WOW Insider Show Today

BBB will once again be on the WOW Insider show today at 2:30 CST/3:30 EST.  It should be a busy show as they talk about all the new class changes that were announced at the WWI ’08 WoW Dev panel (see here for some overall details about the fantastic changes coming).

You can go here at the time of the show to listen to it live.  We’ll also post the link Tuesday or Wednesday when it’s available for download if you can’t make it today.



9 thoughts on “WOW Insider Show Today

  1. Yeah I got, I’m working on something right now but my brother got the best of me so watched a movie for the remainder of the evening… meh. Was going to reply when I had something to show up, I reasoned.
    Anyway, as far as I got it’s similiar to Phael’s ToL as it is cartoony.
    I’m not too satisfied with pose so I’ll make another attempt I guess when I have more time… but before I go to bed for tomorrows work at 05:00 *COUGH*…

    …check your e-mail 😮

    P.S Remove my e-mail from the comment please, I actually recieved five spam-mails the next day on my e-mail account after posting it here so… yeah.


  2. Haha, yeah great to hear you enjoy it too, I wasn’t so sure what your standing on the pack was since usually a blogger mentions it at least once or so and then I can see if I can harvest some more connection with this person, as I did with Phaelia somewhat when someone who saw my wallpapers gave the link to Resto4Lief which featured it, then the skins came up on her site some time after that when she contacted me.
    (I have been visiting this place before btw, but haven’t read all too much of it I’m afraid)

    And about the foot in their ass, I hope so! They’ve been horribly ignorant and rude to the Druid community, it would be such a huge morale boost if they did this change because of my effort on DoA ^^

    The amount of souls you’d have to sacrifice is insurmountable, but since you’re a blogger you can always sacrifice some of your poor visitors/fanboys I guess.
    I’m seriously considering making something for you, but I have no idea what that would be… *cough*… but I can assume it would be a NE bear? I could try and make something similiar as Resto4Life ToL on the left, and start sketching a bit when I have some time. Sounds good to you?
    Again, no guarantee I’ll finish this, I hate making such promises to people since I find myself constantly breaking them if so.



  3. OMigod, Andrige visited my blog!

    Yes, of course I mentioned your work, I may not talk about it as much as Phaelia does, but I am just as enamored of it, and I do try to mention it as much as possible, at least at WoW Insider.

    It’s my opinion that your work is the foot in Blizzards ass that will be driving any improvements we see out of them.

    My ideal? They just damn well pay you to license your reimaginings of their skins, and use them as is.

    And I will admit to massive feelings of envy that Phae got you to do a drawing of a gorgeous tree for her… How many souls must I harvest to ask for a bear? I gots sword… I can harvest!

    Hmmm… I wonder what i can use to hold em for shipment. I’ll have to look into that.


  4. I hope you will battle it out in our favour for the Dire Cat form vs Titan’s Grip!
    Awesome show, will try and catch the next one as well.
    Thanks for mentioning my skin-pack btw!



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