Do you want your gem recipe vendor as bad as Vendetta?

This is, I have to say, is one of the coolest things I’ve seen… and it’s on my server!

Cassie mentioned it to me, I’ve been oblivious lately to general chat… but I am so taking part tonight!

Remember that whole ‘Isle of Quel’danas’ thing we were so excited about way back when? Tons of new daily quests? A new instance? A new raid area? A new badge vendor?

Pretty cool, right?

All the servers scrambled to be the first to do tons of daily quests, as each new stage of content in the Isle of Quel’danas had to be unlocked by server participation.

And what happened?

As soon as the new Badge of Honor reward vendor got unlocked, everyone stopped caring.

Well, a couple stages or so AFTER the Badge lady is the gem vendor recipe lady… she has a quest for you to do. It’s a damn cool quest, I loved it.

You get asked to go retrieve some stuff from the high plateau of southwest Hellfire Peninsula.

The catch is, what you gotta retrieve is buried… and it requires a sensitive sniffer to figure out where the tender roots you want are located.

It’s a damn truffle hunt!

You have to fly up to that plateau… you get to tame a Ravager as your pet! Just like hunters get pets! You get him as a combat pet to send out to whack stuff, the whole thing. Very fun! C’mon, isn’t that reason enough to go?

And one of the Ravager’s special abilities is to sniff out these tender truffles… I mean roots… and then you scavenge the suckas and return to the Isle of Quel’danas and turn them in.

And if you do this quest enough on your server, the gem recipe vendor lady will… have gem recipes to sell. Epic gem recipes. NICE epic gem cutting recipes.

Windburn is, of course, a maxed out Jewelcrafter with many rare recipes, such as Solid Star of Elune and Runed Living Ruby. I wants those Epic recipes.

But… I checked last night, vendor is still at 95%. It’s heartbreaking!

And I mention this to my wife, and she tells me that one of the best guilds Alliance side on Kael’thas, as far as friendliness and progression are concerned, Vendetta, has gotten sick of it too.

And they are taking action!

Check out this post on the Official WoW Kael’thas realm forums made by Showtyme of Vendetta;

In an attempt to hasten the arrival of the gem-vendor, Vendetta will be holding a quest lottery. The rules are simple. A member of the team will be in Shattrath ready to share the quest “discovering your roots”. More team members will be at Razorthorn Rise clearing out mobs and uncovering roots for you. Simply pick up the roots you see on the ground and fly back to shat and port to Quel’Danas. Turn in the quest. A final member of the team will be at the quest turn ready to port you back to Shattrath where the original team member will be waiting for you. In exchange for doing this we will give you 3g and put your name on a spreadsheet. You can do this as many times as you have toons per day until the vendor opens. Every time you do it on a main or alt you receive another chance to win the grand prize, which is a ZA Bear mount!!!!So its a win for you and the whole server, you get 3g per day per toon that does the quest and each time you do it your name is added into the pool. Once the vendor reaches 100% the event will be complete and the lottery will be held. The winner will be notified in-game via mail and there name will be posted in this thread. The bear run will then be set up for a time convenient for the winner and the server can finally get the gems they need!!

Any questions contact Showtyme in game. The offer will start Wednesday the 25th at noon server time. in front of the portal to Quel’Danas. Good luck!

Now that’s hardcore awesome…

I love the idea of working together like that. And would I love a bear mount? Sure!

But I am going to participate in this on all three 70s I have, NOT in desperate hopes of a bear mount, I have the awesome birdie mount from Heroic Sethekk halls to love. Okay, if I won Windshadow the Bear tank WOULD be riding a warbear. It is mandatory. Sorry, I slipped into some bear-on-bear daydreaming there. My bad.

But no, I’m going to take part each day because this is just an awesome attempt by a guild of great folks to get some hustle going! Get that damn gem lady in bizness!

If you’re on Kael’thas, and you’ve been blowing off the quest… please go out there and get some move on!

8 thoughts on “Do you want your gem recipe vendor as bad as Vendetta?

  1. /cry I’m a tad short of lvl 50 and not gonna be there (70) in time for the draw. Still nice to know who to hit up to get some gems cut 😉


  2. On my realm, Bonechewer (US), top guilds on the alliance and horde side held a similar contest where the reward was a full BT clear with certain T6 tokens guaranteed to go to the winner (if they dropped).

    Of course, my guild was discouraged from participating (wearing gear you didn’t earn is frowned upon, plus none of us should be getting locked out of BT for a week anyway), but since we had a couple of JCs anxious to get their hands on the new patterns, we did the quest all the same.


  3. we must have been lucky on our server as people were still driving up the percentage even after the badge vendor was available.

    but i agree with itsnoteasy that the quest mobs etc are soo buggy.

    iirc its a good quest to do though as the reward is one of the supply bags that can contain a badge of justice ?


  4. To be fair, I didn’t lose interest in it because we got the gear vendor… as of yesterday, I have a whopping 10 badges in total.

    No, the reason I stopped doing it is because that quest is bugged to high hell and beyond. I’ve never seen a buggier quest.

    First, the glands have an abysmal drop rate. I once spent *twenty minutes* grinding there without getting a drop. I just gave up in the end.

    Then, let’s say you *do* get one of the glands to drop. You’re now faced with trying to use it. There have been three occasions where the gland just simply didn’t work. The mob wasn’t bugged, the gland just didn’t do anything.

    But then there are the ravagers. 99% of them are bugged 100% of the time. They just stand there not doing anything, and evading constantly. Finding a non-bugged ravager is almost impossible if there’s anyone else doing the quest.

    If, after all this, you’ve finally gotten a working ravager, you’ve got a few problems. As a hunter, the ravager makes a terrible pet. His threat generation is so bad, that I can pull aggro from him with just auto shot.

    But the worst part of all? You go up to a root, hit the button to uncover the root… and the ravager bugs. And just stand there, perma-bugged. Nothing you can do to get him out of it.

    The last time I did it, all of the above happened. I’d wasted about half an hour on this one stupid quest, so I just gave up, flew away, and never picked up the quest again.


  5. Wow… I’m so glad im on a server that cared…

    I’ve got all epic gems and have had for at least 2 months since we unlocked it… If I was Vendetta, I’d be pissed 2 😛

    (tho if they are one of the best guilds on the server, they probably have an excess of gems in the Gbank anyways…)


  6. I first noticed they started doing it a week or so ago, at around 88%. I felt guilty that I hadn’t been doing it, especially that my hunter is sitting on a couple stacks of talasites ready to cut. I’ve done it several times since. Hopefully we can push past the 95% mark over this holiday weekend.


  7. One one hand in is a same (and typical) that people wont form up for “community” work without an incentive.
    Other the other hand, it’s a great example of a portion of the community identifying a need and stepping forward to assist the rest of the community in meeting that need.
    Good luck with the bear mount..


  8. That is pretty cool. I used to do that quest (along with several others) every day, and was shocked at how slow that percentage was ticking up. Slowly I got burnt out on dailies and it was once every other, or every third day. And since the Fire Festival started, I haven’t done a SINGLE regular daily quest.

    Bad druid.

    But hopefully this thing takes off, and by the time I get back from our out-of-town weekend, gem lady will be there.


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