Cassie’s favorite song – Billie Maclure

Okay, second favorite… Dax’s Pugging Kara Blues is still number one.

But we were chatting about WoW today, as we sat in folding chairs, watching our son play T-Ball, and she mentioned that while listening to the WoW Insider podcast on WC Radio (does it count as a shameless plug if I don’t link it? Nah, I think we’re cool) she enjoys listening to the songs that play before the show and during the break in the middle.

Well, heck, I never get to hear the music, I’m actually doing the show. I feel robbed. I want my live music!

She was telling me that she was listening last weekend, and before the latest episode about the Paris WWI, they played Dax’s song again. Woot Dax!

And then she said that as much as she loved that one, her other favorite that they play on WC Radio fairly often is a little something called Billie Maclure, that they just nailed the quests and even mentioned Hogger and it sounds just like….

Well, it was clear she really liked it.

So I went on out there and found it, just for her.

Here you go dear… love you!


4 thoughts on “Cassie’s favorite song – Billie Maclure

  1. Ok that was really funny. One thing bothers me though. It sounds a lot like Michael Jackson and it’s all about a young boy…


  2. Yay! Ok, this is even funnier when there’s an actual video to go with it, lol. I had no idea it was out there. Thought it was just a cute song they played before the show and having done this quest chain recently on my pally found it amusing to hear it fit into the music so well.

    Thanks Dear!



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