Oooh, shiny!

Just wanted to say hi.

Hey, blogging is fun! I could get used to this!

I wonder what this thingie does….

Oooh, the backend code is neat, too!

Bye now!


10 thoughts on “Oooh, shiny!

  1. I read this before BRK and really thought that this doesn’t sound like BBB…

    Sometimes I think you do rant a bit too much tho 🙂

    Maybe do a title paragraph explaining the post then go into the rant?


  2. Don’t forget to push all the buttons. Even the ones marked “Do not, under any circumstances, press this button.” Those are always the most fun. 😀


  3. j/k I love the long posts. I just read the raccoon story for the first time a couple weeks ago… I was DYING… just ask Squirrelz.

    I get this mental image of a clan meeting being held, and each time a new raccoon member takes his or her place as the leader, and prepares to boldly go out to gather food for the clan. Only to never be seen again. “We must send scouts”, say the raccoon elders. ‘The children must be fed, and we must learn the secret behind this new threat to our way of life. Be brave, Sniffsoldcoffee, and be careful. ” “I will, elder!”


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