Kara pugging 4 life!

We went in for another Kara PUG this weekend.

Technically, it wasn’t a full PUG. We had expected to have most of a guild run ready, and we were going to form our group up and then look for a handful more from our friends we’ve made along the way, friends we know like pugging.

So Saturday afternoon, we determined to start working on getting a team, with a 7PM server start time, so we might have a chance to get to bed reasonably early.

We expected to have a ton of folks… but sadly, Squirrelz and Nasirah decided that they were going to like, have a life? And then went off and had fun all weekend. Ha! Good for them, I hope they had a good time, the weather was beautiful where we are.

And Doodlebug had prior commitments for the Poxie set and didn’t expect to know if he could run or not until after 7 PM.

So early on we contacted our friends at Blood for Blood, Unseenfiend and Camila, whom we’ve had the most fun pugging Kara with, and let them know we were going to form a PUG.

Now, Blood for Blood is a fairly new guild that split off from Essence of Grandeur, the awesome folks Cassie and I did our very first Kara PUG with, and they do intend to be a progressive raiding guild, but they are still trying to gear up new members and such. So they were very happy to identify folks that they had that can use a Kara run, and we worked together for most of the afternoon figuring out who we could include from each guild on the run.

In the end, Sidhe Devils had 5 members, Blood for Blood brought in four, two guildies and two good friends, and we grabbed one person in the official Looking For Group channel to round the team out.

That’s right, if Nasirah, Doodlebug and Squirrelz had been able to make it, we’d have had 8 Sidhe Devils forming a 7PM Saturday Kara run. Not bad, not bad at all.

We had great people from our two guilds (three, really, since two were friends of Unseens’s from Essence of Grandeur), it’s just fun when everyone has a good attitude and enjoys chatting as you go.

But if I have ever met anyone I would like to invite into my guild based solely on unexpectedly brilliant performance, it’s the Protection Paladin we grabbed from LFG.

Sidhe Devils had my Shadow Priest, Cassie’s Rogue, Dax’s healing Priest, Ishvi‘s brand new Prot Paladin as off-tank, and Wulfa‘s Hunter.

Blood for Blood had Unseenfiend’s Rogue and Ryema’s Rogue, and their friends Shrinnpoof the kickass Mage and Graimerin the Paladin came from Essence of Grandeur. 

Later on in the evening, when Wulfa and Ishvi had to leave, Blood for Blood brought in a Feral Druid and Camila the currently Retribution specced Paladin.

Seems like a lot of Rogues and Paladins, don’t it?

I think Shrinn and Grai came just because Shrinn still needs some drops in there and Graimerin came to help her and Unseen out as a friend. Regardless, just a great crew.

Graimerin used to play a main Pally tank, but went in as heals. If Healing is his off spec, then that man must be a tanking god, because he was awesome. Well, so was Dax, but still. You don’t always figure on someone’s off-spec gear being up to that kind of work, or that the skills are going to be that spot on. Woot!

I’ll talk about the great job Ishvi and Wulfa did in a moment, but the star of the show for me? Morthog the Protection Paladin we picked up purely at random from LFG.

I wasn’t even looking in LFG, I was sure that if I asked a few folks in our guild we’d get a main tank, we had Ishvi as offtank but we needed a solid main tank since Ishvi’s health was low and he wasn’t quite uncrushable yet. 

Someone suggested since we had a Pally for off-tank, we should get another Prot Pally as main, and hey, there is one in LFG right now with 15k+ health and his description says uncrushable/uncrittable.

And someone asked him if he was interested, and he said sure, he’d come.

This guy rocked… and here is the twist.

He’d never tanked Kara before. No wait, it gets better… he’d never seen any of Kara beyond Maiden before.

All his gear came from activities he’d done without any drops from Kara.

Here we are, I pass Raid Assistant to him, I’m describing some of the fights to Ishvi and Wulfa since they hadn’t seen most of this before, and Morthog silently goes about marking stuff up… la la la, we roll on through, having fun, just DESTROYING Kara.

One shot Attumen, one shot Moroes, we had a wipe on Maiden simply because, well… the rest of us just had no idea Morthog didn’t know the tank role of the fights. He was just that good. He said he wasn’t familiar with Maiden so once we explained he needed to tank Maiden right smack in the middle of the circle so the rest of us could have perfect Line of Sight and range, we tried again… and Dax wiped us.

I dunno what that man was thinking… we’re all standing there waiting for Morthog to run in, and all of a sudden Dax just kinda hopped forward, Maiden ran over and squished him…

And of course I had to sing “I see the wipe a-coming, she’s coming round the bend….” just as one Pally got another Divine Interventioned for wipe recovery.

We took down Maiden on the third try once we put our game faces on, then we went to Opera and got Big Bad Wolf, one shot that…

Went to Curator and one shot that one… one shot Shade of Aran… and failed on Chess the first time, lol.

It was just wild. Even the trash was smooth. At one point, we had only 7 people in the raid, after Shade of Aran was down and we had the Spell Shades to pull on the way to Chess.

We took on the Spell Shades with 7 people, only Morthog tanking and Graimerin healing since Dax was unable to join the group at that time after dying at Shade and Ishvi had to go to bed after Curator… so one tank, one healer, we pulled the Spell Shades, and no deaths.

And we did it again on the next Spell Shade pull.

It wasn’t until, what, I don’t know… Curator? that we found out Morthog hadn’t tanked Kara before… I think it was at Chess that we found out he’d never even been past Maiden before.

I want that man in my guild, and not because he’s geared good. He had a great attitude, and damn did he know how to play.

I don’t ever invite people into the guild, since we aren’t a raiding guild. We only get members from word of mouth and from readers of the blog asking to join, because I’d hate to have people come into Sidhe Devils and then realize that we had no aspirations past Zul’Aman. If someone goes to our guild website and sees what we’re about, and they still are interested in joining, that’s awesome. But I hesitate to advertise for more players on our server, since I just don’t think people would believe us that we aren’t panting at the bit to hit Gruul or Magtheridon or SSC.

Cassie has thought we might try and come up with a Guild advertisement that we could put up that captured our feel and purpose, but I haven’t sat down with ChickGM’s suggestions to work on it at all.

But if Morthog was looking for a guild that likes to do Kara once a week and would like to bounce around in Zul’Aman, I’d recruit that man in a heartbeat.

If you’re on Kael’thas, and you see a Prot Pally named Morthog on the Alliance side… if he’s in your group, rest easy, because he knows how to play, and then some.

Now, I need to give a shoutout to Ishvi for doing a great job as offtank. He did very, very well, especially since Graimerin made it clear just how hard it is for a second Pally tank to hold the second aggro spot on bosses like Moroes. He was on top of things very well.

And Wulfa did great shooting the place up. She had a few problems pulling a square target to trap when the Pallies would lay down overlapping Consecrations… just like everyone else does. Wulfa, I hope you’re not blaming yourself for that, it is almost impossible to get aggro away from a pair of Pally tanks once they get cranking. It’s why we rarely assigned a square target, it’s just hard to get one away from a Paladin.

But it was fun seeing Wulfa’s pet running on in to tear things up, especially with no Feral Druids in the raid to provide that raw beast power.

My only regret in the whole run is that the epic crossbow Attumen can drop didn’t happen. It would have been neat to see Wulfa get a new weapon upgrade.


6 thoughts on “Kara pugging 4 life!

  1. It it posts like these which make me feel a momentary (very VERY momentary) shadow of doubt for being Horde, and on a different server. You Sidhe Devils would be a ton of fun to PUG with. ME, I’m too casual for raiding, but hope to eventually PUG this ‘kara-thing’ everyone’s been talking about, someday. 🙂
    Congrats on meeting cool people, having fun, and enjoying the WoW!


  2. I’ve tanked with Morthog before(Acutally gave’m an intro up to maiden) and I’d happily run with him again. And you are right; he makes a KICKASS partner.

    An no, you can’t have him. I’ve got dibs! 🙂


  3. Yeah…that crazy nut, Squirrelz trying to have a real life. What’s that all about? /shifty eyes

    I would have loved to have been there, but Nas and I didn’t get back into town until about 9 Saturday night and we pretty much just crashed. Gratz to Ishvi on the T4. I can’t wait till he’s MT geared for Kara. Then I can either DPS on Blu or OT on Squirrelz. I love being OT. I’ve also never really seen a good Pally MT in Kara. We had a couple of pally tanks in our old guild, but one switched to Ret and the other quit WoW before we got too far in Kara. Should be fun to watch.


  4. My wife and I would seriously consider moving servers but it costs too much for us. It sounds like you all had a great time, I’m glad. Pally tanks are awesome. I’m lvling a Horde one with a friend, and I love it. I’ve had my best Kara experiences with Pally tanks. Just get a pally tank and a druid OT and you are set. Kudos for them being able to tank Maiden, she’s not as easy to tank as a Pally. I hope Ishvi and Wulfa get the joys of Prince and Netherspite. I think they’ll enjoy those 🙂


  5. It was a wonderful run. Great tanks ubber dps and no nonsense were the joys for me. Im glad they liked the healing and seeing kara from a different perspective is nice every once in awhile. What they didnt know it was only my 2nd time in kara as a holy spec. lol . Hope to group with them again and maybe some of the ones i missed was a truly fun time. and ty all again


  6. /sigh. I don’t know what I was thinking either…but it did shut me up, thank goodness. Nothing like a noob moment to knock you down a peg or two.


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