The official Shadow Priest song?

So, running that Kara PUG last weekend, we had more Sidhe Devils than just Cassie and I in there. It went over two days, and during that time we had the awesome healing of Daxie and Doodle, plus the hunter fun of Nighthawke’s alt.

Good times were had by all.

At least, that’s what they told me. 🙂

At one point, early on, I’m doing my usual rotations of damage dealing, opening with some mana DOTting Vampiric Touch goodness, followed by Shadow Word: Pain, Mind Blast, Shadow Word: Death, and Mind Flay until a cooldown is up or a DOT expires.

And for those who aren’t aware, Shadow Word: Death is a very fun, very awesome evil little Shadow Priest defning spell you get in end game. It is an instant cast direct damage spell that is very mana efficient and does some slam-bam good damage.

The catch?

If your Shadow Word: Death does not cause a Killing Blow, YOU take a very large chunk of damage yourself. A hefty chunk.

I love that spell.

So, there I am blasting away, having a good old time of it, and I have noticed a time or two that group 1, the melee and tanks, are taking a hammering… but group 2, the casters… the group I am feeding mana to.. is also damn near always at 100% health. Why? Well, with a Paladin tank and Consecrate up all the time, I MAY have been slipping my Vampiric Embrace in there on the rotation… like, all the time. hey, a DOT is a DOT, and as long as I ain’t pulling aggro, and my Vampiric Touch is always up and giving mana back, well… what’s a little group healing between friends?

But it was making it that much more noticeable that group 2 is, like, always at 100% health… except for that damn Shadow Priest that keeps taking 1000 – 1500 or so damage every so often, over and over.

And I swear Doodle at one point asked me what the heck was going on, that I kept taking damage that he was healing.

And I explained that I was a Shadow Priest… “It’s okay, I’m emo, baby, every so often I have to cut myself to see if I still feel. It’s a Shadow Priest thing.” 

And Dax pipes up by starting to sing ‘Hurt’. And I shushed him, not because his singing was bad, as you know he sings great, but because we were in a mixed PUG group… I didn’t want to freak out the straights that short in the run, damnit!

But I was thinking about it… and I think he’s right.

I hereby wish to nominate Trent Reznor’/Nine Inch Nails’ “hurt”, as sung by Johnny Cash, for Official Shadow Priest Anthem.

And if you don’t agree… what’s your choice?
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Damnit, Trollin is absolutely right… I had somehow completely forgotten about Mana Mana, what ratshag had posted and what i’d seen an awesomed at…

There can be no song above Mana Mana.

4 thoughts on “The official Shadow Priest song?

  1. Definitely agree with “Mana Mana” as The Shadow Priest Song, in fact I saw the post subject and said “If it’s not Mana Mana then something is quite wrong!” =P


  2. Mana! Mana!

    Is amazing how much damage ya can do to yerself with SW:Death. I finds I’s way above any of the other casters fer total damage in, and I’s up with the melee dps and closin in on some of the tanks. Just make sure ya don’t fire it at Curator when he’s evocatings or Prince when he’s done got you enfeebled…


  3. Because I seem to work better when I have a focus ( and it distracted me from doing work…. I think I got most if the Rythm right.. am thinking Nick Cave sorta Dark chords, bass gutair thruming, eerie strings, and a husky vocals

    Heal or Hurt

    In just a click or press
    My life is somewhat less
    I hurt myself to inflict, on others

    Knowing that as I’m breaking
    It’s their life I’m also taking
    Takes some sting from all my hurts

    I wear my shadow like a skin
    Dark form outside and in
    Watching the world pass me by

    An instrument of destruction
    Don’t need your instruction
    Self Sufficient I abide

    Its not always nice to be coveted
    Contested, and sought
    By others who want advantage

    Just because I’m useful
    I’m outdamged but abyssal
    I remind them I can heal or hurt

    Repeat Chorus

    They remember I can heal or hurt…
    Repeat to fade..


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