Epic loot from the BGs at last

Eye of the Storm was FUN last night!

Well, not the ones that the Horde steamrolled us on. We had some very strong Horde teams, and a few wierd ally teams in there. I zoned into one that had 12 Alliance Paladins in the BG. It did not go well. Mostly, I think, because they were there to mess around, not because 12 Paladins were ineffectual.

But there was one EotS which started with the normal attempts at communication, “Team 1 push to Fel Reaver Ruins, Team 2 MT, Team 3 Draenei Ruins, once held leave 3 in defense and others support center”.

It doesn’t matter what the strat is, because many folks just turn the chat off. When that match started, I actually watched as the entire Team 1 headed for the DR. Sooo…. not so much the FRR assault force, eh? Maybe the Fel Reaver frightens them?

Anyway… I did my usual, head off to cap Mage Tower then look to see where the actual assault force was going. Cassie prefers take and hold, and she wins her matches far more often than not, but I like to push the bastards on their ground and take the initiative away.

About 8-10 minutes in, the Horde’s superior communication and coordination are beating us, as we have 800+ to the Horde’s 1500 points out of 2000 to win, and they hold 3 locations to our 1.

And someone gets on chat to, and you can guess which one; Exhort us on to victory? Seize control and lead us to victory? Or maybe… to call us all retard noobs?

I’ll let you decide which is the most likely choice.

Hah, and I responded asking him if, instead of wasting time venting, he’d like to show us his genius and direct the fight. “Just tell us where to ALL steamroll, and we’ll go there right now. Maybe that’ll work instead of calling us retards and checking out.”

So he said “Fine, go to BET, whatever.”

And I said, “Okay, everyone free head for BET, NOW!”

So, I went to BET… and lo and behold, there were only 2 defenders, and 6 of us whomped ’em and took it away.. and I said “That worked, so let’s go take FRR, all in, screw defense.”

And we went and did that as a group, and took that away. And we still held DR. So we three capped, and folks were so stunned Alliance side that they started thinking, or at least obeying directions. We got people to actually shuffle around to defend, and then bogged them down in the center.

And we went from being down 800 to 1500 to WINNING that damn BG.


Think on that the next time you see your EotS team down by 200 and people start giving up.

If you are in PvP, and you’re losing, before you just check out and give up, remember the immortal words of GySgt Tom Highway from Heartbreak Ridge.

“Don’t give the pricks the satisfaction, sir.”

Oh yeah, and I gots me my Merciless Gladiator’s Gavel. I also have all the mats for my insanely expensive Soulfrost enchant for it… I just don’t know anyone with the enchant.

Once I have the enchant, according to my math, with self buffs, food, weapon oil and flask, I’ll have +1309 Shadow Damage.



7 thoughts on “Epic loot from the BGs at last

  1. Yah Its great to be even a little more intelligent than completely disorganized as a group. I respecced to resto for a change this weekend, just for the BGs. Its surprising how many people ignore healers and attack the aggressive characters. So I spent my time jumping around in the background keeping everyone alive. It was a blast, very satisfying and I’m sure it helped us win quite a few matches.


  2. “It doesn’t matter what the strat is, because many folks just turn the chat off. [..] Anyway… I did my usual [..] And someone gets on chat to, and you can guesswhich, exhort us on to victory? [..] Just tell us where to ALL steamroll, and we’ll go there right now. [..] we went and did that as a group, and took that away. [..] And we went from being down 800 to 1500 to WINNING that damn BG.”

    The moral of this story is to communicate and do things as a group. Honestly, a lot of the time it doesn’t even matter if it’s a bad strategy as long as everyone does the same thing. If you see someone trying to take a leadership role in chat, you are much better off endorsing it than criticizing it even if it’s not what you would choose to do if you were leading the group.

    To repost from one of my recent blog entries:
    -Faction and map imbalance means nothing in the face of good communication.
    -Helping the team win is simply about being in the right place at the right time.
    -You need to be well-geared to pwn face, but not to help your team win.
    -He who contributes most is not the one at the top of the damage or killing blow chart.
    -If you work at winning by communicating and not acting like a sheep, then you will win more games than not.


  3. This is the reason I mainly PvP: the satisfaction of snatching a victory from the other team (the other being squashing mercilessly the opposition). I love the thrill of being on the edge.


  4. I was once in an AB, and we were down 1900-1000. We five capped and won 2000-1970. Even if you do not win, more resources = more honor. Plus, if you start giving up that loser mentality will start creeping in, and it can be tough to shake. I don’t give up trying to win ever.


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