WoW Heroes – new character analyser

I just wanted to send you over to take a look at WoW Heroes.

It’s new, and it’s similar to Be.Imba… but I think it has a nice clean appearance, and it responded very quickly to my Armory query.

Just something I wanted to let you know about it, I thought it looked pretty neat.

9 thoughts on “WoW Heroes – new character analyser

  1. Very, very true.

    It can not be said enough, there is no replacement for using your own informed judgment.


  2. A lot of the problem with sites like this and be.imba is that, while they are very useful tools, they are also very limited tools. The problem Stealthfire brings up is a very valid one: they judge item quality on ilevel rather than how good the item really is. For instance (as a feral tank) for my gearing style the Necklace of the Deep with two stamina gems is the fourth best neck item I will find (upgrade coming at Kael, RoS, and Brutallus) and yet the item value for it is lower than the Barbed Choke of Discipline from Maiden.

    Since these are attempting to be catch-all systems they are going to fail some of the time and if people get too reliant on using these, I think that may cause some issues. How long is it going to be before people who have the theorycraft, the experience in gearing, and the experience in the instance get dropped or passed over because “your be.imba rating is too low.”


  3. Something I noticed that I don’t particularly like–it doesn’t scale for 2h weapons vs a 1h and an offhander. My Earthwarden only earned me 100 points, but my resto friend’s Light’s Justice and Signet of Unshakable Faith were worth 125 and 115, giving him 240 for the same slots. IMO they’re around the same gear level, and since most druids use EW for tanking until SSC, that kinda screw us bears over.


  4. like the way its ranks enchants and or iten enhancments better tool imo the the armory. To bad it ranks gear and spec together. Being currently holy is fun just wonder where tho old dent catcher might rank. But again ty for the link


  5. Bell, I hadn’t noticed, but you’re absolutely right.

    Damn, I liked the guild compare thing too, but boy do I HATE gold sellers ads.


  6. Oooo… that’s awesome. Great tool for GMs as well… with one click you can add and/or check out your whole guild and see who has what and what *cough* gems slots are empty and enchants are off-spec or silly. Very nice! *runs off to put different enchant on gloves*


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