A very sad farewell to Kirk.

I want to take this opportunity to say farewell to a man I have been fortunate enough to meet withing the WoW community, a man I have developed a deep sense of admiration and respect for.

Kirk, the long-time author of Priestly Endeavors, has done what only the truly wise can do.

He has realized he no longer enjoys playing WoW, and so he is going to stop and pursue more pleasurable and worthwhile endeavors.

I often see folks that do things, not because they enjoy them, or because they get some benefit or satisfaction from it… but just because it’s become a habit, or because other people expect them too.

Kirk has always brought a keen insight and a wealth of experience and knowledge to everything he writes, and he has often commented here to either set me straight, or to bring some actual knowledge to a topic that I just ranted on about.

His series of articles on creating Macros remains a high point to me that I refer to often.

Kirk, I am very glad that you are moving on. I will miss you a great deal, but better that you do what you enjoy than that you hang in there and be annoyed or bored.

And if you do decide to come back and play when the expansion comes out… don’t be afraid to say “Hi” to us… it’s okay, if Brett Favre can quit in tears before the world and then come back, so can you, bud. 

Just don’t expect a million dollar salary contract from us.

Every time I get the massive allergy attacks, or a serious case of congestion and make myself some Hot and Sour soup to blast out my sinuses, I will think of you and your very valuable advice.



4 thoughts on “A very sad farewell to Kirk.

  1. What? I was told I could get at LEAST a million? and you’re saying…?

    Seriously, I’m not completely gone. Reading all the, umm, eulogies (grin), and occasionally dropping notes. But I’m not playing, and I think it unwise to write on something of which my ignorance grows in accordance with my absence.

    Have fun,



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