Sidhe Devils take down Kael’thas!

Okay, so it was baby Kael’thas in regular Magister’s Terrace… but it was a heck of a learning experience!

Wait, what did I learn?

I learned that I LOVE Mind Control !

Oh, and I hate being squishy during the PvP battle. I finally had to bring in Windshadow just to have a shot at surviving… and I’m glad I did, since two of the team still died, and we had to just bear butt it on through.

But I do so love Mind Control… if only I can figure out how to lose the aggro that every mob has on me after my target dies. Time after time, I grab MC, I let him get killed, I Fade and bubble, and I get insta-squished anyway, Consecrate or no Consecrate.

Ah well, I’ll figure it out.


Ishvi did some kick butt Pally tanking, Doodlebug was a pretty darn spiffy healer, and of course Cassie stuck pointy things in people and Dax shot stuff and ladi down many a trap.

A good time was had by… well, we wiped a lot. So maybe a good time was only had by me. But dang that was fun!



17 thoughts on “Sidhe Devils take down Kael’thas!

  1. Hmm… I usually just have my Spriest’s target as the last to pick off, since he can pretty easily recast MC. No loose targets = happy squishie. Plus he’ll pick a target that either heals or does damage, therefore you’re not losing. 🙂


  2. “quick note: Blessing of Protection will only save you from mobs that use primarily physical damage. If you get aggro on something like a Warlock, Ethereal, or a Magister, they will laugh at your bubble, and continue pelting you with their high damage spells.”

    Incorrect. While you can still take magic damage while in BoP, the blessing has the side effect of making all mobs with *any* physical attacks available to them ignore that person for the duration of the bubble, as long as there is another viable target on their threat list. And since there are very few, if any, mobs without at least a basic autoattack in their reportoire, that means BoP will pretty much always de-aggro whoever you put it on (though it will not prevent a spell already being cast from landing).

    Anyhow, I did a MgT run myself last night (albeit on heroic). Went through three characters for it, too. Used Surania (Bear Tank) all the way up to the third boss fight, then switched to Kirari (Warlock) for that fight for the extra CC. Then, I switched to Jasminne (Prot Paladin) for the final boss in hopes he dropped the Cudgel of Consecration. . . no dice.


  3. Ohh, very nice. I remember the first time I went into MgT… I went with a super-pimp group so it seemed simple, until the next time I went, with my usual 5-man group and it was waaaaaaay harder than I’d thought. 😦

    As for the 5v5 fight, that one usually involves all of us running around like idiots, hehe. Immune to taunt so my furry arse can’t save anyone who gets in trouble. This usually means my priest dies and I have to shoot off a quick battle rez, but generally we’ve been pretty lucky with the boss makeup in that fight. Just some CC advice for the next time you do it…

    We always kill the priestess first because she heals, but she goes down pretty fast… If we get the MS warrior, we *always* sheep him, as it’s the most reliable form of CC, and he’s really mean. Other than that, I recommend killing any casters first, trapping any melee if possible, and if you get the hunter and you’ve got a druid, you can Sleep his pet. 😀

    Good luck!!



    Generally, an MC pull should be treated exactly like a Sheep pull or a Shackle pull. If you keep up the MC long enough to get your pet killed, but no one else is tapping the other mobs to build threat … yeah, you’re going to have one heckuva hard time avoiding aggro after.

    But if the group starts in on the other mobs while you still have your pet, then only the mob you MC will care about you if/when the MC pops. And that’s generally easy enough to avoid, as in almost every case either your group is ready for the release or you just spam PWS and re-MC.

    Don’t forget about Mind Soothe if you are going to pull with MC. (I always do until 4 or 5 MC pulls later.) It makes the first few seconds much, much less hairy.


  5. quick note: Blessing of Protection will only save you from mobs that use primarily physical damage. If you get aggro on something like a Warlock, Ethereal, or a Magister, they will laugh at your bubble, and continue pelting you with their high damage spells.


  6. Yeah, Doodlebug did a GREAT job… heck, so did Ishvi, as a Pally tank he has never tanked a heroic before, only regulars like Old Hillsbrad and Black Morass. He stepped up to the challenge of tanking this, and did a great job.

    That being said…. Misdirect and Multi-shot… oh damn, oops, I shoulda thought of that Itsnoteasy… but even worse…

    Stale and Galoheart… Blessing of Protection…. O.o

    I want to cry now.

    I hereby revoke Ishvi’s ‘tanking for my SP’ license until he repeats “I WILL BoP my priest” 100 times on the blackboard. …


  7. Congrats! That fight is a lot of fun! I think everyone agrees that it’s the hardest 5 man to do, and needs a wee bit of nerfing. I love the air swimming though. BIG kudos to Doodlebug-that instance is tree unfriendly. Heroic version almost made me cry.


  8. Option 1.
    Taunt. This however won’t work in the 5v5 boss. The mobs are not tauntable.
    Option 2.
    BoP from Pally and have the tank beat on them.
    Option 3.
    Carry a threat reducing trinket. If fade is not enough, try popping a threat reducing trinket and your fade. I don’t know if this will work or not though.


  9. I’s been using mind control ta grabs the necromancers in the trash waves up on Mt Hyjal. Works pretty good, ’cause I can gives our melee dps’ers a nice buff while I gots him. But making sure a tank’s ready ta taunt his arse off of me, soon as I lets go so I don’t get me face shadowbolted off- yeah, that part’s not so fun.


  10. Grats!

    I love a good run, and if your having fun its a good run.

    side note, I am getting an error when using the contact form as well. I saved the error messages it spit out if you want them for troublshooting, just let me know.


  11. @Gnomeaggedon: That shot is called Distracting Shot, it does no damage (hence doesn’t break shackles, but it generates 900 threat. If you want to use it on trapped/shackled/sapped mob, it’s very important to use it in a ‘/stopattack’ macro, since otherwise you’re very likely to autoshot the mob automatically.


  12. Have the Pally use Blessing of Protection on the SP after MC releases. Its that simple. He can also taunt also. However I prefer to BoP a squishy than have them die to a taunt resist. I do that often in Heroics with a SP along.

    Ardent Defender


  13. You had a pally tank… with a 5 minute cooldown on Blessing of Protection, what was he doing…

    Thats the only reason I take pally tanks to ZA…

    Well apart from the AOE tanking 😛


  14. I think another option is to let someone else hit it once or twice before the MC.. and I vaguely remember there was another (maybe hunter) shot that wouldn’t break a shackle, but would be higher threat than the shackling priest… err nice and vague I know. Of course that is assuming the mobs are have a threat table, which some don’t in MgT from memory.. well not a normal tauntable one.


  15. A few ideas:

    * Have the pally use Righteous Defense. Forces up to 3 targets to attack him for 3 seconds.

    * Have a hunter drop an explosive trap between you and the mobs. Better a squished hunter than a squished healer. 🙂

    * That, or have the hunters misdirect+multishot the mobs on to the tank. I’ve done that a few times when we accidentally get adds in an instance to make sure they don’t go after the healer.


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