I thought I specced to be resistant to Stun

I am swamped at work, and I scrambled to make sure my WoW Insider article went live on time this morning.

I just took a break to check my email…

I had an email from someone… I can’t say who yet. I can’t say about what.

But I’m stunned. I’m just flat out stunned. 

I will have an announcement later today. Define ‘later’? I can’t. I’m really swamped.

I can say that I am personally so happy that I can barely keep from just telling my boss I need a personal day so I can go /dance in delight for a few hours.

My announcement will likely leave you unaffected… but I am so damn happy and surprised and stunned… I had known TEH AWESOME was coming, but I had NO IDEA just how awesome…

No, I can’t deal with it right now. I can’t. I gotta go fix shit on the floor.


22 thoughts on “I thought I specced to be resistant to Stun

  1. Yes, it is my birthday, but did you really have to go tell everyone about it? TEH awesome? I know, I really don’t look that old huh?

    …seriously, do tell, do tell.


  2. Beta key — I don’t know, I thought I remember BBB saying at some point that he wasn’t all that interested in the beta because of how busy he was, the limitations of being able to talk about content under NDA, etc…

    Angel Tyreal pet — hmmm…really fun, but not TEH awesome….

    Someone wants to publish your Friday posts as fiction piece — now that would qualify as awesome (and be well deserved)… 🙂


  3. Nothing is worse than getting to work and having no new BBB content to start off my day. Well I take that back this curiosity that brews in my mind while you hold back your secret is worse. I want to know so that I can be super happy for you too.



  4. I’m thinking BlizzCon trip? I’d like that one! You could join Road to BlizzCon! LOL

    The Angel pet is a good idea as well. I highly doubt Cassie would “e-mail” to say “baby on the way” but I admit that was my first thought.

    Whatever it is, I think you’re Evil Bear Butt for making us wait. *grin*


  5. Oh great. I already compulsively check my email and reader throughout the day, now I’m going to be coming back twice as often so I don’t miss the announcement of awesomeness.

    But to me, the only thing that qualifies as TEH awesome, would be a visit from TJ 😉


  6. Okay, I’d better head this off before it gets even more nuts…

    I am a broke bear, remember? Family? Mortgage?

    So as much as I tried to convince Cassie that I should go to BlizzCon and try to write it off as a ‘business expense’ (lol), no I ain’t going to BlizzCon.

    Maybe, if I’m real good, I’ll be able to convince Cassie we need to go next year as part of a week long family vacation.

    And no, I do not have baby news on the way… that would be awesome, but no… although she might email me that kind of news *ducks*

    No, no trips or beta keys or things like that.

    You know, if I got a beta key, I wouldn’t actually be considering that big ‘ooh’ news. For one thing, if I were in a beta I wouldn’t feel right talking about what was in game unless there was zero non-disclosure agreement. I didn’t have a problem commenting on what other people said about their experience in the alpha, but if I agree to an NDA, I’m gonna abide by it. For the other thing, a beta is supposed to be for bug testing and live feedback. I’ve been in three betas previously, and I take that seriously. They give you a position to beta test software, they NEED you to actually test and provide valuable feedback.

    Does anyone think I have too little on my plate as it is, that I need to pick up a second job? I opted in, and if selected I’ll do my best…. but I ain’t gonna cry if I don’t make it in.


  7. Well whatever it is big gratz! Couldn’t happen to a nicer bear =) Now it’s time for bed here and I won’t find out what it is until morning. /sigh


  8. @Squirrelz
    Sorry, I didn’t get that memo.

    I hate shite like this. It’s attacked television shows in Oz like a plague, they spend twice as much air time throwing hints and red-herrings than it takes to actually say/show what they’re talking about, all in an attempt to get you to keep watching – I just change channel most of the time.

    Sorry to act like a bear with a sore head, and I am glad you are so chuffed about this mystery e-mail, and I wish you well – plus, as you’ve stated numerous times, this is your blog and you can do whatever the heck you want 😉

    Still… here’s my guess: customisable bear form?


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