Cat gear guide for Karazhan

Wait, what? I wrote a cat gear guide?


Well, someday I will, I’m sure… but I keep getting asked to write one, and that tells me there is a need.

I have tons of my own notes for a cat gear guide, geez, I spend 85% of my time as a druid in cat, is it any wonder I spend lots of time thinking about kitty gear upgrades?

But, while I keep doing other stuff, that is no reason for you to be without an outstanding guide.

And that is why I’m sending you to WoW Think Tank, where you will find a very well written, extremely well presented list of kitty gear. And there is more than just raiding stuff, it’s got a great balance of choices.

Please, go and read it, enjoy it, and you will find that it’s pretty darn good.

 And of course you can make your own opinions on gear upgrades and options known, and why. And I can go and read the comments there and join in too.

And while you’re there, hey, say “Hi”, he’s got a very smart blog.


5 thoughts on “Cat gear guide for Karazhan

  1. Thanks for pointing that blog out. Maintankadin is where I tend to lurk for tank talk. But it’s always nice to find a new source of good ideas.


  2. Kalon obviously put some time and thought into his list, and it looks really useful. Look forward to reading through it.

    However, I still hope you’ll tackle this topic someday too.

    In your bear gear guide, you did a couple things that I think were invaluable and would really improve a piece on cat gear:

    First, you spent a little time up front talking about stat priortization (including specific gemming suggestions). This helped me better understand WHY one piece was better than another, and it educated me to make better comparisons with new gear I run across that wasn’t specifically mentioned.

    Second, you created some examples of “target” gear sets for a starter 70 tank, a Kara tank and for your “dream” pre-25 raiding tank. Even though I know those are only general guidelines, they helped give me a sense of whether my gear is in at least the ballpark of where it should be.

    I just haven’t seen many people include the above, which is too bad because it makes a gear list so much more useful.

    PS – Grats on the Andridge artwork. It *is* TEH AWESOME!


  3. Yes I’ve been compiling my own list for cat gear in parallel to your bear gear lists, while gearing up through badges & the early raids. It would be great to have a fuller guide, showing you where you should expect to be, dps-wise, as a cat at different stages.

    Its a lot of work though ! I feel bad asking 🙂

    My quick cheatsheet so far: a lot of great badge rewards out there (Trousers of the Scryers’ Retainer, Bloodlust Brooch, Angelista’s Revenge, Staff of the Forest Lord), some fantastic shoulders, hands, wrists, rings and helms from Kara (you’ll have to compete with other melee dps classes for these, especially rogues), and a top trinket from Heroic MagT.

    You want to enchant & gem primarily for agility/crit strike chance, then attack power, and round it off with agility food and the agility elixir.

    I read somewhere that cats can match another similarly geared melee dps classes for outright dps. This assumes you’re neither dead, nor pulling aggro. If you can pull that off, while also being the MT/OT at different times (Shade of Aran fight comes to mind) then you’re going to be a pretty valued member of the team.


  4. Please please please write a post Kara pre 25 man raid guide! I am in doing Kara/ZA now on my ferlol and would like to know what to look for for both tanking and kitty.


  5. Thanks, BBB. And thanks to everyone who came by and posted. It’s a really good idea to do a post-Karazhan and badge priority list for cats too. It gets a bit tricky with the 2pT4 thing, but something roughly should be easily done.


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