Maybe it’s just me?

Back when I drove a truck cross-country for Dick Simon Trucking (the skunk trucks!), we had no nationwide cell phones, no satellite uplink computers to browse the internet, none of the new stuff you damn kids take for granted. Get off my lawn, damn you!

That’s a damn good thing, now that I think about it. I was single, I was making pretty awesome money, I lived in the truck so I had zero personal expenses except food and clothes…. the only reason I stopped driving was because I was lonely out there with no one to talk with or share things with. If I had a computer in the truck that I could connect to the internet with via satellite to play WoW on during federally mandated rest periods?

Yeah, I never would have quit trucking… I can admit that. It’s a fact.

Point is, I used to listen to audiobooks on cassette all the time, and comedy albums on tape.

Jeff Foxworthy, before he transformed his career into a family friendly persona, did some good old fashioned raunchy humor back in the day.

I was on the road listening to this show he recorded before a live audience, and he’s telling a story of how he was doing a stand up act near a local military base, and when in the course of the show he happened to mention the nearby military base with some 5000 Airmen (or whatever it was), he said that a cranky female voice piped up from the back of the audience to loudly announce “And every one of them is a bad lay.”

And he said he stopped, totally surprised, and said, “Excuse me, ma’am?” And she called out again “You heard me. Every one of them is lousy in bed.”

And his reply just floored me, I was laughing so hard… he said, “You know, ma’am… after a while, did you ever stop to think…. maybe it’s ME?”


I have carried that bit in my head as a universal truth ever since. Years pass, but I’ll never forget the lesson in there.

If you’re doing something over and over, and you are bitching and complaining constantly about how everyone else is screwed up… take a step back. Maybe it’s not everyone else… maybe it’s you?

Used to be a funny little office sign you’d see in cubes… “If you are calm and collected while everyone about you is losing their heads… maybe you’ve failed to grasp just how deep in the shit you really are.”

Where am I going with this?

Well, as I’ve said before, Cassie and I have been PvPing in battelgrounds to earn the Honor for our Season 2 Merciless weapons. She has more than enough for her main hand, but she wants to have all the Honor she needs so she can buy them both at once. She even already has mats for both Mongoose enchants.

Her favorite BG? Eye of the Storm. She LOVES the fast paced action and sudden changes in fortune that can occur in the blink of an eye.

Me? I love me some Alterac Valley. I can’t help it, I love the large scale coordination it takes to make it all work.

Last night I popped into an AV, pretty late, just before bed. And it was one of those awesome battles, where everyone seems to know just where they should go.

I charged into the offense, as I am prone to do, and for the first time, instead of stopping to help down Galv, I decided to push on to help secure the first tower and hold it.

And I promptly found out what happens to those leading the pack past Galv… they die. And rez in the damn northernmost graveyard, with the entire Horde between you and the offensive team.

Okay, well, I remember from my pre-BC days that the easiest way to get through the cut when the Horde is inbound is to run down and under your own bridge, cut down through the valley on the west and kinda sneak up on the high road and wait for a gap in the Horde flow.

Funny how the Horde NEVER seems to decide to charge the graveyard by leaving the main high road, taking the dive down to the west into the deep canyon and coming up from that route under the bridge… no one ever defends it. I used to play defense on turtles and keep an eye on that avenue of approach worriedly… and never once have I seen a Horde mass attack through there to take a turtle defense from behind. Only lone rogue type folks take it, it seems.

Anyway, I take the valley approach to flank teh road from below where there is some cover, wait for a large pack of horde to flow past, then charge up onto the high road and hop/skip past the straggling Horde into which I appeared and made it safely past to rejoin the offense.

I passed each tower and GY, each was defended and held, got to the Relief Hut, and the timers for capture countdowns were nearing the end, got there just as the call went out “ALL IN”, charged in and identiifed the tank and spent the rest of the fight casting Flash Heal… boom. Alliance victory, 15 minutes into the fight.

Flawless Victory.

So what the hey… 15 minutes? if I rejoin immediately, maybe I’ll get most of the same team!

Went into AV number two… and as we charge south towards our usual offensive targets, it becomes apparent the Horde on this AV are playing a VERY different strategy.

They are staying in the southern half of the map, in groups of 8 to 12, and camping all the towers, every graveyard, and the relief hut. All of the Horde, not just a handful of griefers. I tried taking and holding a tower, and 8+ Horde actually assaulted the tower and all of them came all the way to the flag room at the top. Not the usual one or two to make sure it’s retaken, the WHOLE BUNCH in a coordinated move swarmed into the top room.

As I rezzed and rejoined the battle, and worked my way south, I saw that it was true everywhere. The Horde had turned turtle. Pure turtle. Zero offense, in favor of holding all the Alliance target points.

Alliance chat started to have the usual “Can’t you worthless noobs hold a Tower? We’re never going to win if you don’t hold the tower after you take it” comments.

I actually responded to that one, something I rarely do, announcing to the people who are bitching in chat, the same ones that ran straight to the Relief Hut and are now standing there bored waiting for the rest of the raid to do the work of capping and holding the towers and GYs while they sit and wait to rush in, “A mage and I were holding Tower Point, and 8+ Hordes bum rushed it. I’m heading south now and the Horde are camping, in force, every tower and GY south of Galv. Come back north and help retake them.”

I got taken out again trying to take a graveyard, and rezzed all the way north again. And as I watched the BG chat, the rest of the Alliance realised it was not just A turtle, it was THE turtle to end all turtles. Alliance BG chat exploded into hate and blame.

And I looked at the battle map… and I remembered I had all those AV quests you get by physically going to Alterac Valley north of Southshore, quests to get your Alliance trinket, cap a graveyard, burn a banner, take a mine.. those quests.

Well, I’m gonna be here for a while anyway, right?

So off I went, and I personally took a graveyard (FWGY, if you please), and I assaulted a tower (and died, but got credit for the Banner burning first), and I fought my way into the harpy den and got the banner for the Alliance trinket quest… and then I soloed my way deep into Coldtooth Mine, and made me way near to the Horde mine master… and waited in a side passage for the rogue I was certain was there to get bored and leave. I stood behind a pillar and moved my camera to watch, while I hid behind one of the mine supports, kinda sneaky like.

And sure enough, after a few minutes… off runs a rogue breaking their own stealth, secure in the knowledge that the Mine was theirs.

And 30 seconds later I burn down the Horde mine boss to recapture the mine, just as the whistle sounds to signal the Horde have wiped out the Alliance reinforcements.

I had a great time. I kept running around doing stuff, I nailed a few Horde, my only complaint being that EVERYONE resists my Psychic Scream, or is able to click out of it in 1 second it seems. Everyone. I thought that damn trinket was supposed to have a 5 minute cooldown, so I’m pretty sure everyone isn’t blowing their cooldown every time I happen to fire off Psychic Scream. Maybe it’s a Resilience thing, but I didn’t think Resilience had ANYTHING to do with resisting Fear effects.

Anyway, I had a great time. I didn’t get a win, or more than 100 bonus Honor, but I completed all the quests, got my Trinket, got 36 gold (those AV quests are worth 12 gold apiece. Cha-ching!) and that is my first time on Windburn capturing the mine solo. It was just… fun.

And the whole time I’m doing that… the Alliance BG chat channel is just going batshit INSANE with rage and hate and anger at being in a turtle. People are leaving the Alliance side, deserting in a FLOOD. The chat was full of epic hate and bannable language, it was just amazing. I haven’t seen that kind of wild abandon in spewing forth hate in ages. Maybe it’s the effect of being in a BG with people who are mostly from other servers in your battlegroup, that makes you feel even more anonymous than normal, like there are truly no consequences for being an utter douchebag on chat.

Just, the amount of blame being assigned to everyone, all the many reasons we would just WIN if all the REST of you would have done what you were supposed to , you’re all noobs, retards, stupid, etc etc etc. And all the hot replies, oh yeah. Feeding the flames. I’m surprised, totally surprised, it didn’t Godwin out towards the end.

And as always when I see that kind of finger pointing, that assumption that everyone else in the entire raid sucks because of a wipe, or a bad pull, or a failed BG, that line floats up in the back of my memory…

“You ever stop to think…. maybe it’s you?”


13 thoughts on “Maybe it’s just me?

  1. this could be my favorite post of yours, I must say. Oh, and I roll horde and your comment about running under that bridge — instead of taking the bottleneck or dropping in from above that the mouth of the mine — GENIUS! Never would have thought of it. I don’t think I am in your battlegroup (Kil’jaeden server), so I don’t think it matters too much. Again, thanks for the laughs!


  2. This is such a great and true insight. I’ll remember that Foxworthy tidbit, I know. One of the reasons I don’t PvP much in BGs is because of the hate – and I know, I could just not read it, or put it in a different tab. But then it feels like I’m all alone and I don’t know what’s going on overall – there ARE some decent chats that come across now and then.

    I did the quests on my frost mage – and got reported for AFK (so the complainers said) because I was in the areas that weren’t meant for capturing. I explained this on chat, and got “So what?” and more explicit comments essentially saying to “get with the program” and do the BG, not the quests.

    I did the quests anyway. 🙂


  3. Yeah that’s true. I’m one of those people, or used to be. See I’m in science, I do cancer research. It’s pretty hard, and you have to have a bunch of talents to do well. I just realized it was hard, after 10 years of work. I had several bad bosses, and didn’t do great work, but decent. I figured it was the project or the boss, you never know. Well, now i have a great boss, but again am doing decent but not exceptional work. Now i know its me, and science is hard, and only the truely exception will excel in it. The rest of us get through the best we can.

    Oh, and trying to give logical advice in AV (such as cap IBGY) – absolutely useless. The mob will cap IBGY when they damn well feel like it. I’ve never had a AV where there was even a hint of coordination, just the usual zerg drek, cap the towers, get RH, all in.


  4. Really good written post, the point at the end was perfectly executed. And “If you are calm and collected while everyone about you is losing their heads… maybe you’ve failed to grasp just how deep in the shit you really are.” made me laugh loud for a long time, got to get a sign like that 😛


  5. My favorite is when you die rushing the RH (because no one stops to help you live, it’s so awesome. *can you hear the sarcasm?*), and spawn back up at the Alliance RH… and the Horde offensive is bottling you up by Stonehearth…

    You hear people saying ‘OMG! Look at all you newbs on D! Come O!’.

    To which I reply, “You try it.”

    The best was I said that, someone else said, “i just did lolz”… then two seconds later, same person says, “i just died”. Followed by ‘name’ has left the battleground.


  6. Excellent post, once again. 🙂

    When I was first considering trying the BGs, I thought I was going to be upset by getting killed over and over, but that turned out to be the least of my annoyances. What bugs me most is the attitude of my teammates. I hate the quitters! If the opposite faction even gets a slight lead, the chat is “oh well, we lost, stupid noobs, blah blah blah.” I’ve seen some great comebacks, and those are some of the most fun BG experiences I’ve ever had.

    It’s true — there are some people (in the game and also in life) that make it a habit of trying to elevate themselves by blaming (or just shitting on) other people. It’s never them, it’s everyone else. I worked with someone like this for a few years (horrible! argh!!) and it turned out that she’d had interpersonal issues with coworkers in every place she’d ever worked. She honestly believed the whole world was against her, sabotaging her, jealous of her, had it in for her, etc, etc. Same kind of thing… she never guessed that it was just her. When I see kids act like that in the BGs, blaming everyone else for the failure of the group, I dearly hope that they’ll grow out of it, take some responsibility, and not carry the attitude into their real lives.


  7. sure it wasn’t Ron White you were thinking there buddy? That bit about the the military base is on his “Can’t Fix Stupid” album.. Soooo..he either stole it from Jeff Foxworthy..or you be wrong Bear! 🙂


  8. The only difference is the amount of resilience… since I’m not a hard core pvp player the 8k honor one is more then enough. I’m so glad I didn’t buy it when it cost 16k honor 😀

    You are totally right BBB its amazing how much some of those people can type while still playing… personally when I’m killing horde its hard to be typing THAT much in BG chat.


  9. AHHHH!!!!!

    See, now I didn’t know that, Thormael. Damn, that makes it all a hell of a lot clearer now. 5 mins is one thing, but 2 mins..

    Okay, gotcha. Damnit, I need that trinket.


  10. lvl 60 pvp trinket has 5 mins cooldown.
    lvl 70 pvp trinket has 2 mins cooldown.

    Quite a few classes have talented 15% resist to fear and / or stun, or silence…


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