Congrats to Cassie for her new death-dealers


Well, a few weeks ago we identified that the best, most massive upgrade Cassie could get for her Rogue were the Season 2 Merciless Gladiator Slicer and Quickblade.

From that time, 12 days passed, and Cassie had earned the honor and Marks necessary to purchase both weapons.

Today, she sports both swords with Mongoose enchants, and when taken with the appearance of her gear, which actually matches, she looks like quite the color coordinated badass.

She had never done PvP before that time, so I think a bit of congratulations are in order for setting her mind to a goal, enduring the asshats of PvP, and the ganking that comes with being a PvE geared Rogue in PvP, in order to gain her objective.

Doesn’t she look hawt? Honestly folks.


14 thoughts on “Congrats to Cassie for her new death-dealers

  1. I’m not sayin’ that my GM and the wife of my co-GM is hawt.

    But I’m just sayin!

    Seriously, great job Cassie. PvP grinds are horrible if you are not a fan of PvP. Well done. Enjoy not queueing up.


  2. Congratulations, Cassie! You look like one death-dealin’ rogue. The badge pants look amazing with the T4 gear, I’m surprised by how well they match.


  3. Welcome to the club, Cassie. One rogue to another, I would recommend continuing to PvP just a bit to make such future grinds less painful. If you find yourself logged in and waiting on someone, pick up the daily BG and hop into one. It’s pretty easy to pick up a couple thousand honor a week that way and its not a horrible way to spend 20 otherwise idle minutes.

    The thing that’s always going to be appealing about the PvP weapons for Rogues is that you get exactly what “type” you need. For example, the badge fists have great stats, but if you are specced swords, maces or daggers then it doesn’t help much.


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