Contact form page changed, and the status of the blog

I’ve had people say for months that there were problems with the Contact Form, and I have no idea why… it seems like 100 people get it to work fine one day, and then the very next morning I see at least three comments from people who say it wouldn’t work for them.

I have no idea how many people might have tried contacting me, had it fail, and just gave up, and I don’t know what’s wrong with the plugin, so I updated the Contact page with an email address. I’ll leave that up until someone that knows what the heck they’re doing can look at the Contact Form code.

I like the Contact Form, because when I get the email, I can see from the formatting it’s from the blog and it makes it past my spam filters 100% of the time.

Anyway, so there is that.

The other thing is, I just wanted to say that when I went to bed last night, I had some serious doubts as to whether or not I was coming back today.

This blogging has always been, to me, about having fun chatting with friends, and sharing things with friends that I think are cool in WoW.

When I started the blog, it grew out of posting long rants and stuff in a small Yahoo group of just my few friends in our WoW guild, and it grew from there into a blog that was still just the same people, and maybe a handful more that BRK sent to me because he mentioned me once a long time ago.

As things have grown and changed, intellectually I’ve known that more people have been reading, but emotionally, I’ve always felt that my audience, the folks that visit here, are just part of my circle of friends.

That’s why I share everything that I do about what’s going on in my life. It’s why I post some of the things that, in hindsight, readers of a ‘feral druid blog’ probably think are just… stupid, and a waste of your time.

I see a funny WoW related vid, and think “Oooh I bet my friends would get a kick out of that.”

I shared my PBeM game that Manny and James and I have been playing in the same spirit of wanting to share something I’m proud of with my friends.

Even writing for WoW Insider… I was incredibly surprised to be asked to do that. And I have written very differently over there, because I do not feel my audience over there is made up solely of friends, I feel it is made up of mostly serious players looking for advice, tips and strategies. So I write serious Druid stuff for the most part, and I take making my articles valuable to the Druid community seriously when I write for them.

But it still felt like, the players that read over there are more the ‘norm’ of strangers looking for tips, and that when I come back here to blog, it’s back to chatting with friends. I think my biggest mistake there was putting a link to my blog in the articles.

The events of the last few days, the teeny bit of stuff in the public comments and the deluge of SHIT on my email, has brought that house of cards crashing down.

I no longer feel like I’m just chatting with friends. After some of the shit I’ve read in my email, I’m sorry, but emotionally… it’s a bunch of faceless strangers staring at me and judging me and my life. 

TJ has chatted with me in the past, and she’s tried to beat into me this thing about how big I am in blogging for WoW, and that I must be doing this for fame or I wouldn’t be doing it in the first place, and I never understood what she was saying. I just didn’t get it. I’m chatting with friends, I was doing it when there were 3 other people reading it, nothing has changed since then except I’ve got more friends now. Who gives a shit about being famous? What am I, Britney Spears? I don’t THINK so, thank you very much.

But… now I see what she meant. If I’m not doing all this for fame, then what reasonable person puts themselves out there like this in front of total strangers that have no problem ripping you apart in a personal manner, in the foulest of language, in personal emails, apparently trying to ‘win’ the internet.

So… I don’t know.

I do know that I went to bed last night pretty much thinking that I was done. This morning, I saw that I had a bunch of smart advice and nice words from folks that I do think of as friends posted about the MgT run, and that plus a couple of emails from other WoW friends just saying ‘hi’ helped remind me that everyone I like is still here… it’s just that there are a bunch of OTHER folks here too. 

I need to remember that I’m not just chatting with friends, put that knowledge in a compartment, and then forget it. My friends are what it’s about, and screw the rest of the people that have nothing better to do with their lives than… screw it. They’re not worth my time.

Please bear with me a bit, because it’s gonna take me a while to regain my sense of humor about this. 

I’m thinking of it like this… where before, I felt like I invited some friends over to my house, and we were all hanging out and chatting in the comfort of the living room… now, I feel like I went out to a bar, and invited a bunch of friends over, and we’re sitting there having a few pints and chatting and having a great time… but the bar is crowded, and there are plenty of people standing around our table, just standing and wathcing, close enough to overhear, and bored. And listening to us is a good way to pass the time as they have a few drinks.

And they’re not really our friends, and they don’t really give a shit… but if they hear something someone says they disagree with, they’ll sure as hell make sure we know it.

It’s not that big a deal… I just gotta remember that I don’t give a shit what the strangers think… it’s all about what my FRIENDS think.

Yeah, if I was as emo now as I was in High school, I’d pull out the Violent Femmes and spin “Good Feeling”. Oh, boo hoo.

As it is… I’ma gonna go play. Damn it, it’s late enough in the morning that I bet the good easy farming of ore is gone! Crap!

My friends, thank you for being you, and I am grateful that you made for me this imaginary little dream world where I thought everyone in the entire world that I knew was cool… whether you ever commented or hung out and had fun, you each know who you are, you are what has made this so much fun for the last year, and each and every one of you rocks. Thank you for being awesome. 


66 thoughts on “Contact form page changed, and the status of the blog

  1. Just a few thoughts to add to the mix; take them or leave them as you will.

    Firstly, I enjoy your blog. I’ve been reading it for about 5 months, and typically visit no less frequently than every other day. Your style is solid, enjoyable, and the breadth of topics you cover is entertaining. I look forward to continued content as you put it out.

    Having said that, I think it’s important to note that not everyone who disagrees with your thoughts/comments/pronouncements (or mine, or anyone who puts themselves out there in the public eye for viewing) is an idiot worthy of scorn. I’m not talking about the chuckleheads who can’t form sentences or a coherent thought, I’m talking about folks who honestly disagree with you, and put together arguments that hold water. With the internet as a major enabler, we’re becoming a more and more fragmented culture; we associate more and more only with people who hold our ideals, we live in neighborhoods composed of individuals who have similar political idealogies, and we even now allow incoming college students to choose the type of dorm they live in (in some colleges, you can choose to live in a “green” dorm, a “liberal” or “conservative” dorm, etc.). I think the idea that you write for yourself or a small segment of your friends limits your connection to others. You’re in the public eye (albeit a specialized public…); you should be prepared for people to disagree with you on occasion, and if they present a worthy argument, you should be willing to concede their point and modify/change/revise your stance. That’s what interaction in a public forum is all about – the active and beneficial sharing of ideas. I’d like to see folks a little more willing to interact with people that disagree with them – we don’t get anywhere if we only interact with those of us that hold the same views.

    It is possible (in fact, likely) that this comment is overblowing the situation. You’re probably just tired of dealing with dillweeds that get off on being jerks. If, however, there is a part of this that is about honest disagreement, take some time to think about what those disagreements are, and if valuable, incorporate them into your views. After all, isn’t the active exchange of ideas the fuel that spurs advancement?

    From one military escapee to another, keep up the good work.


  2. Oh man. I’ve been behind the power curve here, didn’t even realize what had happened recently. I am like Doyce. You may not think of me as a friend, but I think of you as one. That’s weird, huh? I get the same thing over at my own blog (albeit with FAR fewer readers) in terms of being known to a larger number of people than I know back. I’ve had some experience lately on WoW Insider with people posting a-hole things about me, my opinions, and even the color of my skin. (No joke.) Even though I can’t sympathize perfectly with the scope of your experience, I have definitely had a taste of it. That being said, I want to tell you with my selfish heart that I hope you do not quit blogging. I enjoy the heck out of your blog — even though I’m not a druid! In my rational mind, though, I understand that it’s not everybody’s cup of tea to be “out there” and feel like you’re being judged, so if you decide to quit, I will understand and hope to see you over on Sidhe Devils.


  3. Bear, don’t let em get ya down. When I had my old blog up, I was very outspoken when my hubby was deployed, mostly about the protestors harassing us families at the gates, in town, etc, or in the media. And I took alot of heat, a lot of hate mail, etc. But the fact is, It’s MY blog. I’m not writing it for anyone but me, and the few that regularly follow me.

    The important thing to remember is to be true to yourself, your blog is one of my favorites, always has been. Because you aren’t afraid to be disagreed with, you say what you think, you’re honest and outspoken. You’re a great story teller, and blogger.


  4. Another person who just wants to let you know/remind you that there are those that maybe aren’t part of your circle of friends but aren’t part of the “others” either. Most of the WoW blogs I read aren’t anything like my WoW experience. I’m not a raider, not a pvp-er, not involved in 97% of what WoW blogs talk about. But I find the information interesting, get interested in the personality behind the information, and become a regular reader. I’ve only recently added yours to my feed reader, but I’d hate to see it go.


  5. I enjoy reading all the feral druid stuff but it’s the added personal touches that make your blog fun and unique. I know I don’t personally comment a lot but I’ve been reading for awhile and as a reader I have always felt like I’m being welcomed as a friend.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your life with us Bear.


  6. Hey man I just want to say that I really enjoy reading your stuff. I know that is not why you wrote this post, but i thought this a good a time as any to drop you a line and let you know that there are some people outside of your “friends” that come here not just because of the WOW stuff but the laughs and tirades and all the other stuff.

    BTW thanks for the Billy Jean spoof I had it stuck in my head all night. Really made the drudgery of moving alot easier. You at least made one persons day yesterday


  7. Hang in there, I dont know what I would do without you!!

    Seriously, you inspired me to write my own blog even though my highest druid is level … uh… 0

    Shadowypriest is a website where I talk about shadow priests and how awesome they are, nothing compared to Big Bear Butt’s of Feral Druids but its close. You are probably one of the two biggest bloggers that inspired me to write how I feel about certain situations.



  8. Hi John,

    Without having read any of the other comments, I just wanted to say that I have always enjoyed reading your blog, but you have to do what is right for you. If you decide to quit, then best of luck to you. But in a sense, not that I have ever met you or anything, but you kind of do feel like a friend to me. Having played a feral druid to 70, I have gone through a lot of similar experiences to stuff that you have talked about on BBB. But also with real life, family, work etc. Hope all works out well for you.
    Best wishes,



  9. I found this site long before you were on WoWInsider and my druid is far from my main but I’ve always enjoyed playing her now and then and I love reading about the class a lot. You’ve always been helpful and insightful and I definitely enjoy your blog. Until yesterday I was a faceless stranger and I am going to guess I’m one of the bad apples but try to ignore me, I’ll keep my trap shut just do what you enjoy and I’ll take from the bear wisdom as it comes.


  10. Just to make sure I make it clear, every one of you that likes to come hang out and read, is someone I consider a friend here.

    You don’t have to comment or take part in conversations… just enjoy hanging out. That’s all. 🙂

    And cassie is BEATING me to make me leave so we can take Alex to lunch. I took today off. So I gotta go!

    One last thing… it’s nice to know, if you ever want sympathy, just whine about how mistreated you feel.

    Thank you for your kind thoughts and warm wishes, but it’s cool. I just to get my head screwed back on straight after the curveball, that’s all.

    Have a great afrternoon!


  11. I’m sorry if I was a little confrontational the other day, I didn’t mean to come off that way. I think you put together a good blog and I enjoy reading it, so I would regret it if you left.

    I can’t believe that people would write you terrible emails, that’s just out of line. Best to ignore them, to the extent that you can…


  12. To borrow your analogy, if I heard you telling stories to your friends at the bar, I’d buy you all a round 🙂

    This blog is more than a fountain of bear tanking wisdom to me, it’s a source of happiness and amusement and … I don’t know, it just makes me happy to know that there are people like you out there. Responsible adults with families and jobs and kids who also play video games and are good at it and proud of it.

    I know you’re probably having more obscenities screamed at you now than you ever did in your military career … the only advice I can give you is to realize that you’re not in a bar. You can’t assign the same significance to a some fuckward on the Internet that you would to someone in real life, it’ll drive you insane.

    Best of luck, BBB. If you need to let this blog go, it’s totally understandable … but I hope you stay!


  13. Please don’t let the haters get you down. If they were bad enought to get you like this, they had to be pretty severe. So let me add one more encouraging comment to the list of them. Let the haters eat shit and die. There are still people who are going to come here to hear about your guild, see stories, get some tips, and take in a rant (regardless if they agree with it). You are writing for the open minded, the people who are regulars, not the forum trolls who wandered over from “OMG NERF ARENAZ” thread 324,501. Most of all, write what you want to say, not what you think some of the thin skinned straw manners want to hear. But please keep writing.


  14. Your blog is great, I read it religiously. You have a great writing style, your sense of humor comes through, and your stuff that has nothing to do with WoW, like the PBeM and the stories are maybe the best part. I bet almost everyone hopes you keep blogging.

    A hot button topic like pvp gear is going to stir up trouble, it’s probably the biggest divide in WoW, except maybe raiders and casuals. I’m sorry it got you down and sorry I contributed to that.

    I really hope you keep on truckin, you are seriously a pillar of the WoW Blog community.


  15. Just another friendly faceless stranger. Your blog is one of the ones I really look forward to seeing an update (or 4 ;)) on my feedreader, especially if its a story post.
    Don’t stop believin’!


  16. Hey 🙂 I’ve been reading your blog for a while. Don’t even have a druid–I’m a hunter and got here through BRK. But I love reading what you have to say. I’m sorry that you’re having to deal with jerks and judgmental idiots. I do hope you’re able to find a way to continue being yourself in spite of it. And remember that a bunch of us (silent or otherwise) do appreciate you!


  17. Many of us look forward to this blog daily and appreciate the effort it takes to continue to write well informed, intelligent, and thoughtful comments day in and day out. As one of your “peripheral” friends I encourage you to take some time and think about the fact that you have FAR more “friends” who support you than the few random asshats who criticize everything. I know the jerks with the loud mouths seem to get all the attention but there are way more lurkers and only “occasional” posters who love what you do. Keep up the good, no GREAT work.

    Bear Power!!!


  18. I’m sorry that things are rough comment/email wise right now. As so many others have said, please keep on blogging! If you feel the need to lock comments or stop reading emails to keep enjoying your blogging, please do so. I come here to read what YOU say. All the best as you get through this.


  19. Your analogy about the bar is spot on… probably the best one I have seen about internet gathering points (forums, blogs, etc) ever. Seems to me you have exactly the right approach – pay attention to your “friends”, ignore the “strangers.”

    Wait… you were a Marine. You probably beat up all the asshats in the Real Bars(tm) you went to. 😉 Oh well, metaphors only go so far!

    The bar may be noisy, but at least you get to hang with the friends! And let me tell you, you have one hell of an awesome bar going here!


  20. BBB!!!

    You rock guy. The only blogs I read religiously just for fun stories or good WOW advise are BRK and you. I also use Petopia for pet stuff. Your blog introduced me to great Web comics. I read the entire LFG comic in one sitting at work. If anyone found out I probably would have been fired. I hope you keep blogging!!!


  21. I suspect most people who read your blog are people who enjoy genuinely reading what you write. For me, you’re a bit like the Waiter Rant of the WoW Blogging community. That’s really a tribute to you personally as a writer because what you write is interesting regardless of the topic. Very few of the topics you write about are controversial, so most of the reader comments are supportive or anecdotal statements about similar experiences.

    Other blogs, like Tobold’s, are really more about provoking discussion about a subject. It’s intentional and the meat of the “good stuff” is not really in the article but in the comments. Discussions like this have opposing views and some of the topics create very passionate responses.

    This is your blog, so I wouldn’t presume to tell you what to write. I’m just pointing out that an entry like the one you wrote about PvP gear touches a pretty sensitive nerve. The reality is that anything anyone writes that reinforces the idea that PvP Epics are “welfare” gear or easy to get invalidates the effort of a great many people who put forth a lot of time and work to get those items. All you say about the ease of getting the items compared to other methods may very well be 100% true, but that doesn’t change how people feel about being told that what they do is bullshit or worthless.

    To use your analogy, let’s say you were sitting in that bar talking with your friends and there were some of the strangers standing around you that happened to be coal miners. Then you started talking about how coal mining is a worthless profession because people die and the pollution caused by coal is killing our planet and it’s stupid that people still mine coal…

    I sincerely hope you continue to blog. You are a good writer and I really enjoy reading what you write. I don’t condone any of the crap you may have been sent by email, but I do kinda get why they would feel emotional enough about it to send it. If you legitimately spent hundreds of hours grinding out a Battleground for your gear, you would find a blog entry calling your effort bullshit to be pretty insensitive and inflammatory.


  22. [q] “Who gives a shit about being famous? What am I, Britney Spears? I don’t THINK so, thank you very much.”/[q]


    /oblig 🙂

    All I can say is “Build the blog and the asshats will come”!!


  23. I too enjoy your blog (regardless of whether it’s about warcraft or the time you tried to trap a raccoon and accidentally got a skunk) – and I’m sorry that you’ve had to deal with a bad case of the nitwits lately. You make me smile (as Boudi put it), and I’ll keep reading as long as you feel you want to keep writing. Hang in there!


  24. Bear,

    I too am a faceless stranger and a fellow blogger – but I read your blog every time you post. I’d be very sad to see you go, I think you have a unique perspective and I like reading what you have to say.

    Remember, that when you’ve written something GOOD, you’re going to get attention for it. It’s a compliment, so you should treat it as such – even when people waste lots of time writing long-winded rants in response to it. Even if you wrote it for your friends, you wrote it in a public place. When posts are well written, they get attention which usually brings negative AND positive attention. You have to be able to take both.

    You’re not obligated to respond to all the negative comments. I usually ignore the more hostile ones, and delete all those that get personal. I don’t even read emails if they’re negative.

    Keep blogging bear =) I like reading it!


  25. What I was going to say has already been well covered. I enjoy your work, and will continue to do so until you decide to stop.

    I like your analogy of the tavern. Have a beer on me =)


  26. BBB. I’m a faceless stranger and I like you. I like that you’re honest enough to trust us with your real opinions, not just bland advice. I’m sorry people have abused that trust.

    I’ll admit that sometimes what you post isn’t always, to quote a dear friend, “relevant to my interests, I would like to subscribe to your newsletter” (and I know people are the same way about me, or any number of other bloggers). But I do subscribe to your blog anyway. You make me smile. You make a lot of us smile. I hope that it is enough for you to keep going and not be dragged down by the unfriendly folk.


  27. LOL. Squirrelz, you nailed it with this desciption

    “Unfortunately the PvE vs PvP issue is kind of like giving your opinion on abortion. If you’re pro-life, you’re a closed minded religious nut, and if you’re pro-choice you’re a heartless killer. No matter what you say, someone will think you’re wrong.”

    Now this is not equating that their value in discussion is the same, but the nature of the arguments are the same. It’s one of those things where you have to agree to disagree, neither side is absolutely 100% correct and neither of them 100% absolutely wrong.

    I now point you to the ever popular “Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory”

    Every time you feel beat down by the negative comments (I’m sure the ones you get in your e-mails are vitriolic) just remember that the advent of the internet brings out the BEST but also unfortunately the WORSE of people 😀


  28. I enjoy your blog. Some of it I don’t agree with, and some of it I skip, but I really appreciate it being here.

    I’m not going to apologize for a crowd of jerks crapping on you in email. I will say that I’m sorry those jerks couldn’t find something better to do.

    I mostly read for the wow content. However, this grunt really enjoyed a jarhead’s recent rl article about events near Hilton Head.



  29. Just another “friendly stranger” who enjoys your blog, your take on various classes and the antics of your guild since it appears to be similar to my own. I’m unclear what on earth you’ve posted recently that caused the Children of the ‘Net to flood you with ugliness (because you took pride in downing Kael on normal MgT?) but please remember they’re the vocal minority and the silent majority are here listening to your tales.

    Don’t feed the energy monsters. 🙂


  30. OMG TriB! Send me those email addresses! I’ll personally take care of them. It ticks me off that people do that kinda crap. People like that do so because IRL they are peons. They make themselves feel better by making themselves look big by bad mouthing anything they can find. It really erks me (amongst other things 🙂 ) Just remember that you as a person are appreciated by many, not for a blog, but for the person you are. Keep it up chief!


  31. Hey,

    Just another of the silent majority piping up. I love your blog, and would hate to see you discontinue it.
    Thanks for hanging in there. Your blog, opinion, perspective and effort are appreciated and I always look forward to reading what you have to say next.




  32. Hello Bear,

    I discovered blogs a mere month or so ago and became one of your “friends”. A silent, remote, distant reader, who very much enjoys reading what you write. I would like to consider myself as one of your more shy, reserved friends – one who supports you by being there, rather than by shouting about it.

    I didn’t read necessarily for the information – although I shared you with my husband because he plays a feral druid. I read because you write with passion, to those who you feel share that passion. Those who are part of your community, etc.

    One thought came to mind as I read your post. It’s something that someone once said to me, that I find hard to follow, but will never forget. “What anyone else things of me is none of my business”.

    You DO have friends who you have never heard of, never seen, never spoken to. The hateful minority are often the loudest voice and that makes me sad. Having only just started to write a blog I’m now worrying about what people might say on mine, but I shall rule it with an iron fist, delete any crappy comments and bin any hateful mails. I’m doing this for ME and MY friends. If you don’t like it then you can get lost.

    I do hope you can get through this and carry on – I for one will miss you if you stop.


  33. I can’t claim to be a friend, but I’ve been reading here for quite a while. I stumbled on your blog looking for druid info and you’re a great writer with lots of useful tips and posts that make me smile. Even your rants are usually dead-on. I would miss your blogging if you stopped, but I understand the frustration of random asshattery on the Internet.

    My advice is to go to a blogging system where there is a username/password restriction on comments. Set it up so only your friends can comment and the general public can watch the conversation but not inject random idiocy. Email is harder to handle. If you genuinely want to answer druid taking questions, you probably need to be liberal with the delete button whenever you go near the blog email address. 🙂 Otherwise, don’t give one out.

    Hope this helps.


  34. Well, I missed my opportunity to throw in my support for ya yesterday so here goes. I’ve been reading your blog since about October and I love reading all the different parts of it. I have a Feral Druid so the advice is welcome, but I love reading the little stories (even when I get jokingly harassed for thinking that a Sunfish is not my idea of a kick ass boat. =D )
    This is your blog and people who come here should realize that you have full right to express your opinions, whatever they may be. Unfortunately the PvE vs PvP issue is kind of like giving your opinion on abortion. If you’re pro-life, you’re a closed minded religious nut, and if you’re pro-choice you’re a heartless killer. No matter what you say, someone will think you’re wrong. Your friends will respect your opinion no matter what it is. They might debate it with you, but it’ll be friendly debate not closed minded extremist junk.
    Hopefully those of us who like to read to hear your opinions will take more time to post instead of just lurking in the shadows. I know I will. Have a great 4th!



  35. I’ve only been reading for about the last 3 months or so since I started playing WoW again. I really love reading your perspective and insight on different things and also just confirming things I have been doing for a long time. I LOVE your stories and for me it isn’t just about WoW when I read your blog. It took me a long time to start posting comments and I hope you don’t see me as a stranger looking in.

    You and other bloggers have been an inspiration to me both in WoW and in my personal life. Reading about real life people who play and still have a real life keeps me going in my personal life and online.

    I don’t have a blog yet though am thinking about starting one in a few weeks when I have time. I don’t think its about proving your better then others infact half of the posts I could thing about writing are questions I wish someone could answer or just getting peoples feedback.

    Please don’t stop writing. There are those of us who really enjoy your insight in the game and life in general. We may not all be friends but we care nonetheless.


  36. Bear, you write a fantastic blog, don’t ever give up !!!!!!

    Your blog entry was written with a certain kind of spirit which I really enjoyed… and a ton of people missed. The metaphor of drunk strangers in a bar half listening to our conversation sums it up really well.


  37. Heya Bear.

    I’m not one of your friends. 🙂 I’d like to think I could be, or that if I ever managed to level my alliance pally up past 50, I’d fit like a glove over in Sidhe Devils (I’d transfer servers in a HEART. BEAT.), but the fact of the matter is, you don’t know me and (as I try to drill into the heads of the people reading my (mostly non-WoW, so very very old) blog, I the Reader doesn’t know you. At all.

    But I still like yah. I hope you keep dishing the good advice, the great research, and the fantastic old service stories. They’re all an intrinsic part of my day.

    I didn’t entirely agree with you on the Season Two post, but I saw your point, and hope I wasn’t too annoying in my post — not how I’d have chosen to make introductions in any case.

    But there’s the thing you need to remember:

    You’re really, really good at the things you do. In terms of dedication, time spent, and decisions made, you are in a tiny minority. I’m not talking about the Game, here… just in general.

    Since you’re in the minority, when you choose to sit down and share with us a truly heartfelt opinion — not one of your carefully researched factoid-dumps, but an opinion — people are GOING to disagree with you, and probably a LOT of people are because you ARE in that oh-so-rare minority.

    You’re catching all that heaping pile of email-horseshit BECAUSE you’re awesome? Yeah, that’s kinda what I’m saying. Wear the scars as a badge of honor, and I hope you stay with the blog.

    (For now, I’ma gonna go read up on your gearing posts. My lil-drood hit Honored with CE last night and picked up the Kodohide chest, Warden’s chest, and Lifebloom as I dinged 64. It was a good night — hope you have a better day.))


  38. Sorry to see some of the feedback is getting you down, but I hope you keep blogging and don’t let stupid negativity on the part of others limit your own freedom of expression.

    Casting your personal thoughts and ideas out on a public forum like the Internet is always risky, because you’re right — if you have something worthwhile to say, you’ll build an audience. And that audience will inevitably include people who reasonably disagree with what you have to say and people who flame you for no reason at all. It comes with the territory. Ask any writer, musician, artist, playwright or blogger (fwiw, Tobold, of Tobolds’MMORPG Blog, recently posted about his own frustrations with blogging and they sound incredibly similar to what you said — check out and ).

    Personally, since you decided to share your thoughts with the world, I think you have an obligation to accept there will be those who take the time to reasonably disagree and at least consider what they say — if you’re not open to other ideas, turn comments off .

    But you have ZERO obligation to the flamers who just enjoy being rude and insulting and tearing others down. Delete their posts, ban them from your site, post their names in a hall of shame, whatever works for you. Ignoring them is probably your best revenge, because attention is all they’re ever really after.

    All I know is that I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog. There’s be incredibly useful information and stuff that was just interesting, funny and thoughtprovoking. I’ve enjoyed the personal stories, the fiction and even the discussions about juggling gaming and real life. I’ve agreed with a lot of what you’ve said and disagreed with some — and I think that’s great. A blog I always agreed with would be boring.

    And BBB is DEFINITELY not boring !

    Keep the faith….


  39. I’m a “faceless stranger” that has been regularly reading and, in fact, have found that your approach to WoW, gaming and much is very similar to mine.

    I’d hate to see the posts stop. I can offer the advice that it doesn’t really matter what those of us who aren’t friends say…keep your quality of posts the same and your audience the same and allow us to feel privileged enough to eavesdrop on the conversation!


  40. I hear you, and you’re right (unfortunately).

    My solution is to keep my personal stuff to a separate blog. For the most part, if it’s not wow-related, it doesn’t go up on Ego, it goes up in my livejournal blog, which IS friendslocked, and which is only seen by people I actually know. Random people add me sometimes, but if I don’t know them, I don’t add them back.

    I got tired a long time ago of people being able to know more about me than I wanted them to, and I use my LJ as a way to keep in touch with my friends, who are scattered throughout the world at the moment.

    Don’t feel…pressured to keep writing, or that taking a break for a while to clear your head is a bad thing. Every time you think it gets easier to deal with the asshats on the internet, they make a bigger, better breed of asshat.

    *hugs* For what it’s worth, I hope you keep posting. You have my email if you ever want to talk or anything.


  41. You hit it on the head there Bear:

    I just gotta remember that I don’t give a shit what the strangers think… it’s all about what my FRIENDS think.

    There have been several times I’ve considered quitting the game because I’ve gotten frustrated with the people in it, but I won’t let them take away something I love. When I quit the game, it’ll be because I want to, and it’s the right thing to do for me.

    Same deal with your blog. If you love it, do it. You’ve got lots of people who support you.


  42. Just remember; the people who are willing to rip others via the internet have no backbone in the real world. They would never have enough courage to speak their opinion let alone put someone else down.


  43. Well, generally speaking, I think it’s worthwhile to take a step back, remember what your original intent was, and then evaluate the finished product; however, just because your generated object differs greatly than what you started out with doesn’t mean that you should feel pressured to change.

    At this point in time, I have a feeling that anyone who does read your blog does so because they are interested–friends or not, feral dr00ds or passersby. While you may receive your fair share of negativity, keep in mind that those people still making a point in reading, and it rather implies that something is keeping them on.

    That being said, you cannot write in the public eye and expect a truckload of fellow like-minders. You cannot expect things to ever be kept private. While you may not have been seeking e-fame or e-fortune, just by reaching out to friends, you’ve managed to snag a lot more than that along the way–and you should be proud of that.

    I suppose all I’m saying is that you need to take all the stupid people with a grain of salt. There are folks out there who can do nothing but offer a bad attitude and unwarranted cynicism, and you can choose to brush it off or let it bring you down. You can choose to internalize some of their comments and decide whether or not it’s actually constructive criticism, and make improvements.

    I feel it’s pertinent to write all this, because I’m probably not someone included in your personal circle of friends, although I am a (late to the scene) WoW blogger. And I still read. Write what you like, keep that theme in your head (whether it’s conversational or druid related), and keep going. You’re not going to lose your core readers.



  44. Bear,

    In case it helps… I think of Bloggers I read regularly as friends who I don’t get to talk to much! I don’t have many real-life pals who play WoW – hence reading blogs “makes up for” it…

    So, probably echoing many people’s other comments that will appear here… I love the blog – and love the whole “this is me, this is my life, this is stuff that might be of interest to my friends” thing.

    And as bullrush says… Bad apples are just that – and one has to ignore them…

    Have fun (‘cos otherwise it’s not worth it!),



  45. Yup, I hear ya. In Blog life like RL, you have to ignore the bad apples. Takes some time to get used to that mode of operation, but it’s doable.

    Love the blog. It is one of the few things that helps me wind down when things get crazy here at work. Stay strong BBB. We can’t have you checking out on us.

    – The silent majority


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