A stress-free Weekend of runs

This weekend, we got off our butts and did lots of fun group runs, and yet, for some strange reason, it feels like I haven’t done anything at all. The runs were all stress free, instances and raids are supposed to be painful, right?


We started the weekend with a pair of runs, first in Heroic Underbog, and then following it up with a romp through regular Magister’s Terrace.

Both of those runs I did on Windshadow, taking my new Merciless Gladiator’s Dragonhide Spaulders for a spin.

We did not do a ‘Team Sneaky’ run, as Squirrelz has recently gotten a level 70 Mage up and running, Blusummers, one of the few 70 Mages in the guild, and Doodlebug was unable to make it.

Fortunately, we had a good friend that could come along… Elystia the Mage, one of mine and Cassie’s best friends from Legatum, who has been looking for a serious raiding guild on Kael’thas Alliance side… for her and her Holy Priest Shadewynn… and while she is looking for a home, she agreed to temporarily park her butt in Sidhe Devils to partake of our light-hearted shennanigans. And she came along on her Priest for the run.

I’d like to mention to my Kael’thas readers, that as much as I love having Elystia in my guild… the fact is, she is one of the best players (and people) I’ve had the pleasure of knowing in the game, and if your raiding guild is looking for a good solid player with a Mage or a Priest, you would be doing yourself a great service by talking to her in-game.

Anyway, we went in and had fun messing around in Heroic Underbog, and afterwards it was early enough in the evening, and we were having so much fun, that I asked if we could continue in the regular Magister’s Terrace run that Windshadow still needed.

I’m not going to recap the two runs… Nasirah already talked about them on her blog, so I’ll let you go visit her for a recap. I’ll just leave it at saying, we won, and although it took us until the third try on Kael’thas to get him down, it was all smooth… very, very smooth.


But on to last night… our long-scheduled Karazhan run.

Every other week, we have just gone to Kara pugs as the whim takes us, people are online, and we all feel up to it. Doing so we have met a lot of very ncie people.

This week, early on, I started trying to get one organized in advance. Some folks prefer to plan things well in advance, and make sure they have arrangements made to have the time free. I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment, so I tried to do the schedule thing.

We had some last minute problems with the scheduling… because we had more people that wanted to go than we had openings… and then at the last minute, there was a bit of confusion.

What happened was, we have made some great friends from the guilds Essence of Grandeur, Blood for Blood, and Disciples of Delusion.

We had 3 people from Disciples that wanted to go, our two friends from Essence that agreed to go, and maybe our two friends from Blood… and between 6 and 8 people from Sidhe Devils that we were going to have go. Umm… okay, someone is either going to not get to go, or we’re gonna need to fill two groups.

At the very last second, Camila and Unseen let us know they were going to do a solid run with all their own guildies, and Doodlebug posted that a truck had crashed into his house and taken down his DSL phone lines, so he was out of the run. Lolwut? Poor guy.

BUT… that meant that we had exactly the right number of people, IF all three of the folks from Disciples of Delusion came along. I logged in, checked with them, and they were up for it at our 7 PM planned start time. We were solid.

And then at 6:30 Doodle logged in to let me know he had internet back. CRAP!!

Well, awesome for him and us, but I had already jumped on making arrangements to keep the run going. And it was a bit late to tell someone, “Gee, thanks for agreeing to go, but we’re bumping you cause a guildie came on”. I don’t pull that kind of thing, I don’t care what guild someone is in, if I ask them to help us, and they say “yes”, then I am not going to put someone in front of them because he’s a guildie, even if it’s a best bud like Doodle.

So I had to let Doodle know that he couldn’t start, but that if he was willing to hang out for a bit, someone may have to leave, real life may intervene, you never know. And he agreed to hang out. He even moved his characters to Kara, and then logged into vent and played an alt so he could be ready. Awesome guy.

See, we have a strict “real life first” policy… if something comes up, then you need to leave, and no worries. I will say, that if someone dumps a raid because a neat TV show came on, it would be a different story. But if your kids need you, your wife needs you, a loud noise was heard upstairs, or you need a quick 15 minute bio break to make sure things are cool with your family… darn straight, go and take care of real life, it comes first, always.

So I was happy to know that Doodle could come on with a healer or a warlock DPS depending on how things went, if someone had to leave suddenly. My only sadness was that Doodle was not actually IN the run to get nice stuff if it dropped. Which turned out to be an all-too-real situation on Maiden.

So we went into Karazhan with the following makeup;

  • Morthog (Disciples of Delusion, Prot Paladin, main tank)
  • Falromord (Essence of Grandeur, Fury Warrior, off-tank)
  • Nasirah (Sidhe Devils, Resto Druid, main healer) (normally boomkin, poor Nas)
  • Mochachita (Disiples of Delusion, Holy Priest, party heals)
  • Cassieann (Sidhe Devils, Combat Swords Rogue)
  • Blusummers (Sidhe Devils, Ice Mage)
  • Windburn (Sidhe Devils, Shadow Priest)
  • Wulfa (Sidhe Devils, Hunter)
  • Shrinnpoof (Essence of Grandeur, Mage)
  • Thunkon (Disiples of Delusion, Hunter)

And Doodlebug the Resto Druid/ Doozie the Warlock in reserve.

Not a PUG, but a Sidhe Devils run with a whole bunch of friends.

Of the gear levels, Nasirah, Cassieann, Windburn, and Shrinnpoof had very little if any upgrades needed from Kara level progression. Blusummers and Morthog could both use upgrades from Kara but had comparable gear from other sources, and Falromord, Mochachita, Thunkon and Wulfa all were at the point you’re supposed to be to enter Kara.

It was a very smooth run. I’ll be saying that a lot. We had a few problems early on with Shrinnpoof’s computer. It kept D/Cing during the fights. We ended up 9-manning Attumen to get him pulled before respawns, and then later on the problem came back before Curator. At that point we brought Doodlebug back in for the rest of the night, until Doodle had to leave when we failed the first two times at Prince. 

It was very interesting running with a bunch of people that are unused to working together, and half of whom are at the right gear level for the raid.

In what way?

It proved to me that if the players know how to play their character, and are willing to work together and have fun, you can succeed, even on a first try. And you barely see any difference from any other well done run.

Just for posterity, I’m going to break down how loot went. Kind of a “grats guys, way to go” type of thing. And as an example of how the gear on this kind of run sees a good home.




Opera (Oz):




Shade of Aran:


There were 20 drops, all bosses except dragons cleared, and the run took about 6 hours.

Everyone except Thunkon, Nasirah and Windburn got at least one drop, and of course everyone got 18 Badges, so all in all, I’d say that we had a very profitable evening, as well as a fun one!

Fights of interest would be;

The Attumen fight, where for our groups first ‘shake-down’ boss we had to 9 man it and did very well.

The Illhoof fight, where we had a feral druid instead of the number 1 DPS Mage, and one less healer because Doodlebug was on his Warlock. We took down Illhoof, with all healers dead, all tanks dead, and Cassieann evasion tanking Illhoof for the last 8+%. Way to go, Cassie!

The Prince fight, where we wiped the first two tries with a full group, trying to get Morthog a chance to tank it down. After the 2nd try, Doodlebug had to leave, because of the time. We tried to bring Shrinn in, but her computer just wouldn’t start back up. So with 9 players and short one healer from our earlier attempts, we were going to call it a night. At the last moment, we decided to give it one last shot with my Druid doing the tanking, and morthog using his +800 Healing set as offheals to supplement Nasirah and Mochachita. We took his ass down like a bum rushed clown, and we got Morthog a Tier 4 Helm he would have otherwise not seen last night.

As I put it, “Let’s just pretend we had a melee DPS die on the first Enfeeble, and move on from there.”. Ironically, neither of our melee DPS died on the third try at all. 3 Badges for everyone, and three drops to reward our not giving in so easy. Yay!

I would like to give my thanks to everyone that came along. It was a very good group, and I felt we all had a lot of fun together.

I would enjoy the chance to play with all of you again. See ya next Saturday?

Happy trails, folks!


12 thoughts on “A stress-free Weekend of runs

  1. Nice to see you push through the odds. My guild on A’T have the same sort of attitude, we are a very casual raiding guild (or are we a raiding guild with very casual players?) who have a penchant for taking on instances with whoever can make it, rather than seeking “the perfect group makeup”. Makes for some interesting runs; not always smooth, but the satisfaction levels are higher when you strive and succeed.
    And yes, RL > WoW 🙂


  2. Wish we got those drops… Sunfire, Drape from Aran, Shield from chess… which you sharded 😥 and the Decap… Man that would have been sweet for our group… Although I would have got nothing, there is a few very good upgrades for our team and/or alts.


  3. Really nice drops! Indeed wish we ever saw any of the enchants drop. Starting to think they just dont exist!!!

    Btw i cant read this post trough my google reader because its been broken in 2 pieces. Had to come here to read it.


  4. Grats on all the drops. I cringe at the thought of a 6 hour kara run though… Probably because the only time I get to raid is starting at 12:30 am and 6 hours would put me at 6:30 am and my wife would then kill me. Though I do remember being so excited when my guild had cleared up to aran in one 4 hour period lol. Bear tanks = dead prince everytime 😀


  5. Nice to hear about your kara run. We’re working on getting it to a 3-4 hour farm status, so I love hearing about other runs. This week took us 5 1/2 hours for a full clear, with me as feral main tank – and my first ever chance at raid leading.

    Hehe, that was the hardest part – how about nice article on how to be a raid leader BBB?

    I think we one-shotted all bosses; just one wipe and a few deaths on trash because the noob leader didnt know what he was doing 😛

    Prince was my favourite encounter – he makes so many preposterous declarations about how powerful he is. What a pussycat!!!! I took much more damage from nightbane in the end. You dont get to see much of this fight as a tank – hoofs and shins in the face most of the time 🙂

    Still no tier 4 drops for the bear. Oh well, it keeps you playing.


  6. Gratz to everyone on the gear ups!

    That was a fun run, and we were very glad we were able to come and hang out. For Muchachita and I this was our first full run through Kara, having only done PUGs and partials as fill in players. It was very nice to be in a group that understood “Kids are calling, 1 min.” and explained the fights to everyone, up front, without that “You haven’t done this /yet/!?” attitude. We look forward to doing it again!

    -Thunkon, Disciples of Delusion.


  7. Wait… wait… I just reread this.

    You did Kara with only 2 healers, and one of them was a converted Boomkin (absolutely no disrespect to Nas intended)??



  8. Yes, that’s true Barr. We had two healers, Resto Druid in solid gear and Holy Priest in starter level gear for the first half, up to Curator. For Curator through to Chess we had two Resto Druids in solid gear and one Holy Priest.

    And for Prince we were back to one Resto Druid and one Holy Priest, but we had our Prot Pally in his healing set (he claimed to have I believe +800 healing?) to help on party heals while Windshadow tanked.

    I would like to mention… you notice, I didn’t ask the Prot Pally to step out so someone else could come in that would ‘fill a role’. I asked him to do his best to help out on heals, but if someone starts a run, I think they deserve to finish a run if at all possible, even if they are not optimal for the job.

    On Illhoof, I do ask folks that, if someone has two characters, one a Warlock, that they be open to bringing the Warlock for Seed of Corruption, but other than that… it’s my responsiblity to make sure we have a mix of folks that have a reasonable chance at success…. for a given vaule of reason.

    And why look… if I had asked Morthog to step out, the T4 helm would have been sharded. Sometimes things work out.


  9. Yep BBB that is exactly why my prot pally and even my druid carries healing gear with at all times. My 3k holy lights might not be much but it can be the difference between life and death sometimes. Well that and ever seen a prot pally try and dps? Ya… not pretty…

    Oh and funny story… my first time ever 2 man healing kara on my druid… I didn’t realize it was just 2 of us healing untill we started prince… Talk about a confidence booster. Oh and it was mostly pugs


  10. Whew. I’m SO SO SO glad you guys went back in and tromped Prince. Notice I never asked in /gchat or anything because I was upset that I had to leave… but that’s what I love about the Sidhe Devils. You all do understand that RL comes first (even if that Real Life isn’t kids/wife/house but is instead “Doodlebug is feeling woozy and dehydrated because he’s been starting at the computer screen for too long without any water.”


  11. Hey, your feedburner has chopped off anything after the break, so I was unable to read this through my reader (Google Reader if it makes a difference).

    Just thought you should know.


  12. yes indeed thanks for a great run. Sorry we couldn’t take down Prince due to positioning that first run. I’ve read alot about what I have to do to be ready defensively – but never on positioning relative to enfeeble and infernals. Hopefully I can get a few upgrades, and learn to position him better. I’ll have to work on my 3rd person PoV when backed up against that edge .


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