Big Bear goes bugshit insane on podcast

Read the title again, so you know exactly what I’m gonna tell ya.

So, last night I was scheduled to meet with Fimlys and Breana at 11:30 PM my time (whch is the same as my server time) on Skype to be interviewed for the Twisted Nether podcast.

All joking on my other post aside, I intended to be mostly professional about it. You know, show up on time, sober, rested, read-up on topics of the day and focused to be coherent and attentive.

I respect the hell out of what the two of them are doing, and I really enjoy their show. It just works, and works damn well. As they get practised and comfortable with the medium, I can see them becoming as well known and enjoyed as The Instance.

Well, being professional were my intentions, anyway.

Things kinda didn’t really happen like that.

See, I was supposed to run a Heroic Slave Pens with the guildies Friday evening after dinner. Cassie and I logged off for dinner, though, knowing that Dax was going to be unavailable, Doodle had a Pox night he’d forgotten about, and Squirrelz was still really sick. That didn’t leave much in the way of heroic-geared 70s.

After cooking up some sirloins on the grill (olive oil infused with garlic, brushed on both sides and fresh salt and pepper, grill at medium-low for 8 minutes on each side… YUM) we logged back in.

Cassie logged in first, and I was slow as I was installing and configuring MobInfo 2 and the DB. Which is pretty damn cool, btw.

When I log in, the first thing I get is Cassie whispering me that Wulfa and Ishvi, who are both 68/69, are planning on doing Black Morass, Squirrelz and Nasirah are going in with them… and Cassie got whispered by a stranger asking if we wanted to take part in a Karazhan pug.

We dithered about it for a few minutes, but it was early… and just as I was leaning towards no, Doodle logged in to heal the Black Morass, so we said sure, we’ll do Karazhan. This was at about 7:30 PM. Why the heck not. I’ve got 4 hours till it’s time for the podcast, right?

It was a true PUG. People from everywhere, and every gear level. Our starting team had two hunters, each of which were in greens and PvP epics. Period. Others were pretty well geared for kara, but I expected a wipefest like no other. I packed in 80 candles, Flasks and food and scrolls. I was ready for a painful hellrun to get two bosses and maybe three Badges.

I’m not really going to go into the people in the group that much. I am not going to name names, or guilds. We had some really great players, and we had a few… well, some not so great.

I started the evening, completely by accident, in a Karazhan pug with a rum and coke by my side. This was not intentional, fate just works that way sometimes.

Four hours later, Attumen, Moroes, Maiden and Opera (big bad wolf) are down, we’ve had one wipe on Nightbane and moved on, and we are working on trash on the way to Curator. I’m on someone else’s vent, only 7 members of the PUG are actually ON vent although all directions are being given on vent, and Cassie is number 2 and I’m number three on DPS according to recount. At other times in the night, Cassie would be at 1 and I’d be at 2. At the point right before Curator, I think she was at 3 since she’d died at the start of a boss and missed doing damage, so I was temporarily above her in DPS.

We had taken a break before Maiden to put Alex to bed after he had had a big day… he loves T-ball and is proud of his new hat for it :).

And it’s 11:25. OMIGOD I have a podcast to do.

I load up Skype, and start up a call with Breana and Fim.

I am on the pulls prior to Curator, we have lost four people and gotten replacements over the previous four hours, and we’re getting ready for the pull. So far I got the Handwraps of Flowing Thought from Attumen, and Cassie got Badges. And since I got loot, I find it hard to bail before the pull.

So what the hell to do? Well, let’s see if I can multitask.

I turned down the volume on vent, I muted this one immature kid that was swearing incessantly that eventually just lagged out, and we started the podcast interview.

And I continued to run Kara with Cassie and a pure PUG.

While I talked with Bre and Fim we continued on to down Curator, and Cassie won the Tier 4 glove token… we cleared the trash after that and I won Ritssyn’s Lost Pendant from a trash drop.

We cleared through to Illhoof, wiped on him once, then took on Shade of Aran, wiped on him once, then after we explained to this one moron priest that, no, you DO NOT MOVE ON FLAME WREATH TWO FREAKING TIMES, you complete asshole, and no saying your Deadly Boss Mods was not installed at the time is no excuse when we are screaming in vent at your dumb ass, we downed him. And Cassie won the Drape of the Dark Reaver.

With so many drops going to the two of us, we both agreed on whisper we could not bail on the group. We owed it to them to make sure they got all the loot they could. And I’m still on the podcast, live.

So we continued on, and we cleared Chess, downed Prince, and killed Netherspite.

Cassie got the bloody-be-damned Tier 4 helm token from Prince, since she was flat out the ONLY person that could use it… being there were no pallies or shamans in the raid and she was the only Rogue.

I’m not sure exactly at what point the podcast was over and we said our goodbyes.

All I know is, I was pugging Kara and clearing bosses on a marathon all night run that didn’t end until 3:30 AM, and for one and a half hours I was also on a podcast with Bre and Fim, and I honestly have no idea what I said.

I’m pretty sure I committed to writing a blog post about how to use a focus macro to help control aggro on three or more mobs for just-starting out undergeared druids. After I collapse, I’ll get started on that.

I think I remember being told I have a Canadian fan that wanted to know what I ate and drank while gaming. And someone wanted me to sign their shirt, and I swear I think I remember exactly who that was, but I refuse to speculate in case I remember wrong… but it was very funny and flattering.

But all in all, it was a blur, and the whole time a little voice in the back of my head said, “You are batshit insane to be doing this. Drop the pug and focus on the podcast. Pugs come and go, but this podcast will live forever, you dumb shit. And you sound like a complete basket case.”

And then I thought… well, after all… I love Bre and Fim and all, but there is a certain attraction to winging it the best you can and being yourself. And there was no time to try and fake it, that was all me, baby. Sadly, that was all me.

There is no way in HELL I’m going to listen to that podcast when it’s done.

Oh yeah, and after we downed Netherspite we went back and downed Illhoof in a one shot. So except for Nightbane, it was my first ever one night Kara clear. I think. I certainly don’t remember just clearing the whole damn thing in one night before.

Cassie made out like a bandit. She also hit exalted with Violet Eye for her last ring upgrade. And 20 Badges! Holy cow!

I will say, there were quite a few members in the pug from Uprising, and they were very good, skilled, and nice peeps. They kind of cycled in and out, and they were very nice to play with.

At last count on my Recount we had had 18 different characters in the pug doing DPS over the course of the seven and a half hour Kara marathon. So yeah, some shuffling of folks quitting and new ones being added all the time.

I know one thing, I’d run with quite a few of them again anytime.

That one priest that didn’t know to stop moving during the Flame Wreath? Yeah, not him though. Out of the entire run, he was the only flaming jackass. The bitchy tantrum when he lost the roll on Prince’s healing ring to a resto druid was pathetic. I was embarassed to read it, and it only now occurs to me I could have screenshotted it.. but that punk is a walking disaster, and I’d rather not be the one to make it public.

Sigh. There’s always one.

Now if you folks will excuse me, I am going to go pass out for 4 hours so I can get up when Alex wakes up to make him some yummy breakfast.

And Cassieann had BETTER make a damn blog post about her part of the run… the WoW gods demand a blogging for the loot that rained down on her lucky ass.

BOTH Tier 4 pieces in ONE run! Are you shitting me?

16 thoughts on “Big Bear goes bugshit insane on podcast

  1. Heh, I had my first one-night kara clear the other day… Got two drops.. But all those badges were surely worth it.

    I have not tried playing WoW drunk, D&D while drunk is rather fun though. ;P


  2. Dear Big Bear you are the man ! Thats awesome good for you, I love it – pugging & podcasting is just too too funny.

    I’m listening to the podcast right now, will post up some comments on their site.


  3. You are TOTALLY going to listen to that podcast and you know it! You know you’re curious about what you said and someone else telling you what you said won’t satisfy your urge to know. You will turn to the dark side B…it’s only a matter of time! 🙂


  4. 2 T4 in a night? That’s pretty insane on a PUG. They must have been ready to murder you all for winning all the rolls! Sometimes it just happens that way. I’ve lost count of the number of PUGs i’ve run where i got precisely nothing.

    Anyway gratz to you both!


  5. Oh boy, now I can’t wait to listen to it 😛

    Multitasking almost always end in failure on my part. Like when I try to tank SSC with my paladin, assigning CC targets, having a discussion in officer chat, trying to listen to teamspeak, and talking with my parents in the phone. Cant wait to hear this 😉


  6. You have to love those PUGs. My wife and I first Kara run was a PUG. She on her resto shammy and I as a feral druid. She got 4 purples! T4 gloves for her, me I got the record for most single digit rolls in a single run.


  7. ROFFLE!!!!! This is why, I normally am the sober one, so I can then dangle the truth in front of those with no memories. Okay, just to help a little… yes you committed to macros, Siarah is your big fan in Canada and well, I will let you listen to the podcast for figure out the signing thing. 😛



    You is one damn fuhggin’ crazy bear! Can’t wait ta hears that podcast. Big grats ta both Windburn and Cassie fer the loots – Ritssyn’s and the Handwraps is both excellent spriestie gear, and set gear is always nice.


  9. There is no way in HELL I’m going to miss that podcast when it’s done!

    I was looking forward to the next one anyway, but now I can’t wait 😀


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