Trying to break up blog posts today

I’m trying something new (for me), I’m adding the ‘more’ page break in to my blog posts to see how you like it.

I usually just let it roll, but I wanted to try this today and get your feedback for whether you’d rather I break these things up.

I THINK a feedreader should still pull the whole article, so you don’t have to come visit the site to get the rest… but just because that works on my feedreaders doesn’t mean someone else isn’t going to have issues.

So please let me know how you like it… and why or why not.



20 thoughts on “Trying to break up blog posts today

  1. I’m only getting the intro to your last article with a “More” link in Google Reader. While I normally don’t mind going to your website to read the article, it does cause complications if I want to read your stuff while I’m at work. People don’t tend to notice what I’m reading if it’s in Google Reader, but your site design stands out a bit as non-work related πŸ˜‰


  2. I’m getting the same thing that Purus sees. Google Reader only outputs the introduction to the post. WI posts also appear that way on google reader if there’s a More link.


  3. I don’t like it, for the same Google reader reasons mentioned above.

    There is a workaround – post the full post on your site until the reader picks up the feed – usually less than 10 minutes – then edit it and add in the cut.


  4. Again, Google Reader, getting the intro w/ a “more” link. Doesn’t matter to me, but I can see how it would be an issue to people reading from work.


  5. Another Google Reader.

    Its limitations make it easier for me when you post the full article.

    But, I like your posts enough to click on the “more” link. πŸ™‚


  6. I’m also using google reader and just having the intro is something I don’t dig.

    In the end though its totally up to you.


  7. I also use Google Reader. I cannot access your site at work, and have been using the reader’s functionality as a workaround for the Net Nazi.

    While I would like very much to get my B^3 dosage during the lulls in the day, I’m largely indifferent. You would not be the only feed in my reader to entice me with Starship Trooper-like “Would you like to know more?” links. Those that interest me simply get starred for later.


  8. Okay, dang. I was afraid of that.

    I don’t use google reader, I use Feedreader, and it doesn’t show the breaks. Not that I know why.

    Okay, I’ll try and follow the TJ method of leaving full size for a while and edit it with a more laters.

    I just know that I do these mammoth posts and, since that’s just the way I write, I wanted to try adn do SOMETHING to cut down the massive wall of endless text on the main page.


  9. Okay, past articles from today have the ‘more’ removed, I’ll wait and see if that actually gets distributed to feeds.

    I actually don’t know if feeds ever get updated after they go live the first time. Never checked before.


  10. They shouldn’t, which is why the adding the more later thing works. The full post will go out to the feeds. Leave it like that for 10-15 minutes, 20 at the outside maybe, and then change it on your site. It won’t be re-sent to the feeds, so those reading through google reader will see the entire, uncut post, and the whole wall of text will only be on your site for a short while.

    There’s only one feed, of hundreds I read, that republishes every time she edits, and I think she does it on purpose and it’s obnoxious, as she edits each post at LEAST once. I’ve not had the issue with anyone else, not even my own feeds, and I go back and edit typos and other errors regularly.


  11. Another vote for leaving out the break for us googlers. Besides, it wouldn’t be the BBB feed if it wasn’t full of long posts…would it?


  12. I use FeedDemon at work and unfortunately I had the same problem as those with Google Reader. I only got the introduction and none of the actual post. Firewall rules at work prevent me from accessing the site, but the RSS feed comes right through (go figure!).

    Adding the means I have to wait until I get home to read the post and…well…dang, I need something to keep me occupied while I try to keep the rest of the IT department in check. πŸ˜‰


  13. Another vote for removing the ‘more’. I use netvibes and the ‘more’ link shows up. But the main reason I want the whole article in my feedreader is because your blog is now blocked by Websense at my job. I can get the articles through the feedreader, but can no longer visit your blog at work. It truly sucks when I can’t read a whole article. It sucks even more because I can’t post any replies either. Like that day you were feeling glum because of some asshatery in your mail. I wanted to let you know I supported you and enjoy all of the topics you cover – druid or not.


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