A little music for Breana

A little music for Breana, and everyone else that has told me they like the Celtic and Irish music, and wish I still shared a song once in a while…

I present to you Silly Wizard… and no, not the Unicorn Song. Instead, this is teh Queen of Argyll, one of my favorite songs of all time.


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7 thoughts on “A little music for Breana

  1. Silly Wizard rocks. The Queen of Argyle is one of my favorite songs. Ramblin Rover and Donald are two of my other favs.
    The Tim Malloys used to play quite a bit of Silly Wizard’s music for me and BBB. I once asked why an Irish band was playing a Scot song. The answer: Scotsman are only Irishmen who learned how to swim. BBB you should put up Tim Malloy’s Whiskey was my First.


  2. Great song. I always love sharing good Celtic music. Here are a couple great podcasts:

    The Angus Sessions

    And a couple good bands:

    Tears for Beers
    Real Mckenzies
    Afro Celtic Sound System
    Brobdingnagian Bards
    Great Big Sea
    Whooligans (my favorite local Long Beach Ca. band)
    Wolfe Tones

    Only problem was, I cant read your blog at work. Its blocked for streaming media.


  3. A man after my own heart.

    The husband and I had plans to see Andy Stewart a couple/few years back. He was going to be playing a VERY small venue in Vermont and we managed to get tickets and arranged a place to stay for the night (we’re in CT). We were so excited!

    Then Mr Stewart went and threw his back out and cancelled the show. 😦

    I’m still waiting for him to schedule something nearby…..


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