A follow up about Feral Kitty Gear from Jacemora

Another nice list of gear from the perspective of “get your butt to 70 and then get your Kitty DPS maxed for Wrath” came from Jacemora recently.

 Since I listed the one gear list from Think Tank the other day, I thought it would be nice to balance it a bit with this more… focused approach.

Plus, hey… I love the picture Jacemora uses for the website banner.

God, I love that mount. Screw the Spectral Tiger.


2 thoughts on “A follow up about Feral Kitty Gear from Jacemora

  1. My banner was done by http://www.bansidhe.net/.

    Thanks for the link… 🙂

    I still wish a Spectral Tiger card would have dropped out of one of the packs I picked up at Walmart. If I can score an Amani War Bear before Wrath it will make up for it though… just a little shy of getting that 4th timed chest.


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