Announcement of awesomeness

Okay, the announcement I aluded to, is that (as some folks guessed from seeing the previous posts’s comment) I have been chatting back and forth with Andrige, my favorite Warcraft artist.

Now, he said that Samwise is one of his favorite artists, but I’m allowed to like who I like. Sue me.

Anyway, he offered (after much begging and pleading from me) to make me a cute little picture… and I of course leapt at the chance to see BBB as imagined by Andrige.

What I saw this morning, as I opened my email, was the image I now present to you.


Can you believe that? Seriously…

Now, as you can imagine, this fills my heart with burning joy. No, I haven’t had lunch, it isn’t heartburn. It’s joy, damnit!

What is more… although you don’t see it here just yet (since I am still at work and going without lunch to satisfy your curiosity), is that he also redesigned my banner into a thing of true awesomeness.

He posted the bear image as a very nice picture on his website, with kickass background frmaing and everything, and says that he’s still not quite happy with it.

Never being satisfied that your own work is done to your standards is something that I completely understand… even if, as I look at it, I can’t agree. It’s perfect!

I talked with him about it, and Andrige is allowing me to use this image in my Cafepress store, so I can now say that I will VERY, VERY, SOON be wearing a black t-shirt with this on the front. And yes, it’s in there now. That’s where my lunch break went.

And for those of you crazy enough to want to wear a BBB shirt, now there is something there with the actual BBB name, something I had always wanted. 

I’m gonna get a coffee mug too. And I think Alex would look cute in a toddler tee….

I know folks have been upset at my having a store in the past… but bear with me here. I am not asking anyone to buy anything. Would I be delighted to know there would be people out there somewhere walking around driving normal people nuts?

Well, of course! Hell yes!

But on the other hand… broke gamer with a family. Not exactly expecting other people to fork over real cash. It’s cool.

The picture is so good I shiver in joy when looking at it. I mean… just, the perfect look on that big bear face… WOOT!

Thank you very much again, Andrige, from the bottom of my heart. It is just… perfect.

(LOL) My friend Mark just walked by… he poked his head in my office, looked at the pic, and said “Is that your character in Warcraft? I thought you were a tank?” (He never played WoW, only Everquest back in the day. His wife evicted him from having an eLife).

I replied, “Yep, isn’t that awesome!”

He asked me, “If you’re a tank, where’s your armor?”

What could I say? “Dude, I’m a BEAR… I block with my face. With my FACE!!!”

He looked at me and said, “That explains a lot.”

26 thoughts on “Announcement of awesomeness

  1. “I would laugh if someone got that as a tattoo.”

    I’ve actually been looking for a design for my second tattoo, didn’t want to just do another bearpaw *snicker*


  2. That is so totally kickass. No other way to describe it. Andrige is a genius.

    LOL on the “block with my face”… love it.


  3. uber-awesomeness.

    I love this guys take on the druid form. IMO there should be several different skins to ensure that not all druids look identical all the time.


    I put an order in for one of the hoodies…cant wait:)


  4. I just showed the picture to my wife. Her reaction: “I would laugh if someone got that as a tattoo.” I love my wife.


  5. RAWR! Your pic looks “beary” cool (sorry, I just couldn’t resist). Awesome, and gratz.

    I’m a BEAR… I block with my FACE!!!


    If I were feral I’d totally be stealing that for a forum sig.


  6. haha, yes block it with your face! Please!
    I’m actually a bit overwhelmed about the massive outburst of positive stuff you had to say about the image, glad to hear it but come on, get back on earth again would you? ^^;
    Also about “I would soooooo love a boomkek pic like that… maybe one day…”… just make an awesome blog and I might do something for you… 😮

    Right now I made something for the two more prominent Druid speccs (Resto4Life and BigBearButt), so a Moonkin one isn’t really out of the question 😉

    A more “furred” UI is ehm, not really something I have planned but I’ve been using the wings for a very long time, also the unitframe is basically a bear-paw so I think it’s mighty decent, and if it’s wings I figured it would invite more Druid speccs.
    Anyway, hope you’ll like the banner which should come around soon as well, and of course you guys who are thinking of getting the t-shirts!



  7. Block with yer face… BBB Awesomeness rating just went up even more – I didn’t think that was possible! 😛

    I would soooooo love a boomkek pic like that… maybe one day…


  8. Runycat, I just don’t know. Did you follow the link to his Deviant Art site?

    Seriously… how much of a no-brainer is it to look at his brilliant interpretations of druid forms, for example, and just admit that he nailed it and pay him to use his?

    And is there a single Druid player that doesn’t want this?

    I know that as much as I still love my druid and my current forms… once you see what could be with the existing engine, it’s annoying. Very, very annoying. The works’ been done, the vision is cohesive and in sync with the lore, it is ready for implementation… just do it? Please?


  9. I love his work. He’s got some druidey UI textures out there that look damn pretty. I’ve been meaning to bug him a bit about making some more bearish textures (his ones are mostly the flight form wings) that I could throw into my UI. Give me that happy furry feeling when I’m playing 🙂


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