My first PvP shoutout

I would like to thank Killersand of Hellscream for representing your server’s PvP population with maturity and honor.

Your threat to visit me at my house, and ‘bring a shotgun or two’, filled me with awe and respect.

I have seen some things in PvP chat that has impressed me, surprised me, and even at times disgusted me.

But rarely, if ever, have I laughed out loud nearly as hard, nor as long, as when I saw that.

Thank you.

After reflection, and killing a few more Horde at Blood Elf Tower, I grew afraid… deeply afraid for the consequences of daring to ask that you stop calling everyone else in the Eye of the Storm run ‘the worse noobs in the entire game’, and instead ask that you, like… play? Your 5 Honorable Kills and 11 deaths filled me with great fear, it really did.

In the future, I will remember, when I see you enter the fight… that if you stand up, I need to sit down.

For you, with your two shotguns, are The Man.

All must fear. ALL must fear.

BTW… email me, if you live in the Twin Cities. I would be DELIGHTED to meet you. There is a contact form at the top of the page.

You’re welcome to bring friends, if you have any. And if you can fit through your mom’s basement door to leave the house.

God, I’m still laughing, even though we got crushed in that BG. It was worth it for that.

What retard scrote threatens to go to someone on the internets’ house with two shotguns? Are you freaking kidding me? For being called out on being a useless asshat?

Just… go away from the internets. /facepalm

I’m sure your guild, Voracity, is very proud… and it’s nice to see you are such a master of PvP with your 1282 rated 3v3 Arena team.

Okay.. back to the joys of Eye of the Storm on bonus honor weekend.

10 thoughts on “My first PvP shoutout

  1. Wes, that was a pretty cool webcomic. And you’re right, very appropriate.

    Although… I wish it wasn’t. I wish I lived in a world where we COULD judge each other, to the extent to which we judged, based solely on the expressed thoughts of the person, without having that judgment change based on physical appearance related to age, sex, race or clothing/accessories.

    I sometimes want to weep for the lost potential of the internet… and everytime I think of Godwin’s law, I REALLY want to.


  2. I just love those BG “experts” in their PvP gear. Oh wait he did make at least one Kara run for hs bow.
    Don’t tell me I suck, becase I know for a fact that I blow.


  3. *giggle* I’ve been PvPing to fill in some spots of gear (Karazhan wants me to go restoration or balance, I swear…) so I’ve had plenty of new experience in the types of commentary found in battlegrounds.

    I just start… making jokes of everything. Eventually, more people make fun with me and the asshats implode (or leave BG, win win situation!)


  4. Oh I love it! Even though I rarely pvp I do watch my husband in BGs and it’s so funny to see his sarcasm levels rise at the “YOU ALL SUCK” shouts and the fact that he blasts the people shouting obscenity with the twin barrels of his shotgun of intellect and wit 🙂

    Reminds me of a reply from a 14 year old who applied to our guild (where the average age is 30 or so). I told him he was a little young, wished him all the best and the response was .. “Lol the game is for 12+ years old and 2. I got raid more than you ever will 3. i understand english fine so whats the problem your affraid of getting young skilled players ?” For me that said it all.


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