Anyone else buy the WoW Card Game cards?

I never have before.

I don’t know anyone else irl that does, so I wouldn’t be playing the game with anyone locally.

The only reason to blow cash on cards would be the hope to get a rare card that would affect my in-game chracters.

Seems like an awful lot of silliness just in the hopes of getting something. What the heck do I do with extra cards?

Plus, only certain expansion releases have certain rare game cards, and aside from the Spectral Tiger Mount, I didn’t really ever see anything SOO special I just had to have it.

And no, I don’t have a Spectral Tiger Mount. Have you seen what those things sell for? Even if I found one lying in the street, that sucker would be going up on eBay… hmmm, or better still, as a prize for a charity auction. But I don’t have one, so the point, she be moot.

But there is a new trading card expansion, called The Hunt for Illidan.

And in it, there are three new possible rare loot cards.

A Disco Ball, which is basically a disco ball version of the much awesomer flaming draenei dancing girl I already have. Okay, maybe it’ll be cooler than I imagine. But… I have a flaming draenei girl, and if I /dance with her, I turn into a flaming draenei dancer. Disco Ball? Pffft.

The Footsteps of Illidan, a code that, when you activate it, let’s you give one character glowing green footprints that he leaves behind in a trail. That actually sounds pretty cool, but I wonder just how that affects stealthed characters? And how long does the trail last?  Still cool, though.

And finally… a non-combat pet. But not just a pet.. a person. A vendor. Your own personal valet. An Ethereal Loot Trader from the Etheral Plunderer card from the game.

Well… that sounds mighty nifty.

So, on the basis of that, I figured I’d buy a pack or three. What harm could it cause?

That’s right, I bought 4 packs of cards on the off chance I’d get a rare card. I have no interest in the cards themselves.

Does anyone else do this?

I gave the extra cards to Alex and he seemed to really like the pictures, but it just seems silly.

On the other hand, someone told me the Ethereal Plunderer cards were already at eBay… and sure enough I see them there from $150 each to $300+.

So even if I got one… use it or finance another year of WoW? Or, as said before, do ya Charity it?

Well, it doesn’t matter this go around, because I didn’t get one.

I did, however, get TWO of those Footsteps of Illidan cards with the scratch-off codes. One for me and one for Cassie?

Pretty cool… until I found out you can’t redeem the cards until patch 2.4.3 goes live. LoL!

Can you imagine blowing $350 on a card on eBay and only after getting the card finding out you can’t use it until Blizzard gets around to putting the patch live?


Oh, and I checked on the cards I got.. clearly, them suckers are not that rare, since I’ve seen them as cheap as $2.50… that’s less than a single pack. 

Still… I just don’t know what I think of this whole ‘spend real money to get a chance for cosmetic changes in game’ thing…

It’s clearly a smart marketing decision for the WoW TCG, because it certainly got me to spend money I never would have if in-game loot cards weren’t available.

On the other hand, it took more than cosmetic changes to make me drop the money. It took them making an interactive major new item that you could purchase awesome ethereal-style clothing from, that would look cool, and would be, basically, a brand new type of non-combat pet to play with.

And they went that far for the marketing, they coded it in-game, which had to take some serious effort that could have been spent upgrading my Druid Forms to Andrige’s awesome style. Instead, they spent that time on a TCG loot card.

I just dont know how I feel about that. The packs of cards are pricey, when compared to a monthly subscription, but on the other hand, ain’t no one made me spend a dime on one. It was my call.

I guess the question is, at what point do you draw the line? So far, not a single card has actually been able to give anyone a single DPS advantage in combat. Is that the line to draw? Is anything okay, even vendors only you can interact with, as long as it doesn’t affect core gameplay like combat?

What if they give you a special flying mount useable in Wrath before others get to fly? Or useable at a lower level? They have never done anything like that before… but they never had an interactive vendor, either. At what point is it unfair?

I think that it’s a slippery slope… I love the things you get that come from skill, like the Armored Netherdrake mounts that you can only earn by top Arena ranking each season. That’s pretty awesome, even though I know I’ll never see one.

But this is something that basically just takes lots of cash to throw at the problem. You want one? All it takes is money.

And that means that anyone on a budget is out of luck.

BUT… on the other hand, if you can’t afford a Spectral Tiger Mount, you can always earn one that to my mind is even cooler, by putting forth the effort to get your Wintersaber Tiger Mount. God, that’s a beautiful mount.

And again, the Disco Ball? You can put forth the effort in the Midsummer Festival to get a Flaming Dancing Girl.

The Ethereum Plunderer… is there anything in game that is an alternative you can earn through effort or grinding or skill?

If so… then I think we could safely say that there is an in-game alternative for most TCG loot, and it doesn’t matter. 

But I don’t know of one myself.

Just idle thoughts as I look at my Footsteps of Illidan and wonder what the heck to do with it.


13 thoughts on “Anyone else buy the WoW Card Game cards?

  1. This is something I’m actually considering getting into, but more so because of the fact that I love TCGs (trading card games) and I love WoW, so the combination is intriguing. I never got into it before because I didn’t have anyone close by that would/could play (my wife hates all TCGs) but at work we’ve been delving into more TCGs. We started with magic (long time player), now trying out Marvel VS system (cheap!) and so I’m trying to convince everyone to try Magic. For me, I think that’s the only real way/reason to go into it. I think you would end up probably spending more on random packs trying to get a particular loot card than just buying it outright if that’s all you want out of it. True, it is fun to buy a pack to see if you get lucky, like playing the lotto, but after a point it’s just not worth it.

    As for what I would do if I actually found one of these ultra-rare cards, I think it would depend. Depending on the price, I’d probably sell it and put it towards a new computer, etc. I’ve seen maybe 2 people in-game with a tiger mount and although it looks cool, I always think wow, you essentially paid $500 for that thing!

    For the less than rare, I would probably just keep and use. It would be more trouble for me to post it on e-bay and ship it off just to make 2 bucks, or 20 bucks. I guess my money limit would be $50. If it’s worth more, I’d sell, if it’s worth less, I’d keep.


  2. I play the TCG, it’s fun. And the graphics on the cards are awesome – they even released a collection of them printed on a nice A4 papers.

    About the rewards… I would just use them, just like I used a Picnic Basket on one of my characters and a Hippogryph Hatchling on my girlfriend’s one.

    And Azshirin, the WoW TCG is just like Magic The Gathering, just better cause it’s based on our favorite MMO 🙂 If you take a Magic player, he’ll be able to play it in about two minutes of explaining.


  3. After playing with the Ethereal Trader on the PTR, I have to admit I was less than impressed. To get the whole outfit you need to kill thousands of mobs (2100 to be exact), which doesn’t sound like much until you realize you get to see him say two lines for every. single. kill. Now maybe they’ve changed it put spamming chat with “Ah, more essence to capture…” “Here is your share.” got annoying FAST.

    Screenshots for the interested:


  4. I saw the Footsteps of Illidan and the disco ball on the PTR. Footsteps of Illidan is better than the disco ball and the dancing draeni beats them both. My favorite reward is the Robe of Summer Flames, though. The fiery hands effect works in all shapeshifted forms, and the flames from the shoes works in Tree of Life. Agreed that I’d rather have a new feral form than a trail of greenish flames, but we all know that WoW developers are a inscrutable when it comes to priorities.


  5. I also played around with the Ethereal Trader on the PTR and it’s important to note that he doesn’t not allow you to sell him items, so he can’t be used to dump vendor trash mid-run or anything, and doesn’t sell any items that affect combat in any way. So, it’s much like the other TCG items in having no real affect on anything other than cosmetic.


  6. And another note, re: paying $500 for a spectral tiger mount. Heh, try $1200. That seems to be the average for that mount. The rocket, at least, is a bit more reasonable at $350 to $500.


  7. $1200!! I better go buy a box of that set!

    That actually brings up another point I was thinking of…when we decided we’d try out some WoW:TCG, I checked to see how much those packs cost for the set that has the tiger mount, and they’re bout $8 a pack. Normal is I think like 3 or 3.25. So right there, the in game loot basically makes it a set that you can’t just pick up and play….kinda ruins things if you actually want to play the TCG I think…


  8. I have also been known to pick up a pack of the TCG cards on occasion hoping to get one of the rare loot cards although as of yet I have had no luck. The art on them is really well done in my opinion but I don’t actually play the card game itself.

    Nothing wrong with grabbing a pack or two every once in a while just in case you can get a loot card, plus after a while the UDE points you can get out of them might get you something as well, you never know.


  9. Comfy fishing chair!! I’ve actually been thinking of getting myself one of those from ebay, they are around 40$ iirc 🙂

    The coolest way ever to level up your fishing and keep fishing once you are capped, sitting in a wooden recliner, complete with an umbrella to shade you from the midday sun!

    Can’t think of any in-game alternative for that chair.

    Oh, and I have the Wintesabre Tiger Mount for my gnome warrior 😀


  10. ACK!!!

    Bobo, you are absolutely corerct, the Repair Bot is a viable alternative.

    He may not follow you aruond, although that would be an easy and IMO great modification, but YES!

    The Engineering Repair Bot is a do-it-yourself instant vendor that you can buy all sorts of stuff from, and the bonus is so can your friends, and you can sell yuor crap to him, AND repair your gear! YES!

    Thank you very much, Bobo, so you have proven that there is an in-game alternative to most anything that has in-game effects other than being pretty.

    I’ll admit, the fishing chairs are very cool. I think a lot of the stuff is COOL, I just don’t know that I’d spend real money for it before the Ethereal Plunderer.


  11. I bought a pack way back when in hopes of getting something useful. Complete waste of $4 IMO. Compared to the price of a monthly subscription, it doesn’t come close to being a good value.


  12. What are the different ways to pay? Is a certain way cheaper or better? (Sorry i’m new to WOW and i have the trial right now)


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