon that announces in my chat window, when I target a mob that I am about to mark up anyway, that “Mob is immune to stun and fear effects” would let me know immediately, with zero confusion, that this mob is not a subject for a Rogue to sap or a Warlock to fear, it is instead a good target for Ice Trap.

So first, does anyone know if such an addon already exists?

And second, if one does not exist, does anyone know how hard it would be to make one?

I know that we have a few addon programming masters, such as the legendary Tekkub himself, who sometimes reads the blog. So I am serious in wanting to know if this is possible. Because I would install it immediately and live in admiration of the genius who made it. It would be my tanks best new friend. I would hug it and hold it and call it George.


23 thoughts on “Quick tanking Addon question for y’alls

  1. I really like incorporating the marking system too, as most of us really do about the same (if not exactly the same) marking, most of the time.

    kill Skull first, then X; Purple Diamond is always banished or seduced, Blue Square is always hunter trapped, Moon is always sheep, Orange Circle (hehe, also has many other more provocative namings) is always sap, and Green Triangle is always hibernate… you know, I can’t think of what I have seen people use for mind controlled.

    I like.


  2. This sounds like a really awesome idea guys. I use MobInfo2 now but the build-in click would make things move faster while tanking.
    There are a few exceptions to the boss-immunity, most notably boss groups. I.e. the priestess mobs in Hero MrT. They can be sapped, trapped, some sheeped and banished, even the priestess herself is not immune to stuns like bash. I don’t think there are too many, so I doubt it would be that much more to include than what you are already discussing doing. There are so many exceptions in trash though ><
    Kudos to you guys for taking this on!


  3. That makes a lot of sense, Tekkub. It would be the exceptions that would require the special coding. But there are just so many of them it would be a herculean task.

    But yeah, well worth it in the long run.

    What I’m doing right now, based on Cellere’s suggestion, is checking out MobInfo 2, and the large downloadable database you can put with it. I don’t know how to extract the results from the database on it’s own, to see what they are using for collectable data, but it does seem to base it’s results off of live experiences… you can build your own database from scrath, or do what I did and download the database someone else uploaded.

    If it’s possible to extract the saved information from the mobInfo 2 database to find out special cahracteristics and use that as the basis for the scpecial circumstances addon we’re talking about, that might be a shortcut. Kinda like MobInfo 2 ultralite.

    I am also going to try MobNotes… I think I’ll install that and try it first. It sounds like, from Adremma’s comment, it’s got actual suggestions, of course we all know that the suggestions are only as good as the person that wrote em.

    Still, thats two solid addons to try that have SOME ‘mob does this’ notification, even if it’s more in-depth than I was talking about.

    I’m still thinking something that tells you what immunities your target has is more… cut and dried, it leaves all actual tactical decisions in your hands. I think telling you what you should do in the situation is going waaaaay too far.


  4. Just those that don’t follow the normal patterns.

    For example, Hibernate only works on beasts and dragonkin. I can get the mob’s “type” from the game. What I need to know is that in Instance X, bears named “Uberursus” are immune… but only in heroic mode. I also can query if a mob is a boss, so those immunities need not be listed… since every boss (AFAIK) is immune to all CC. If there is a boss that IS CC-able, we’d need to list that exception to the rule as well.

    Like them damn dragons in UBRS that are very resistant to hunter’s trap. God I hated those things.


  5. Would the database need to have EVERY mob in the game listed, or just those inside instances? That alone easily cuts off a thousand or three, leaving…. way to many left >.<


  6. Crap, you mentioned my name, that means I’m obligated to help you now.

    I hate you.

    I do not know of an all-encompassing mod for CC immunities, but one could certainly be made. The hard part, which I will therefore leave to you (HA HA!) is to compile a list of all know immunities that don’t fit the normal pattern (I.E. elementals that cannot be banished, beasts that cannot be hibernated). Remember that bosses are, as far as I know, all immune so if any bosses ARE NOT then they should be listed as an exception as well.

    Help me compile the list, and I’ll make a nice UI for ya. Hell, we might even be able to set up a marking system as well, you define the mark for each CCer and when you target a mob it’ll display the marks that can CC the mob… click to mark… super easy.

    As an up and coming tank (62 pally) with shitty memory, this is something I would like to have as well.

    tekkub@gmail.com if ya wanna poke me about this 🙂


  7. I can’t answer for automated tracking of CC immunities, but the best I’ve seen for the job so far is MobNotes (http://www.wowace.com/forums/index.php?topic=10360.msg164907). It sticks the information it has in mobs’ tooltips; you can enter your own, but it also comes with notes for quite a few mobs at this point. Currently, that includes trash in ZA (including Malacrass adds), Kara (including Moroes adds), Gruul’s Lair, SSC, TK, MH, and BT, as well as a couple instances (BF, MgT including Delrissa adds).

    The default notes provide a little more information than just CC info, too:
    [“Amani’shi Beast Tamer”] = “Can be sheeped, trapped and stunned. Mind Controls random players.”,
    [“Ghostly Steward”] = “Immune to stun, trap, shackle and taunt. Vulnerable to disarm.”,
    [“Skeletal Waiter”] = “Brittle bones can be spell reflected or grounded with totem. Vulnerable to stuns.”,

    … actually, I didn’t know that about the waiters, come to think of it. I guess that’s why they make me stand in back.


  8. Doesn’t MobInfo (or MobHealth) keep a database or mobs you encounter? And a mouseover will tell you what they are immune to, etc etc? I could be mistaken though, I haven’t used those in a while.


  9. Mind the Necrosis bugs.
    It doesn’t match on “soul shard” when deleting, but on something like *soul shard*, so it will delete your “corrupted soul shards” from the Felwood quest and maybe some other quest items in HFP.
    Yes, apart from that it was great. I’m using Forte Warlock at 70 now, but still missing some features. Especially the big friendly button to click for Lifetap 🙂


  10. With the Moroes adds, I look for two things to determine that they are:
    * If they have a mana bar, and
    * What weapon they have in their hands.

    From those two pieces of information you can easily determine what you’re going against. The Shadow priest has a mana bar and Anathema, the Holy priest has a mana bar and Benediction (four healing priests past 60 and I’ve yet to get one, bleh!), the Holy paladin has a mana bar and a one-handed mace, the Retribution paladin has a mana bar and a two-handed mace, the Arms warrior has no mana bar and a two-handed axe, and finall the Protection warrior has no mana bar and a shield.

    No research, no looking up, no worry — just plain ol’ common sense and knowledge of the class. Their weapons reflect the roles they’d normally play in a group.

    And I second the idea of having your group members speak up. Since they usually only have to remember their contributions to a fight, they typically know better if an assigned form of crowld control will work or not.


  11. “database of all the mobs and all their immunities”

    The cheap way to do that would be to have a recording mode like auctioneer or thottbot etc: track the combat log and watch for “mob X was immune to effect Y” messages, then when you see mob X again point out what it’s been immune to in the past. Share the database among users to fill it up.

    The downside of that method is it can get confused by mobs that are only sometimes immue, e.g. that have a paladin bubble effect or similar.


  12. You are not the only gamer with an adult memory rather than a teenage one. I run 5-mans with guildies and there is always a surprise, even if we ran it last week. LOL! We’ll say “Oh yeah – that’s the one that mind controls. Watch out for more of those” after the pull. Once of us always has wowwiki open before the boss fights to make sure that we remember the gimmick so we don’t wipe. Our raid leader is much better, thank heavens.

    I think an addon like you suggest would be time-consuming to program. It would have to have a database of all the mobs and all their immunities. Perhaps whatever is in Necrosis could be a jumping-off point for an ambitious coder.


  13. Hehe, I tend to not do the memory thing, ’cause most of the time I just dps, but on the rare occasion that I have to step in for someone who’s leading the raid or the run, then I just alt-tab and wowwiki the info. My philosophy is why waste the brain cell trying to remember the information as long as I know how to look for it, hehe, also why I fail at Biology/Chemistry and those kind of subjects.


  14. I agree with the poster above me. I think it’s CC’s job to always speak up if a marked mob is un-CC-able. Like the undead-but-not-shackle-able mobs behind the opera stage in Kara.

    Also, why doesn’t he have a name? It’s worrying.


  15. On the contrary, I always considered it the cc’s job to know how their cc works, and speak up if the tank makes a bad mark.

    As a hunter (non MM), I always comment if a ranged mob is marked for trap, warning that keeping it trapped will slow down my dps considerably. As a bear, I know a few things (and the hunter stuff), but I welcome any reminders if I forget and tell a rogue to sap an undead, or whatever.


  16. The Addon is now called “Necrosis LDC”. For a while it hadn’t been updated since 2.0’s release, but older versions still worked fine if you told WoW to enable out of date addons. At least, mine did.

    I honestly think my warlock would be utterly unplayable now if Necrosis ever stopped working. I don’t use much in the way of custom UI mods, but despite enabling every extra action bar the basic UI allows, I still have no room on my bars for anything else. Necrosis is my one-stop shop for all of my pet summoning, buffing, and stoning needs. Basically, anything I don’t use more than once very 20-30 minutes or so, I use from the Necrosis UI, because I simply have nowhere else to put it anymore. (Being an engineer doesn’t help.)

    Tip on Moroes adds: I remember which one does what by the weapon they carry, because remembering their names is hard. Helps to be “old school” and remember the (not so) good old MC days.

    There’s two priests, both have the Benediction/Anathema staff in different “modes”. Obviously, the one with Anathema is shadow. She’s got a dangerous mana-burn spell, and mindflay. The one with Benediction is a holy priest, and casts heals and dispel magic.

    Two warriors. One has the Arcanite Reaper, aka “The Big Axe with a Freakin’ Skull on it”. He’s the dps warrior, with Whirwind and Mortal Strike. (That’s probably the most important one to remember. None of the other adds can 1-shot 3 or 4 of your clothies in a single attack.) The other one has a sword and shield. He’s basically prot. Hits like a 6 year old girl, might stun, uses Shield Wall when near death.

    Two Paladins. The one with the giant hammer is Ret-spec, has a long stun on a short cooldown, can cleanse. The one with a small mace is holy, and she casts heals, definitely cleanses your CC effects, and has a bubble. (The holy pally also wears a dress, so she is easily confused with the holy priest. This isn’t a problem, because they both do pretty much the same thing anyhow.)

    I’ll admit, I was running Kara for a while before I could say I remembered what all the adds were. The weapons are a huge clue though, once you know what to look for.

    Rob is talking about the Skeletal Ushers. The other strange property they have is that their Ice Tomb ability (the threat dump) can be absorbed by a grounding totem, but even that doesn’t stop them dropping the MT like a hot rock and moving onto someone else. Fortunately, you only ever have to kill 4-5 of them, but yes, I think they’re perhaps the most dangerous trash mobs in the entirety of Karazhan.

    As a general rule though, I tend to retain a better working knowledge of mob abilities that have given me trouble in the past. If a particular mob has never caused me to wipe a few times, I probably don’t really remember what it does.

    On the flip side, I will eventually learn about these supposedly “harmless” mobs, because complacency will set in, and I’ll do something foolish, and it will kill me. That’ll usually make me pay attention. 🙂


  17. With Moroes I know that the priest in the blue dress is a shadow priest and to kill her first >.< Otherwise I don’t remember, haha. Typically I don’t need to because someone else already remembers about it so why waste the energy trying? And if, by some rare occurrence, someone does not know I’m a quick alt-tab/wowwiki search away from knowing. No big deal. Adds 1 minute to a long run.

    But in answer to your question: no. I have never heard of any add-on that can warn for each mob what it is immune to. Would be neat, though.


  18. Nope, dont’ feel bad. There are hundreds if not thousands of different types of mobs out there. I was in kara a month or so ago, and even now that i’ve done it enough to be thrice-exalted, i still didn’t know the mobs starting towards the opera house (the guards at the end of the hall prior to entering opera house proper) are immune to freeze trap, and will tend to one-shot whoever is second on their hate list when they stun the tank. I was ridiculed by a guy i raided with (he’s an ass anyway), but i felt that, yes, i should probably know that, but no I’m not going to spend every waking moment researching every single thing about the game. Just not goign to happen. There will always be someone who does that, but not me.


  19. And am I the only one with serious memory issues as I get older? I know that I’m going to hear a horde of people saying I’m incredibly lame and a lazy ass for not memorizing all the patterns of mob activity as a tank, but I have tried to study and memorize them… I just don’t seem to retain it anymore.

    I have a strong knowledge of Karazhan, probably the instance I know best at this point, and even still I HAVE to refresh my memory with a wowwiki read to make sure I remember what all the Moroes adds do. Every time. No matter how MANY times I’m there.

    Ah, well. It could be worse.

    Maybe it’s too much Mountain Dew. Mountain Dew impedes retention! Lol. Or I’m stupid, one or the other. Take your pick.


  20. Salad, I can’t give you the link, but I went to Curse Gaming, did a search for Necrosis, and then went to the one that had the most downloads, which was not “Necrosis” but “Necrosis something or other”.

    Sorry for the vagueness… but I went with the herd on this one.


  21. Necrosis is my longest surviving addon, I recommend it to any lock out there. Just for the love of all that is shadowy and stuff, turn off the long summoning speeches… That humor is all dried up and crusty I tell you!


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