How many things can you see wrong?

At the end of the workday, just a few minutes ticking until I go home…

I browse a site that usually gets at least a chuckle out of me.

Today, I had to do a doubletake.

The following screenshot seems to be of a chat between a raid guild officer, and a brand new recruit.

See how many different things you can infer about the raiding guild, and the players involved,  from this one small pic.

And remember, assumptions in real life are stupid, but this is an exercise in mockery. Anyway, I don’t know these people. Have fun.two-typical-raiders.jpg



8 thoughts on “How many things can you see wrong?

  1. Far too many; not a guild I want to be a part of. Things that stand out: (1) the raider doesn’t seem to care (2) the officer calls him out in /g instead of talking about it in /w (3) the “resolution” seems… what’s the word, childish? “Okay, fine, take that you bad man, stay on Mag.”


  2. Really sounds like a guild where people take things way too far. Although I can see why the officer would be a little pissed that R went away without saying anything :S


  3. Calling someone out in guild chat, yes, that’s bad.

    Though I’ve found that people who characterize their activities like that are usually full of it.

    So, both sides suck in their own ways. If the guild officer didn’t believe what the guy was saying, it changes the spin from “Guild officer mocks dude for getting laid” to “Guild officer rolls eyes at dumb excuse”.

    Besides, he didn’t say they were HOT chicks… Heh.


  4. My guild who is just starting sunwell probably would have cheered me on…

    But then again the difference between Muru and Kalecgos is probably gonna take us a while 😛


  5. I see he wrote one sentence on several lines. Bad… just bad.

    Beyond that, I think they did the right thing given the response to their question.


  6. Diegososa phrases his initial question in a very confrontational way. That would be bad in a whisper, never mind in guild chat.

    If Reunion had been a better person he’d probably have told his new guild why he was offline for a while, but given the tone of his response he’s probably not mature enough to realise that. Also I concur with The Alien that Reunion is full of it

    All in all, I wouldn’t want to be in a guild with either of these two.


  7. As said, I like the one thought carried over several short lines.

    I love the conversation taking place in Guild chat instead of in private whispers.

    Nothing says professional or considerate quite like a public shaming, right?

    And then the confrontational tone of course really invites a polite and honest reply, doesn’t it?

    The phrase ‘ninja afk’, when applied towards your not logging in to the account you are paying for yourself for a period of time without clearing it first? That’s gold, baby.

    Yes, if you are joining a serious raiding guild, I’m sure they should have reasonable expectations of your telling them if you will be unavailable for raiding. If that’s what you wanted to join, if you went to them to join them to raid, then it is simple courtesy to let them know “Hey, not going to be available to raid for x days.” But to call it ninja afk in your accusations?

    Just… “How dare you log out without clearing it with us first! Ninja!” lolz…

    And the immature response… well, that does tell you where that particular player is coming from, doesn’t it? Maybe he was just being sarcastic or was irritated or whatever, but when you see that reply it just screams “I wanted to join your guild to raid, but I don’t actually consider you worth wasting my time on. I don’t actually respect any of you because you’re raiders and live in your basement with your moms, and I’m the shit with my real life playa stuff. I may play WoW, but I’m slumming. you should be delighted I wasted my time to hang with you.”

    And yes… the reply from the Officer just caps it nicely, don’t it?

    Hey… as I said, we’re just having fun making completely unwarranted assumptions about a situation we know absolutely nothing about…

    But I think that, if I joined a guild, or had only been in a new guild for a week or two… that I would have some serious doubts about staying one second longer if I saw that conversation in guild chat moments after logging in.


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