Resto Druid Gear Article Now Up

BBB’s latest Wow Insider article is now up here.  

It focuses on gearing up a resto druid for Karazhan.  This is part one of a two part series and was written with assistance from Bellweather (as well as research from other great resto druid blogs), so go check it out if you have a minute.

8 thoughts on “Resto Druid Gear Article Now Up

  1. Heya, Bear!

    The only thing I would disagree with on your guide (and, in fact, the default stat weights on Wowhead), is the weighing of MP5 vs Spirit. MP5 is great for resto Shaman, and it’s not necessarily bad, but spirit and int are much MUCH better to get than MP5. Spirit and Int both scale with Blessing of Kings, while MP5 doesn’t, and once you start building them up they become a little self sustaining nuclear reaction of resto tree healy goodness.

    Math time! Since 2.4, mana regen from spirit and int scale with each other, so at 200 int it takes 5 spirit to equal 1 mp5, but at 500 int it only takes 3, assuming 100% inside the 5sr. If you drop to just 90% inside the 5sr, you can get the 500 int down to 2 or even 1.5 spirit per mp5 on average. Factor in Kings, Divine Spirit, and Elixir of Draenic Widsom, and it gets truly obscene. I always recommend to upcoming trees that they stack spirit instead of MP5, especially if they’re going to raid.

    So, static item comparison sucks for trees, which is okay, because having static lists takes all the fun out of gearing. 🙂

    Take care!


  2. Comments never work for me at WowInsider. Nice article.

    I noticed Bell missed the Gloves of Preservation, which are from the Shattered Halls quest line so they’re guaranteed rather than a drop. No stamina on them but the +25 spirit is very good for tree druids. I wore them until I got my T4.


  3. Liek I is a durid an sometiem I am a tree an I thot I had a good gear, but now I sad, cuz I don’t, cept maybe mah gloves which are kick butt. So I am need many running of the instance for good geers. So, I talk to Eustashus and Dax and they can has runnings of me? Oh yeah, and I have 1201 +healing, which is how i am awesome.

    Part 2 now plees? Kthxbai.

    Also… moar cafeen maek a Doodle into a Crazydoodle. LOLLERSK8.

    On a serious note (ha!) this is my favorite Wowinsider article ever (for reals) and I have it marked and everything. I’ve been looking for a “one stop gear shop” for quite some time. Thanks B-to-the-B-to-another-B and to Bellwether, of course. ^_^


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