Self pimpage!

Just wanted to point out… I gots a new banner!

Isn’t it purty?

I had to refresh the page to get the new header to load for me… just an FYI.

But c’mon… isn’t that just the coolest?

Okay… no more changes, I promise. And if you think I am ever giong to do a site redesign now, you’re nuts. Lose that banner? Like hell.

If you don’t like the current site design, well, I do care, but fortunately, feedreaders don’t show it, lol.


22 thoughts on “Self pimpage!

  1. Luckily for us feed reader users, the full post and associated graphical wondery is just a hop, a skip and a click away. I loved the old site banner, nice and simple pic of a … big bear butt, this one is however much cooler. But hold on, are you changing the graphic of your druid in bear form to NOT look like every other druid in WoW…. πŸ˜‰


  2. I read through a feed reader normally, but came to check it out. And I like it so much, I decided to say so. Keep on keepin on bear.


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