2.4.3 Patch Notes are up at MMO Champion

I ain’t posting them here, but a ton, okay, maybe not a full metric ton, but a shitload, of stuff is getting changed. MMO-Champion got the patch notes from the downloaded patch on the PTR, and posted them for all to see and admire.

Go check them out AFTER you read my comments. Because you won’t come back here if you go do that first!

There are class changes, general changes, all sorts of stuff.

The A #1 change that everyone is going to be shouting about?

Apprentice riding and mounts available at LEVEL THIRTY!!!

The all caps is for the altoholics in my guild, who cannot seem to hit level 26 before starting a new alt. A little enouragement now, yes?

Other things that interest me in the patch notes are;

  • A new mini-nether ray pet you can buy from the Sha’tari Quatermaster at exalted rep (hehe that sucka’s gonna be cute!)
  • YES Paladin Summon Warhorse is also available at level 30
  • 28 slot herb bag tailoring recipes from Sporeggar rep
  • Many minor Magister’s Terrace nerfs for both normal and heroic modes
  • The Shattered Sun Pendant of Acumen now has a chance to trigger from damage over time ticks (yay! even better!)

and last but by far most important….

Our Clockwork Robot Bots will blow each other up again!!!!!!

And WoW Insider has added their own article on the Patch notes here.


16 thoughts on “2.4.3 Patch Notes are up at MMO Champion

  1. >> Apprentice riding and mounts available at LEVEL THIRTY!!!

    WooooO! You know, I saw this in one set of WotLK patch notes, but only saw it in one place, so I was suspicious that it was fake. I thought for sure folks would have made a bigger deal out of it if it were true. Exciting to see that it is!

    (Also, Linn is at level 41, thank you very much. 😉

    JUST KIDDING! And btw, great stuff on that TN podcast. Very entertaining!)


  2. No comment on the

    # Corrected a typo in the tooltip for the Druid spell Rip (Rank 4).

    Anyone know what it was?


  3. Does anyone have an unfiltered version of this patch note? I’m sitting behind a firewall at work and it really sux to have to wait for another 6 hrs before I get to go home to read it. Of course Google cache for MMO-Champion is way behind so it doesn’t have the article that B^3 had mention above.


  4. Don’t forget the worst one that may seem small but is a HUGE change for healing.

    The addon that several of us are now using called caster weapon swapper has a new problem, and we may have to stop using it if this goes live. How it works, (for those that don’t know), is currently you can equip and unequip a weapon in combat during a spell cast. What it does is takes advantage of this by changing your weapon out to your spell surge one as you start to cast a spell. This means that the new spell and the weapon equip share a global cooldown so you never have to stop casting.

    I know that K does this manually in the same fashion.

    The 2.4.3 patch test notes state a small change that impacts healers in a big way:

    Equipping an item will now cancel any spell cast currently in progress.

    This will cause a huge problem for those of us exploiting this.


  5. This is great news, now I just might be able to talk myself into getting those last couple of levels to 30 for my Warlock – walking is such a pain!

    I found the change to Cheat Death to be pretty interesting. I’m actually happy to see it take resil into account now, it always seemed pretty unbalanced for a nub rogue to be able to survive, even when vastly outgeared.

    More pets to collect? Win.


  6. Definitely thar be a swag of goodies in the incoming patch. I’m looking forward to the curse of shadow / curse of elements change.

    It looks like cheat death will now officially have the longest tooltip.


  7. Only if you hold the opinion that a flying mount makes flight form obsolete…

    Forms are instant cast and Travel Form can be cast whilst in Combat – Travel Form only costs 54s – you can Herb, Mine or Skin in Travel Form…

    It would be nice if Blizz would keep some additional benefit to Travel Form by allowing Feline Grace to affect it, though…. After all Cheetahs are Feline…


  8. The SSO pendant for Scryer Shadow Priests is terrible. The Aldor version procs +spell damage and the Scryer version procs damn arcane bolts.

    I got exalted with the SSO and had nothing to buy…perhaps it’s better than the Kara trash neck now, I don’t know. I’ll have to wait for the testing, or just buy the neck myself and try it out on Dr. Boom myself.

    I’ll probably just wait for someone else to do the math…I hate mods.


  9. Mounts at 30 would be nice for some classes, but other than Alts who is going to have the money at 30? I was very, very fugal and had skinning and mining and barely had the gold at lvl 40.

    That said, I wouldn’t have cared too much since I leveled a Hunter (Aspect of the Cheetah at lvl 20) and Druid (Cat form talent at 21 and travel form at 30). I still remember the day I got my lvl 40 mount on my hunter. “I thought this was suppose to be faster?!?!”


  10. It makes me a very VERY sad panda that I am being forced to buy the bear mount with real money. Here I was hoping that mount would be Wrath’s version of the Netherdrake.

    I guess I can still hold onto the hope that there will be a panserbjorne mount (armored polar bear).


  11. This will definitely change wsg 30-39. Druids will still be decent flag runners in this bracket, but no where near as good as they are now. I just recently parked a well -geared (but not twinked) druid at 39 for some fc fun. Not sure if it will be worth keeping him there after the patch.


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