At the table of the High Warlord

I was at a party earlier today, celebrating the 50th birthday of Cassie’s older sister.

Among Cassie’s cousins are a few that play WoW.

One of them, Jason, plays an Undead Rogue named Grimmjaw.

Jason prefers PvP. He has very little interest in PvE at all, except that he goes on guild runs in Karazhan for Badges. That’s about it.

For those that wish to know Jason’s credentials, he achieved that rank of High Warlord on his server, Gilneas – US, long before they changed the PvP Honor rules to remove decay.

That’s right, Jason is one of those crazy folks that fought their ass off to achieve the rank of High Warlord the hard way, with honor that would decay and position that would change week by week, where there could be only one High Warlord on your server/faction at a time.

I was chatting with him about PvP today, and of course we settled on trading war stories of Alterac Valley back and forth. He told me how depressing it can be for horde when Alliance win 80% of the battles on his Battlegroup.

I joked about how funny it was, that smart Horde would simply turtle half the time in our battlegroup, run into Drek’s room or camp a party in Galv’s chamber, and the Alliance would see a turtle start and quit in disgust and take the deserter debuff, basically handing over a win out of laziness to fight it out. A brazen move that I think takes strong guts, since what the Horde are doing is saying, “You want to win, you’re gonna have to commit to standing your ground and earning it”… and hey, give ’em credit, it’s not the Horde that quits those fights early to concede victory. And sometimes the Alliance wins, so it’s all good.

I also mentioned how much fun I have found it to be, as a Shadow Priest, that if I push on offense and die on the way to rez up north, to just enter Vandar’s chamber, and when I see a Hordie poke his head in, I Psychic Scream them. Fear sends ’em all over, pulling the whole room. It’s a lot of fun… and something the Horde are very good at doing to us.

That’s when Jason gave me a bit of advice. Scraps from the table of the High Warlord, so to speak..

“When you’re on your Druid on defense, and the enemy is getting set to go into Vandars’ room, stealth in there and just hang out and wait.”

“When the offense gets set,and they are ready to pull Vandar, let them. Let them get a good head of steam.”

“Then, use Target of Target to identify the main tank on Vandar… pop out of stealth to Cyclone their main tank. And watch as Vandar runs around slaughtering the healers and ranged DPS.”

“Good times.”

7 thoughts on “At the table of the High Warlord

  1. hehe i should try that, nice one.

    i’ve just had to start the dreaded pvp for the great bear gear i can get so doing a lot of AV as it gives the most rep.

    i’m horde and as with most servers we are far outnumbered by the alliance but i find we win as many as we lose.

    now WSG and the Eye seem different and i just dont bother with them anymore. luckily the items i need do not require the tokens from either of them


  2. Focusing on PvP lately to boost up some of my bear tanking gear, I find myself in AV a lot. The advice presented here is just too much fun to pass up. As AV is the only BG Alliance wins on Vindication (Hello, Sarai and Grimmjaw!), I’ll have quite the opportunity.

    Any emotes you’d like me to send at Grimmjaw as he stunlocks me into a painful death, BBB?


  3. I just had to mention, I’m also on Gilneas & I remember Grimmjaw lol
    And now I have to try that trick with my druid muahaha!


  4. There was a time when being in cyclone prevented the cycloned one to achieve the “win”-thingy, so not completing the quests that involve killing Drek/Vandar, so that was even more evil =)


  5. I’m totally not into pvp with my druid, but reading this makes me want to go to AV asap and try this little trick. Great article and it would be nice to see more of these little tricks for pvp 🙂


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