Blizzard Authenticator available for purchase

As an update to my earlier post, I wanted to let you know the Blizzard Authenticator is now available for purchase directly through the Blizzard store.

I have gone to the Blizzard store, and followed the process to purchase two of these devices. I was charged $6.50 each, plus a total of .85 cents sales tax.

Ground shipping was free, and was listed as taking from 8 to 10 business days.

So my order was placed this morning, 6/30/08, using Ground shipping. I’ll keep you updated as to how long it actually takes to receive, and what my actual experience with this will be.

Cassie may or may not choose to use the device, but I guarantee you I will be delighted to have the new peace of mind.


13 thoughts on “Blizzard Authenticator available for purchase

  1. I would be interested in hearing your take on the Blizzard authenticator, personally before I purchase one.


  2. Stupid Blizz web site is messed up. It says that both my home and office addresses are APO or FBO addesses therefore they can’t ship to me.



  3. I hates the Blizzard.

    Not available for purchase for those of us who live outside the US from the US store and sold out in the EU store.

    This makes me a sad bear 😦


  4. Wait, does this mean active duty Military personnel won’t be able to purchase Blizzard Authenticators?

    Okay, if that’s the case, I may need to see if there is some way we can call shenanigans on that.


  5. I ordered my two as well, though I’m not sure my husband will use one either. I know I’ll appreciate the extra security, especially with my character names pasted all over the internets.

    They’re not shipping overseas at all, Bear, so non US can’t get them (not Australia or anything) – I think we do need to call shenanigans, and also possibly work out deals with our friends overseas to order them here and mail them (obviously to people we know, not to random internet people).


  6. Probably due to the encryption technology, the state dept. generally doesn’t allow that sort of tech to leave the US. Anyway I ordered 2. Real cheap for peace of mind.


  7. That’s been the explanation that I’ve seen Rob, that it’s to do with the encryption technology.

    Which is funny cause the authenticator is made in China and the fact that I am already using one for work so it’s not something that we don’t have already.

    Damn rules.


  8. First off, I hope you all realize that one device can be used for more than one account…

    Second off, from what I’ve seen it looks like they use a one-way hash, which although it is a sort of encryption, I thought the export thing only applied to two-way encryption (I.E. something that can be used to encrypt and decrypt a message). I might be wrong though, the gov’t is stupid like that.


  9. Speaking as a victim of account hacking. (I blame an addon/keylogger called henge which claimed to be a necrosis like sphere addon for all classes but was really useless.) I purchased one of these shortly following my hack and have used it ever since. I am quite happy to not have to worry about my account. They are very easy to use, you enter your usual Username/Password then it asks for the authenticator’s key. 6 digits and you are through to enjoy the rest of your game time.

    Tekkub you are correct you can bind more than one account to one unit, however.. if you are using multiple accounts and multiple computers (sometimes in different rooms or even floors of a house) one keyfob may not be adequate for your needs.

    Anyway, I like mine and recommend it highly to all my guild mates.

    I wouldn’t wish an account hack on my worst enemy, the 24 hour lockout was painful, finally getting to login and finding two of my banks empty, and even my guild banks getting hit. Was an enormous shock. Luckily, I am in a guild with a lot of good people and they noticed whoever it was’s unusual behavior (notably not speaking in guild chat.) nor answering whispers/guild chat questions/invites. They kept pestering whoever it was and he left before too many of my things got sold off. I got it all back in the end, the GM’s were very helpful and prompt.

    It’s a shame that there is no legal recourse for a violation like this. I know it’s all 1’s and 0’s, but it also represents a huge investment in time and effort.


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