Aspect of the Girl and the ultimate huntard

I’ve thought that I’d seen some asinine behavior before, but I was just reading a post on Aspect of the Girl, and now I know I haven’t seen anything yet.

And thanks to her I have learned just how bad a Kara pug COULD have gone.

Am I thanking my great good fortune not to have ever met a Thunderelf?

Yes. Yes I am. Oh, heck yes.

And I think the story has special significance, since it is a skilled Hunter talking about painful drama from a huntard.

Clearly, as Pike has said, if you want to play a Hunter, ask yourself; are you prepared to accept the challenge of rising above the reputation others have earned with their asshattery? And when faced with it… how much more will it hurt?

If you enjoy a well-told Kara recap, along with lessons learned and ending with a horror story of epic proportions, please go read her tale.

I like her use of WWS, by the way. I need to look into that, but I love Recount, it seems to do just what I need for personal performance analysis.


5 thoughts on “Aspect of the Girl and the ultimate huntard

  1. About recount, I use it mostly because it automatically splits out fights for me. Do you use it for more than a list and to see if your rotations went well? If so, please share.

    I also use swstats (the numbers are different, perhaps more accurate?) and WWS at the end of the night. WWS is really nice in that it has all the buff/debuff info and breaks out dps better than recount (ghosts on Teron get into my recount data, screwing up DPS numbers).




  2. aw, thanks for the linkage! and for the bear advice. Dinged 15 today and I’m really loving the ability to swiftly switch between casting, melee and healing. druids rock.

    haha! Thunderelf doesn’t realize it, but soon all the bloggers in the world will know what a jerk he is. I’m totally okay with people making mistakes, but being deliberately awful is just over the line.


  3. Both are good, WWS is better for offline, recount is fine for online (and as accurate as WWS, at least for you).

    Huntards… I have a T6 hunter. My druid alt (hugs BBB) did her first kara run, mind you i’m probably thrice exalted by now. We couldn’t get past attuman. The thing about raids is that one idiot is all it takes to completely ruin the raid. Hopefully blizz will force people kicked from group to teleport out in raids when Wraith comes.


  4. Wow Bear linked to me! I haven’t been this excited since the BRK-linkage! 😀

    There truly are WAY too many huntards out there. People ask why there are so many hunter blogs, I think part of the reason is that all us hunters know the world needs so much teachin’, and one person can’t do it alone.

    Let it be known that for the remainder of my WoW career, so long as I keep seeing hunters with King’s Defender, Elemental Shammy gear, Fiery enchants, or 23/20/18 specs (or any combination of the above)… I WILL continue to blog about how to play a hunter.


  5. To be fair, the King’s Defender drops from the Chess Event. On our Kara runs, we pull in alts for the Chess Event and it’s been an upgrade for some characters that normally wouldn’t take it. And at this point, anybody that wanted it has it and it would just be another shard if someone didn’t take it.

    It’s pretty fast…might take it for an off-hand for my alt rogue 😛


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