Blizzard Authenticator back in stock (for now)


Sorry, folks! 

The Blizzard Authenticators, which I mentioned in a previous article, are back in stock in the Blizzard store at this time, so if you were hoping to buy one and missed out last time, I hope you have better luck this go around.

I chose the cheapest way to get mine, so I’m still waiting for delivery. I’ll let everyone know more details of my experience with it as soon as they come in.

Good luck!


11 thoughts on “Blizzard Authenticator back in stock (for now)

  1. Hi BBB,
    Mine came yesterday in a small padded envelope. It was a small white box with the authenticator and a single 3×5 inch card with the URL to activate the thing. However, the URL will take you not to the account management site but to the article about the authenticator from which you can link to account management. This is a long way of say just go to and log in to your account to associate the authenticator to your account.

    After associating the device ,when you log in to the game you enter your name & password combo then a popup appears and asks for you code. Mash the button on the authenticator, enter the 6 digits, click OK and then you see the “Handshake” etc stuff while you log in. All in all it adds about 8 additional seconds to a log in.

    just thought I’d share 🙂



  2. Wow…that’s crazy. Blizzard actually sent me an extra one despite the fact I only ordered one. I ordered them on the 30th of June and got here a little while ago. Now I’m facing a dilemma as to what to do with the 2nd one…


  3. I got mine last night as well. Stupid easy to use. Stupid easy to setup. And I sleep better knowing my purples are better protected from some hack.

    One thing I noticed about this OTP (one-time password) device over others that I have used (like RSA’s SecurId), is that I was never prompted to enter sequential keys. This is often done the first few times (and every couple weeks there after) you use the device to account for real-time clock drift issues between the clock on my device and the clock on the back-end servers.

    These devices (or the configuration of the back-end servers) must allow for a larger range of clock drift than those on the SecurIds.


  4. Ordered mine on 6/30….and still waiting. Not that I’m blaming BBB, wait yes I should blame you. You just had to let the entire Blizzard WoW community know about them.


  5. hey Artercy,
    I could use that extra authenticator since some jerk keeps hacking my account no matter what I do


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